Blogging is a brilliant opportunity for anyone looking to grow their business. This is the same for network marketers. If you haven’t got a blog already as part of your MLM business strategy, why not?


Every network marketer should start a blog and I’m here to share why in this post.


Though network marketers have a simple business model, with products already created for them to share and sell. That doesn’t mean running an MLM business is any easier than other businesses.


As a brand or company representative, you need to continuously find creative ways to stand out from the crowd of other company reps. Long gone are the days when you can use generic stock photos provided by your company and gain sales with a few posts.


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Network marketing is just that, growing your network and hence your opportunity to support others, providing them solutions to their problems.


But, how do you stand out when every representative uses social media? 


What encourages a prospective client to join your group rather than someone else’s?


How do you go over and above to offer value and have a professional appearance from the onset?


A blog is the answer!


So let’s take a look at what a blog actually is, and why network marketers should start a blog as part of their business strategy.


reasons MLM should blog



What is a Blog?


A blog is a site online where people can read updated content. Blogs can be personal or business, but for this post, we are going to talk about a blog from a business perspective.


This page you are reading now is a blog post I have written for my blog,


Most people visit a blog after searching for something online. Usually, people want to find an answer to a problem, learn something new, or purchase a particular product.


When you write content on your blog, this content is added to search engines. Then, when people search terms your content is written about, they may click on your post and visit your blog.


For example, let’s say you sell Do Terra essential oils. You might write a post about 10 ways to use Lavender essential oil. 


If someone then searches for the term ‘ways to use lavender essential oil’, they may come across your post, click on your link, and read your content.


You’ve written a post that will help your target audience and provide them with value through your content.



Why Network Marketers Should Start a Blog?


Just like any business, starting a blog for your network marketing business can offer you many benefits.


Stand out from the crowd


Earlier in this post, I mentioned how every company representative is on social media and probably using generic stock photos provided by their company. 


But not everyone will start a blog. They are time-consuming in the beginning with a steep learning curve, but, the rewards can significantly outweigh the cons.


By starting a blog, you can branch out to your own brand, rather than just xyz company representative. 


This gives you an edge over other consultants. It provides you with a professional appearance from the get-go which is excellent for a prospective client’s first impression.


With your blog, you can extend the amount of value and education you provide a prospective client with longer content than you can publish on social media platforms.



You Own Your Content


Did you know that your social media profiles, groups, and any content you publish you do not own?


Social media is great in that you can network with other business owners, grow your audience through Facebook groups, and even gain sales through social media platforms.


But, those platforms own your content, your contacts, and any activity you do within their platforms.


You do not own your own content.


I have read time and time again how businesses have put their heart and soul into growing an established and highly engaged audience on social media. Only to have their pages or groups shut down without any warning.


With the click of their fingers, they lost their entire business.


Through starting a blog, network marketers own everything. You can provide your audience with email opt-ins to gain their email address and grow your prospective contact list WITHOUT fear of it being taken away.


So even if one-day social media closes or even deletes your accounts, you won’t have lost all of your business overnight.


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I mentioned earlier how starting your own blog helps you to stand out from other representatives with your company.


But to your target audience, investing in your own blog and writing new content regularly shows to them that you aren’t going to quit anytime soon.


Within network marketing, people tend to come and go and there are just as many people joining as there are quitting.


This does not give the industry a good name and it certainly makes it more difficult for network marketers to gain prospective clients’ trust.


Your clients need to know that if they purchase from you, you are going to stay with your company and aren’t going to quit anytime soon. It’s a complete faff for people who have found a product they love, to only find out their sales rep quit and they have to find a new sales rep.


By starting a blog, you are showing that you are here to stay. You are committed to growing your business and that gives you a higher level of credibility compared to others in the same company.





With a blog, you are not limited to only earning an income with your MLM business.


You have so many opportunities for growing your income by other means through your blog!


From creating your own products and courses to sponsored posts and ads. There are plenty of means of growing your income with a blog.


It’s also important with sales not being predictable from an MLM business to diversify your income streams.



Growing Your Reach


Social media is great with millions of users every day. But how many of those people are actually interested in what you have to offer? 


With a blog, you research the content people are searching for and write about it on your blog.


By doing so, you are directing your target audience who are searching for these answers daily to your blog, hence growing your reach globally.



Longer Life Span


How much reach and engagement do you gain on social media? How often are you having to decorate your time to these platforms, consistently posting for minimum results?


We all know that social media posts die within a few minutes.


But with your blog posts, you can still be gaining traffic to posts you published years before.


Take this blog, for example, I am still gaining traffic to my blog via posts I wrote and published back in 2019!


There is a much longer life span for blog content than social media. Hence by putting in the work and effort upfront, you can still be reaping the rewards years later.


start network marketing blog


So, if you are interested in growing your opportunities with your network marketing business, starting a blog is the best way forward.


Yes, it does take time and dedication. But the hardest part is getting started. Once you’re past the first 6months, you gain your flow and have learned so much more about how to grow your blog successfully.


If you are looking for more support with starting a blog, you can sign up for my upcoming webinar here.


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