If you are a fellow network marketer, you have probably considered whether starting a blog for your network marketing business is worth your time. As a network marketer myself who gains leads from my blog, I can tell you it is definitely worth dedicating time to start a network marketing blog!


Perhaps it’s the idea of creating content for your blog or just knowing where to begin.


Well, do not fear! This post will take you through some top tips to help you get started with your MLM blog and what to consider from the very beginning. 


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What is Network Marketing?

Network marketing, also known as direct sales and multi-level marketing, is where an individual has joined a company to be their representative and promote their products/services and business opportunity.


Each product sale made and team member launched can earn you a commission.


You are selling for another company, and making profits with each sale. Companies that follow the MLM model prefer to use real people like you and me, instead of wholesalers and retailers to push their product to the final customer. They believe that the human connection the average person offers helps close the sale faster than the average retailer.


As a network marketer, your aim in business is to create interest in the products, sell them, and increase your revenue base by recruiting more members to the team. Within network marketing, you are part of an extended team. You get to work with a team and benefit from their expertise and support whilst growing your own business.


There are so many network marketing companies out there from different sectors. These include beauty brands to children’s books. Depending on your interests, you can choose which MLM company you want to be part of. For instance, if you are a homeschooling mom, you might want to explore an opportunity with Usborne at Home. Or perhaps you love cooking and might be interested in an opportunity to sell Thermomixes with Vorwerk.



Why Do You Need to Start a Network Marketing Blog?

If you are a network marketer, then starting a networking marketing blog is really a second step in establishing your credibility and increasing your reach.


Blogging is the new norm to reach more people. Even if you aren’t working as a network marketer, starting a blog still has its advantages. From gaining new leads with the content you write and publish, to opening additional income opportunities via your blog.


start a blog for your network marketing business


When you have a network marketing blog, you can are able to:



You connect with your target audience

We all have problems and we all want solutions. Especially, your target audience. Use your blog as a platform where you help your audience by solving a problem related to your MLM niche. When you help them and offer value, you build a connection and a rapport. 


For instance, if your business is a fitness brand, you can create a blog on, ‘9 easy exercises for busy mums to do at home’. Think of your target audience’s pain points and solve those for them.


This will help you forge a better connection with your audience, which will eventually translate into more sales. Yay!!



Build Your Email List

Your email list is one of your most important tools as a network marketer. You need that email list to maintain a long-term connection with your potential customer.


And a blog is the best way to start and continue to build your email list. At the end of every blog post, add a call to action which is your subscribe button. If your blogs are providing real value to your readers, you will see your email list growing with each post.


If you would really like to add extra value, add a freebie or opt-in that will help your audience in some way. They will be more inclined to give you their email address if they are gaining something valuable in return.



Make More Money

When you start a blog, you increase your avenues of bringing in money to your website. Apart from selling your MLM products, you can set up:

  • paid ads
  • sponsored posts
  • affiliate links
  • your own products
  • your own services.

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Grow Personally

A blog helps you to grow also. When you begin writing a new blog, you start by researching a new topic. You gather new information. You learn so many new things. This helps you establish your authority and develop your knowledge to support your audience.


Your followers start seeing you as an authoritative figure, which means you are improving you and your brand’s positioning.



Stay Motivated

It is human nature to get low at times. Maybe a potential sale didn’t translate. You get lost, you don’t feel creative.


But when you have a scheduled blog plan, you get up and write that post. You still show up for your business. And I don’t know about you, but putting up a new blog post that starts to gain views does wonders to my self-esteem and motivational level.


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Top Tips for Starting a Network Marketing Blog

Now that we have established that starting a network marketing blog is the next step to your MLM success, let’s take a look at some top tips for starting.


What Do I Name My Blog?

The name of your blog is a pretty big deal. If you don’t have a website, and are going to start directly with a blog, you have to understand that you can’t change the website domain name after a few months as we can do on Facebook or Instagram.


It stays with you unless you want to buy a new domain and start new or redirect all your hard work. So choose carefully. I would suggest you use your own name or brand name. Avoid restricting your website domain name to anything that relates to your MLM brand. Firstly, due to copyright reasons, you don’t want to be dealing with any lawsuits down the line. And secondly, you want to open up your opportunities regarding how you make money with your blog, what you write about, and, you may even change companies later on.  


That’s why I always recommend branding and promoting yourself instead of your MLM company.


The domain name you purchase will be the URL of your site, so what people would type into a search engine to find your website e.g. www. yoursite . com



Choosing a Hosting Website

Now that you have identified your needs, you want a hosting provider to bring your work online. There is a wide choice of hosting providers available for you to select from.


There are both free hosting websites (WordPress.com, Medium etc) and paid ones (Hostgator, GoDaddy etc). But let’s first understand what a hosting provider is.


What is a hosting provider?


In order to have a personalized blog, you need support from a hosting provider. These are the companies that make your website visible to your viewers over the internet.


You have both free and paid hosting providers. With free hosting, you have limited options. And free hosting providers, unfortunately, don’t look professional. Even the paid ones aren’t very expensive. You can have your own website for as low as $9 a month.


If you are setting up a self-hosted site, then here are some paid hosting providers you might want to consider:

Lyrical Host

For Lyrical Host, use code MLMBLOG for a 10% discount on your first month’s payment.




