As a newbie to network marketing, or perhaps an established direct seller, you may be asking the question ‘how can I be successful in network marketing?’


Network marketing, also known as multi-level marketing (MLM) is an online business model. It enables individuals to sign-up with a company and earn commission through sales and introducing new team builders.


The industry itself gains quite a lot of attention. It is portrayed in a positive or negative light, depending upon people’s experience with the industry and industry’s representatives.


As someone in network marketing, you may have come across a range of opinions and perspectives, not all are helpful or encouraging.


So how do you succeed in network marketing when you are faced with such a variety of viewpoints? 


Find out how to make your business a success!

14 ways to GROW your network marketing business.


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Here I will cover several tips to help you be successful in network marketing and grow your MLM business.


There are affiliate links used on this page. If you use any of the following links to make a purchase, I may earn a small commission at no additional cost to you. I do not make any recommendations for products that I have not personally had a positive experience using. Read my full affiliate disclosure here.


14 Top tips to be successful in network marketing

Be your own brand


The benefit of joining a network marketing company is that you are essentially given a business in a box. 


But, what most network marketers forget is that they need to build their own brand, not just represent their MLM companies brand.


Picture this:


You join a network marketing company. Things take off and you have a thriving business full of customers representing the company and selling their products.


6 months in, the company stops and you are left with nothing. You were running your business focusing on their branding and name, so your customers know you for selling that company’s products. 


That company is no more, so your customers leave and find other products to purchase instead.


Now let’s picture this but with building your own brand:


You join that same network marketing company. Instead of just representing their brand, you create your own brand. Your own logo, ideal target audience, potentially even start a blog, and grow a thriving business.


BUT, with your brand and ideal audience in mind, you are also affiliated with other products and brands. You focus not just on selling your MLM products, but on serving your audience and finding solutions to their problems.


That MLM company stops trading, just like in the previous example. But instead of your customers leaving because they only know you as ‘the person who sells xyz products’, instead, they stay.


Under your own brand, you have built a reputation for yourself and gained credibility within your industry. You are known for you, not just for the products you sell, and hence, your audience will support you and your business, rather than take their business elsewhere.


Being your own brand sets you apart from the majority of MLM representatives. 


Creating your own brand supports you to 

  • build credibility for yourself, 
  • establish yourself as an authority figure within your field, 
  • be able to incorporate other methods of generating income, 
  • and appears more professional to your audience.



Treat it like a business


One mistake a lot of individuals make when they sign up with a network marketing company is not treating it like a business.


Don’t be one of those people!


Yes, I mentioned earlier MLM is like receiving a business in a box.


You often gain an introductory booklet, replicated website, training, online portal to access things such as graphics, and sometimes also a starter kit.


But, remember that keyword – business – even though these elements are provided to you, you still have to go out there and gain sales and work your business.


A business does not succeed in waiting for things to happen. 


YOU have to make things happen in order to be successful in network marketing.


Here are a few ideas of what you can do in order to grow awareness around your products and make sales:

  1. Post consistently on social media offering top tips, how-to videos, product demonstrations, and answer frequently asked questions. Lead people back to your private Facebook group or email list so you can build a relationship with them.
  2. Go live regularly e.g. 1-2times at least per week within your private Facebook group to demonstrate your products, provide value, and educate your audience.
  3. Write blog content using keywords to attract your ideal client from search engines such as Google. Include links to your products within your post along with a freebie for joining your email list.
  4. Host parties either in person, face to face, or both. This helps people see or try the products for themselves rather than just taking your word for it.
  5. Send out samples so people can experience the products.
  6. Attend networking events to grow connections with other business owners, collaborate, and make genuine referrals to one another.



Grow with honesty and ethically


Ever heard of spammy pammy?


Believe it or not, unfortunately, lots of MLM companies are still training people to grow their businesses using backward, old-fashioned marketing techniques…


Which does not work!!!


If you find yourself being told to:

  • Message everyone on your Facebook friends list about your amazing opportunity, even the people you haven’t spoken to for the last 20 years
  • Continuously pester your friends and family just because technically they haven’t said a definite no
  • Randomly add people as friends on Facebook
  • DM’ing people from social media platforms about your products or business immediately




This is hurting the industry and is what gives network marketing a bad rep. It leaves a bad taste in people’s mouths and you will find your friends and family start avoiding you.


Now don’t worry, if you have been doing this, it’s not your fault.


I did this too when I first joined my network marketing company because I was told to. And when you are new and learning, you do what you are taught to do as you believe that it will work, even if it makes you feel uncomfortable.


But it doesn’t work. It is not sustainable. And you just end up p****** people off, not to mention probably end up quitting due to a lack of results with these methods.


