Consistently posting and generating new Facebook content ideas should be a core business strategy for the modern-day network marketer. 


Social media is booming and millions of people use Facebook daily. It is an excellent platform to grow your brand, offer your ideal client’s value, and grow your business finding solutions to their problems.


But, this isn’t easy. Social media is time-consuming. Long gone are the days of just willy-nilly posting. You need to be strategic, planned and have a call-to-action on every single post.


social media posts for Facebook

When you first build your Facebook business page for your network marketing business, you will probably find it easy to come up with content ideas. If you are posting regularly, which you should be especially at the beginning, you can find that these ideas soon dry up.


You don’t know what to post, so you’d rather post nothing than something to keep your profile active. It is so important to keep consistent and remain present to your audience. It shows them your business is still open and running. It also means they know they can get ahold of you via your business page if they need help with product purchases or business information.


When creating content ideas for your network marketing business, it’s important to identify your niche and create content that serves them. For example, if your business was with Arbonne, they offer over 500 different products within different niches such as skincare, makeup, nutrition, and spa products. 


If your ideal audience is interested in their health and diet, you probably aren’t going to promote the makeup range. You would focus on healthy meals, motivational quotes, work out tips, and of course, linking to your nutrition products such as shakes, energy drinks, and specifically the 30 days to healthy living program.


Hence, it is extremely important to figure out who is your ideal client and what problems do they face which you could help them to find a solution for through your network marketing business. 


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Facebook Content Ideas for Network Marketers


When it comes to content, there are six kinds of content you should be creating for your page:



I’d say entertain more than inform. Most people coming to Facebook are looking for some form of entertainment. Remember to stay relevant to your niche:

  • Humorous quotes
  • Memes
  • Funny Personal Stories
  • Do a Humorous Poll




Be the person your target audience aspires to be. A positive role model is always well-received among the audience. Some examples of inspirational content:

  • Inspirational Quotes on beauty, fitness or anything relevant to your niche
  • Fun Facts that lend more credibility to your niche
  • Inspirational Story about you or someone who benefited from your industry
  • Post a Before or After Picture
  • A heroic moment



Expert Advice

As a network marketer, you have probably sifted through tons of research material yourself in order to be knowledgeable about your company, business, or products. It is important to carry out your own research in order to appear the expert in your field. But also, to be able to answer questions from potential clients, and ensure you are giving out accurate information. You can use what you learn through expert advice posts such as:

  • Tips and Tricks
  • Post a Tutorial
  • Answer some frequently asked questions
  • Create content around a new relevant research
  • Training
  • Free Resources or Printables
  • Solve a problem
  • Helpful Blog Posts
  • Design an infographic




Facebook is a social media platform and they value engagement above everything else. The more people engage with your posts and page, the more Facebook will show your content to your followers. Hence interactive posts are ideal for increasing that engagement, but also helps you to find out what your audience needs help with. Some ways you can interact with your audience:

  • Ask Questions
  • Do Polls
  • Post a Simple ‘Fill in the blank’ sentence
  • Do an #AskMeAnything post
  • ‘Caption This’ Posts
  • Ask for help or advice




Once your audience starts interacting with you, it’s time to really exploit the increased engagement and truly connect with your audience. Here’s how top network marketers are connecting with their audience:

  • Do a ‘behind-the-scene’ video or post a picture
  • Candid shots of your life
  • Tell them a personal story
  • Do a challenge together.



Give Back

Treat your audience with special surprises just because they follow you on Facebook. Giving back to your people is the best way to develop rapport and it could earn you reviews and recommendations. Some ways you can treat your fans:

  • Give out coupons
  • Offer a Giveaway
  • Do a Flash sale
  • Launch a user-generated campaign using hashtags.



Sales Post

I’m putting sales posts at the very end of this list because ideally, less than 20% of your posts should be sales posts. People typically don’t like products being pushed in their faces. That’s especially true for network marketers, right! And that’s why you need to wrap it under all the expert advice and humorous posts.


Even when selling your products, tell your fans a story. Entertain them with a humorous anecdote. Sell them the benefits, not just the monetary value.


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Facebook Content Ideas for your Network Marketing Business Page


Take inspiration from these prompts:

  • Book Recommendations
  • Favourite Current Netflix Series
  • Favourite blog/podcast
  • The time I faked something
  • What I would go back and tell my younger self
  • 5 Things you can’t live without
  • If your child wanted to pursue your career, what would you tell him?
  • Your favourite childhood song/band
  • What do you never leave your home without?
  • Fill in the blank. My favourite all-time song is _____
  • Tea or Coffee?
  • Bagel or Croissant?