All of these domain providers offer you support to help you set up your basic website. 


Once you have your hosting package in place, you can then put into action the next steps of:

  • installing your SSL certificate which basically tells visitors that your site is secure
  • installing WordPress
  • Adding a theme
  • Adding your Plugins e.g. for security, compressing images, etc.


Once the basic setup is done then, I would recommend you don’t spend a lot of time ‘beautifying’ your blog. Start simple. Scale or change looks as you grow. Focus on putting up your first blog post.



Start Building Your Email List From Day One

Once your blog is set up, I would suggest building your email list from Day 1.


With an email list, you own your contact list, unlike social media where the platform owns your contact list. So you are able to keep in direct contact with your subscribers via their inbox. 


A great tip is to get into the routine of sending out weekly emails to your subscribers. Build that trusting relationship from day one offering them additional value, not just a link back to your most recent blog post.


Your subscribers signed up for a reason. They want to hear what you have to say, your top tips, your advice, your recommendations.


My favorite email marketing software that I personally use is ConvertKit. With ConvertKit, you can send emails to all your subscribers, automate them, create a sequence to send a single mail to your entire list, and more.



Do Your SEO Research

There are billions of blogs on the internet right now. But the funny thing is, not a lot of them understand the real reason they need to start a blog.


One of the biggest advantages of setting up a blog is that it increases the visibility of your website. You get more web real estate with each new post. To maximize that real estate, you need to work on your SEO.


SEO stands for search engine optimization. This means optimizing your website so that it’s searchable on search engines such as Google. To do this, you need to understand what people are searching for related to your niche. Once you figure this out, you only need to create blog posts around those topics and keywords.


But how do you know what people are searching for?


There are a few places to explore for working out your SEO strategy. Start with Facebook groups related to your niche industry. Pick out 5-10 most discussed topics in those groups.


Another great place to explore topics is by looking at other network marketing blogs from your niche. What topics are they writing down? Write down ideas and keywords from there as well.


Use Google itself to find out what questions people are searching for with the suggested automated searches Google offers you after you type your companies name


Make use of sites such as answer the public to find out what people are searching for surrounding your company, products, or industry.


Create blog titles around those keywords. Use these keywords and related phrases inside your blog posts. To ensure your blog posts are SEO-friendly, you can download the Yoast plugin on your WordPress website. This plugin will give you suggestions on how to improve your SEO and make yourself more visible.



Write Down Potential Topics

Before you start your Network Marketing blog or any other blog, you should make a list of all the potential topics you can cover in your blog. These should obviously relate to your MLM industry.


If your MLM is a beauty product, you want to explore titles such as, ‘Hacks to Make Your Skin Look Fresh After a Long Day’ or ‘Spring Must-haves’.


My recommendation would be to list at least 50 topics before you start penning down your first blog post. This way you always have a topic to write about and you don’t have to spend time or lose motivation over choosing a topic.


Once your topics are sorted out, I would suggest you also create a blog calendar. Choose a specific time and date when you will be publishing your blog posts. Stick to that schedule to keep yourself on track and also to establish credibility among your readers. It improves your trust factor when you have a set schedule for publishing blog posts.



Add in Visual Content

Being a Network Marketer, you probably realize how important good visuals are for your brand. Similarly, the best eye candy is the design of your blog. Websites like Canva help you do that.


You can use Canva to design featured images and other graphics for your blog. Canva makes it all very simple. Just select a free image, and then add your blog title to the image. Voila! Your blog header is ready.


You don’t need Photoshop or any other paid software to create graphics. Canva can do everything you need.


Apart from Canva, another great resource you don’t want to miss out on is Pixistock. When you put up a blog post, you would need an image to go with the blog. But you can’t just take any image off the internet and put it on your website.


This violates copyright policies and you could end up paying fines for using such images. If you want images for your blog, you need to look for websites like Pixistock.


On Pixistock, you don’t just get beautiful photos, but also templates to make your life so much easier when it comes to creating visual content. You can also use Pixistock to get a content calendar if you run out of ideas on what to post on your blog.



Use Social Media To Promote Your Blog

Don’t just depend on SEO to bring traffic to your blog. If your blog is new, you probably need to promote your blog on every platform available. This includes your social media and email marketing. Every time you publish a blog post, promote it on all your social media platforms. Send your subscribers top tips and value which links back to your content. 


Don’t forget about Pinterest and Youtube too! People love visual content and these two platforms are ALL about visual content. 


Adding videos to Youtube and linking these to your blog posts is a sure-fire way of helping your blog to stand out and gain traffic quickly. Intertwine that with adding Pinterest graphics then you’re supporting your blog 3-fold with growing at a fast rate through SEO, video content, and visual graphics.


Add in an interesting caption to captivate your audience and compel them to click on your link and read your post. 


start a blog for your mlm business


Starting a network marketing blog might seem like a lot of work, but it’s really a few basic steps:

  1. Think of a name for your blog.
  2. Buy a domain for that name
  3. Set up your WordPress blog.
  4. Invest time in doing SEO research
  5. Make a list of topics you want to write about
  6. Start writing your blog posts
  7. Accompany those blog posts with nice visuals
  8. Promote Your Blog on Social Media and through email marketing


Once you have your blog running, you will realize that starting a network marketing blog was one of the best decisions you made for your Network Marketing business.


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