Instead, to successfully grow your MLM business, ensure to always lead with authenticity, honesty, and ethics.


Connect with your ideal client and build genuine relationships with people. ONLY offer your products or opportunity if it is honestly going to provide a solution to their current problem.


Always lead with value. Value and giving sets you apart from others. It demonstrates you aren’t in it for yourself, but really do care about other people and helping your audience.


Be sure that when you do connect with people who are interested in your products or opportunity, to check that they don’t already have someone from your company that they have previously spoken with. 


Within the industry, poaching is just not cool but unfortunately happens. Don’t be a poacher. Run your business ethically and ask the question as to whether your prospect has a representative already and send them back!


You are not going to run out of business leads by sending somebody back to the representative that’s already developed a relationship with them.


succeed with your MLM business




A problem many network marketers find is that they keep speaking to the same people over and over again. They say they haven’t got enough people to talk to about the business, or have run out of leads.


But the reason that someone has run out of leads, is because they haven’t grown their network.


The key to succeeding in network marketing is to ensure you continue to extend your network. 


Now not everyone you speak with and connect with is going to need your products or services. But, the point of networking is growing new relationships with others. Those people might know someone who is in need of what you have to offer.


You can increase your network in a number of ways:

  • Attracting people through your blog or social media content
  • Creating and generating an email list to send out regular broadcasts to your list
  • Attending networking events
  • Meeting new people at everyday events e.g. your children’s activities, the gym, or on your dog walks.



Use your products


If you are representing a network marketing company, it is no good trying to sell your products if you don’t use them yourself.


By using the products, you are able to demonstrate how they are used, understand the benefits better, and advise your clients on how to use them for maximum effect.


Now if your MLM company is anything like mine, then there are over 500 products available. I do not recommend trying to purchase as many products as possible.


Ensure to keep within your budget and replace your current products gradually. For example, if you already use shampoo, body wash, and hand cream, purchase those as they are products you are definitely going to use. Then, I recommend buying something you wouldn’t usually use e.g. protein powder, so you can learn about the other range of products your company sells.


This way, you can make genuine recommendations to your potential customers from your first-hand experience. It also builds your credibility and reputation.


Think of it this way, if you were to buy a product that two people were recommending, would you buy from the person who’s never used the products themselves, or the individual who uses them on a daily basis?


I bet you chose the latter!



Narrow your focus


When starting any new business, it is easy to get overwhelmed with all the tasks that need doing.


A top tip is to focus on just one platform at a time. For example, let’s say your ideal client spends time on Facebook and Instagram, it is best to focus on just one of those platforms first, before looking to grow on the other platform.


Otherwise, you find yourself trying to juggle too many tasks, become overwhelmed and then avoid the important tasks to help you grow your business.


Focus on one platform at a time. When you have got into a routine and know your daily method of operations i.e. your daily tasks you need to do on that platform to grow, then introduce a second platform to your schedule.



Be patient


Remember that building a business takes time, especially within network marketing.


People want to see you’re in it for the long haul. That if they buy from you, you will still be with the same company in 6 months’ time when they need to buy again.


It takes time to grow your audience and build trust. 


Many individuals within social media are watching your journey, without liking or commenting on your posts. So don’t become disheartened too soon.


It can take a few months to start gaining traction. The key is to be consistent, offer value to your audience, engage with them, and build that trusting relationship. So then when it comes to your audience needing your products, they will turn to you.



Grow yourself


Due to the reputation, the network marketing industry has, you will most definitely come across some individuals with very strong views about what you do.


This can feel disheartening and like a personal attack on you.


But just remember, it isn’t about you. It’s about them and their prior experience with the industry.


Perhaps they have had umpteen messages starting with ‘hey girl, you’d be great at what I do. Come and join my team.’ 


I have even heard horror stories of fellow network marketers who sell nutritional products being quite predatory and sending messages to plus-sized women about losing weight! This is NOT ok!


As you can imagine, if you were to receive these messages out of the blue, you wouldn’t feel too happy about it either.


So in order to protect your own emotions and confidence, it is important to grow yourself alongside growing your business.


Invest in personal development books and try to read at least one book each month. These books are brilliant for helping you to understand the industry better, manage objections, and not take people’s own experiences personally.


Here are some personal development book recommendations:

The Four Year Career

You Are A Badass (or you can purchase all four in the series here)

The Compound Effect


You can also tune into Podcasts aiming to help grow you and develop your confidence.



Understand the business model


In order to share your business opportunity with others successfully, you need to understand the business model of MLM inside out.


Make sure to know the difference between a pyramid scheme and a network marketing company.


The way I like to share what network marketing is is by comparing it to affiliate marketing.