Prompts for Beauty Niche

  • Eyeliner or Mascara? Which one can you live without?
  • What’s the worst makeup advice someone gave you?
  • If you could only take 2 makeup products in your bag, which ones would they be?
  • Do you have a night beauty routine?


Prompts for Health Niche

  • Would you rather lose 10 kg or earn an extra $100,000?
  • What’s the one food you can’t live without?
  • Favourite Healthy Food
  • Favourite non-healthy food
  • What’s the best investment you made on your health?


Prompts for Travel Niche

  • Do you have a travel bucket list?
  • Your favourite vacation so far?
  • What’s the best thing about going on a vacation?
  • If you could have a destination wedding, where would you invite us?
  • Would you rather go on a hike or relax on a beach?


If you are looking for more specific content inspiration and ideas, make sure to take a look at this 2020 Social Media Content Calendar System. With 365+ daily post ideas, 30+ niche hashtags, 10 strategic prompt categories, plus holiday themes and blank calendars for you to add your own planning.

Pixistock social media content calendar


Facebook Stories Content Ideas for MLM Businesses


Many businesses and influencers are still ignoring Facebook stories. I’d say they are losing a lot in terms of exposure and reach. Facebook Stories appear right at the top of the page and if users click on one, Facebook takes them through all. And if yours is one of them, it’s one of the first things your fans are seeing when they come to Facebook.


Keep Facebook stories fresh with these content ideas:

Behind-The-Scene Look

Do a quick video or a boomerang of what’s happening with your business. Make it fun, silly or even informative.



Get your audience involved with a quick challenge:

  • A challenging yoga move
  • Jump Rope Challenge
  • A blindfold taste challenge
  • Ice Bucket Challenge


Daily Inspiration

Put up quotes or short inspirational messages. You can design them on Canva, or right on Facebook. Since Facebook stories are on top of the feed, this is a great way to motivate your fans with a positive thought.



Got a rave review for a product? Put it up on your Facebook Stories along with a picture of that product.


Product Launch

You can also use Facebook stories to fuel the hype around a new product launch. I’d say don’t give out the details, just a hint of that something is up in the pipeline. Maybe create a little excitement. Use stories as a teaser to get your fans to click on your page.


Quick Poll

A simple yes or no poll or a this-or-that poll. Something that your audience doesn’t have to spend a lot of time thinking about because remember stories move on quickly.



Facebook Group Content Ideas for Network Marketers

When it comes to your Facebook group, you can be encouraging your group members to generate content for you. Remember, Facebook groups are more of a community with your top fans. Make sure they feel welcome and that they can post their own content e.g. opening their product orders, their favourite shake recipe, or even just having them ask a question.


Here are a few ideas for encouraging your top fans to engage within your Facebook group:


Launch Hashtag Campaign

Recently I’ve seen a lot of user-generated content in my favourite groups using hashtags. In this one mom group, they did #BeBold campaign around Breast Cancer Awareness. Members shared either their or their family’s brush with cancer. The stories kept coming in!


You could create a hashtag around a trending topic or one that’s a pain point with your target audience. You could even do a funny one. Start a conversation. Some examples of hashtag campaigns you can try if you are in the beauty niche: #MakeupMess #GoofedUp #MySecretBeautyTip #WhatMyMotherTaughtMe #ShatteringStereotypes


Turn your Top Fans into Admins

This is the ‘What if you were the President for a day’ kind of thing. Choose multiple admins for your group. If you are pressed for time, admins can inject energy into the group.


Plus, these admins have friends in your target niche. Ask them to invite those friends in ‘their’ group. Giving your top fans ownership of the group could turn them into your loyal fans and ambassadors.


Also, you learn a lot about your people when you see them creating the content. It shows you what they relate to and what they are interested in.


Create Special Days

What is your audience looking for? Have special days like #ThrowbackThursday or #TravelTipTuesday to get your audience involved. Give them the chance to help other members in the group, or ask their questions. You could also have a special day for anonymous posts where your group members mail you their questions, and you post on the group anonymously for advice.


Facebook Live Content

With Facebook lives, you have a chance to really interact with your audience. Talk to them directly and answer their questions. Understand them better. Get your presence established.