Affiliate marketing is where you sign up to become an affiliate with a company or network. You gain unique links and codes to give to people when recommending their products. If someone makes a purchase through your link or code, you gain a commission from that sale.


Network marketing is incredibly similar. You have your own replicated website and recommend the products to others. When they make a purchase through your site, you gain a commission from each sale.


Then there is the second tier of your business, growing a team and recommending the business opportunity.


Affiliate marketing has this, but it’s called tiered affiliate marketing. This is where you recommend the affiliate program you are with and earn a commission on each sale another person makes when they join the program through your link.


For example, I purchase and recommend BC Stacks bundle every year. It is a bundle of products with incredible value (we are talking $1000s) for just $47! The bundle includes a number of products ranging from memberships, courses, ebooks, to workshops, all with a view of helping you grow an element of your business.


I can earn a commission recommending the bundle, but also by recommending the affiliate opportunity as a potential income revenue to others.


This is similar to sharing your network marketing opportunity. You share the opportunity with others who might benefit from the business. You train them, offer support, and mentor them to grow their business successfully. In return, when they generate sales, you gain a small % commission on those sales.


The difference between affiliate marketing and network marketing is that one is widely accepted as an income venue, whereas the latter is not. And that is because of the methods people have used in order to generate leads and sales. This brings me nicely onto my next top tip to be successful in network marketing…



Don’t spam


Following on from the above point and earlier in this post, ensure you do not spam others. This is what has given network marketing its bad reputation.


Think of it like this. If you opened a high street store, you wouldn’t randomly add people on Facebook and Instagram, and then send them a DM telling them they must join your store and buy your products.


So why do it when you start your network marketing business?!


It is not an ethical nor successful marketing tactic. Quite frankly, it just rubs people up the wrong way, they’ll start avoiding you and telling others to avoid you too.


Plus, when you spam people this way, they link it to the MLM company you are affiliated with and it has a negative impact not just on you, but everyone who is affiliated with the same company. 


As we’ve already covered above, make genuine connections with your ideal audience and learn how you can help them, rather than how they can help you.



Learn from others


The great thing about the network marketing industry is that there is always someone one step ahead of you in their business.


Don’t see it as competition, but as the potential to learn from them rather than reinvent the wheel.


The first place to ask for support and learn from others, is your mentor, the person who signed you up as part of their team.


Your mentor does not run your business for you but should be there to support and teach you.


Next, attend any training provided by your upline. These are in place to help you get to know your company, products, and tools to help you grow.


Consider learning from someone who is an expert within a field that you would like to focus on to grow your business.


For example, if you want to grow your business through a blog but aren’t sure where to start, then it is worth considering paying for a course, or membership from someone who has successfully grown their business this way.


Or if you are wanting to learn Instagram inside out, then it is worth learning from someone who is an expert in this area.



Invest sensibly


I have heard so many stories, including my own, of people who have gotten into debt from buying so much stock for their business.


I did it and was encouraged to buy more when there was a large release of new products – we are talking £1000s here.


But you do not need to do this!


Let me say this again because it is such an important message and is so sad when people get into this position financially:


You do NOT need to buy $100s and $1000s worth of products to succeed in network marketing. And if your upline or mentor is telling you to do so, don’t listen.


Check your documents with your company e.g. the compensation plan and the terms and conditions to check what you DO need. Some companies require you to hold stock or have x amount of sales a month, while others don’t.


Make sure to check this before joining an MLM company.


Then, invest what you can and gradually replace the products you currently use, with the products you sell. 


But do not under any circumstances feel under pressure to buy more than you can afford. It is not sustainable and you will just put yourself under more pressure to make a sale.



Do your research


When recommending a product, it is a good idea to read information so you know your product inside out. 


What are the ingredients? What benefits does it have? Who would the product help?


By completing research and ensuring you know your product in detail, you can answer your audience’s questions and demonstrate your expertise.



Don’t give up


Saving the best point till last, don’t give up!


Simple, but an important message.


Business is tough. It can be hard to stand out, to know what is most important to make the most impact. 


It takes time to get into a routine and rhythm that works for you.


But don’t give up.


You will have ups and downs, good days and bad days. But the only failure is by quitting.


Don’t compare to other people, compare to your own journey and how far you have grown since starting.


You CAN be successful in network marketing.


Follow and implement these 14 top tips to be successful in MLM and help you to grow your business.


Starting any business can be challenging, and with network marketing, it can be especially difficult when you receive criticism and negative views of the industry.


But if you believe and trust in the business model that works for countless others, you do the do to grow your business, and you don’t give up, you can have a successful business too.


Treat your business like a business and see how far you have come in 3 or 6 months or even a year!


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Find out how to make your business a success!

14 ways to GROW your network marketing business.


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