Yes, Facebook lives can be intimidating, but once you try them out, you’ll probably enjoy all the interaction.


Some Facebook Live ideas you should try out:

Showcase your products

Try your products with your fans watching you live. Show them how to use the product. And while you are using them, insert the benefits of the product. For instance, if this is a new mask, try it out live in front of everyone! Let them see the before and after look in person. And while you are trying out the mask, talk about what’s in the mask. What makes the mask so special?

Direct them to the link where they can buy the product. Don’t leave the selling prompts for the end. That’s when your customers are leaving. Leave the end for a special surprise. Keep them hooked throughout the live with that promise.


‘Help me’

People love helping out, giving their suggestions. Hook them to your video with a little mistress in distress call. Ask them to choose something for you. Make it easier for them to help. Don’t make it complicated.


Go Behind the Scenes

A behind-the-scenes makes you more approachable and trustworthy. Your fans feel like they know you when they see you are someone like them.


Product Launch

A new product launch? GO LIVE! Share the excitement of your network marketing companies new products. What are their uses? What benefits will the products provide your audience? Perhaps offer a product spotlight and try one of the new products live for the first time.


Hashtags on Facebook

Hashtags on Facebook aren’t quite the same as they are on Instagram. With Instagram, the right hashtags boost your engagement. But on Facebook, it can have the opposite effect. Research done on Facebook hashtags indicates that when you insert 2-3 hashtags in your post, your engagement actually drops.


So how do we use hashtags on Facebook?


When you add a hashtag to your post on Facebook, Facebook creates a special URL for that hashtag. So, when Facebook users search for that hashtag, your posts also pops up in the search result.


Now you have to understand that Facebook users don’t often type hashtags in the search queries. If your audience isn’t tech-savvy, I would advise you to ease up on the hashtags.


If you want to use hashtags, make sure they are doing something for your page. For example, you might want to make it easier for your fans to track #ThrowbackThursday if you are doing a Facebook group campaign. Or if you regularly do #AskMeAnything sessions, then having a hashtag makes it easier for your fans to track all those useful posts.


A few tips to using Facebook Hashtags:

  • Don’t use more than 2 hashtags in one post. 
  • Use hashtags to start a conversation.
  • Capitalize the words in your hashtag phrase, #AskMeAnything or #ThrowbackThursday.


post ideas for your facebook


Goldmines To Generate Facebook Content Ideas for Network Marketers


Apart from the above ideas, you should also explore these avenues:


Remember analytics? Those same analytics tell you which content works best with your audience. Review your analytics every month, and repeat the content that’s working best with your audience.


Your Audience

Get them involved in the content process. Ask them what they would like to see on your business page.


Write down your ideas

Install a notepad on your phone. Every time you get an idea, write it down. Sometimes we forget even the best ideas.


Google Trends

Google trends will give links to trending posts in a specific niche or topic. For example, if you are in the fitness niche, you can open trend alerts for health, fitness, diet, etc.


How do you do that?


Open Google Trends. From the right-hand menu, select subscriptions. Click on add subscription and add your topic. You can choose to get weekly, daily or monthly emails. Done! Now Google Trends will send you blog posts related to your topic.


Google Trends also allows you to look at trending topics in the week. If you can relate these to your niche, then go create content around that.



In network marketing, all of us network marketers are in it together. There’s a lot that your competition is doing. Like you, they are also figuring out how to best connect with their audience. We can learn from each other and follow our competition to gain inspiration and ideas.


You can also team up with others in your niche and do a campaign together. Do a shoutout on Instagram. Or maybe reshare content that helps out your audience, like a protein shake recipe variation.  


Facebook also helps you check on what your competition is doing. 


Go to Page Insights. 


Scroll down to the bottom. In the suggested pages to watch, add your competitor’s pages. 


Now Facebook will show you their top-performing posts. 


You can check those by going to Page Insights and then Posts. From the tabs, click on Top Posts from Pages you watch. 


And there! That’s the inspiration for you. See what makes more sense with your audience. 


I feel that brainstorming Facebook Content Ideas for Network Marketers is especially challenging. We all know the stigma behind network marketers and how there is the mental image of a pushy salesperson when one thinks of network marketing. 


It is imperative that as network marketers, your Facebook content follows the 80/20 rule. 20% of your content is self-promotion and products. The remaining 80% is filled with offering value, top tips, helpful resources, which all aims to grow your brand and benefit your ideal client in some way.


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