If you are looking for regular support and training to grow your business, a membership for network marketers could be an option for you.


Joining a network marketing company can be a great opportunity to start a business working from home and online. 


But it can be very hit and miss as to the methods your company teaches to help you grow your business


Some teams and companies offer excellent training, modern business methods, and provide superb support.


But, there are still many teams and companies that aren’t. Who still train new representatives in spammy ways of gaining contacts and just overall bad and outdated practises for growing your business.


So where can you learn the best practises to help you succeed and grow your network marketing business with genuine, honest, and proven strategies?


Online memberships specifically catered for network marketers and direct sellers!


Did you know that there are online memberships available just for people in MLM?


These memberships have been launched and created by network marketers for network marketers in mind. With non-spammy methods, they provide excellent and consistent training to help you get results.


network marketing memberships


There are affiliate links used on this page. If you use any of the following links to make a purchase, I may earn a small commission at no additional cost to you. I do not make any recommendations for products that I have not personally had a positive experience using. Read my full affiliate disclosure here.



Benefits of joining a membership for network marketers


As mentioned above, these memberships are specifically created by network marketers to help fellow marketers succeed with their online business.


Different memberships focus on different elements of growing a network marketing business. So the great thing is you can read what each one offers and which is best suited to you depending on the stage you are at with your business and the results you are looking to achieve.


Even if you have access to support and training with your company, a membership goes beyond this. Memberships can provide you with step-by-step action in areas from following up with clients, growing your brand, and starting a blog. Many of these topics are not covered with your company’s training.


You can often work your way through previous membership modules as well at your own pace. Training is usually recorded and saved so even if you can’t attend live, you don’t miss out on the value and top tips to help you grow your MLM business successfully.


Not only does a membership provide you with training and tips, but you also become a part of an extended community of network marketers from other companies.


This has numerous benefits from being able to refer customers to one another where relevant, to collaborating with each other and sharing tips and experiences to help each other progress.


What to Look for in a Network Marketing Membership?


Just a few considerations to note before we take a look at some of the best memberships for network marketers.


Do make sure before joining a membership that the content creator is a network marketer themselves. Yes, other people are experts in areas such as social media and can offer you legitimate training and tips. However, it’s one thing to be trained by someone who has social media experience in another business field, compared with an experienced network marketer.


For example, a non-network marketer would offer you generic support in setting up your social media profiles and post ideas. Whereas someone with network marketing experience can be specific in what keywords to include in your social media bio to stand out, how to create graphics to highlight the products that you sell, and what kind of posts are brilliant for improving engagement within your groups without being spammy.


Another consideration is to think about where you are with your network marketing business and your long-term goals. If you are brand new to network marketing, you may want to look for a membership that helps you from the beginning with tips on reaching out to people, following up, and managing your daily activity.


Whereas, if you are more established, you may be looking at the next steps on how to expand your network marketing business and other means of income e.g. starting a blog or Youtube channel.


Finally, consider the cost of the membership as well. If you are new to network marketing, you need to consider your outgoing costs, especially with gaining traction and building your reputation. Think about what you want to prioritise as part of your business expenses. Remember, a membership such as the ones I am going to share below, are all classes as business investments so can be counted as part of your business expenses for your tax returns. However, you also need to ensure that you can pay the bills with your business too. 


So be sure to consider what you want to prioritise with your MLM business e.g. Canva subscription for creating on-brand graphics, product investments, courses, etc.


Best memberships for network marketers


Now we have taken a look at a few benefits for joining a membership specifically with network marketers in mind, let’s take a look at some membership options available.


The Success Lounge, Anna Green from Direct Selling Success


As a member of this membership myself, I can vouch for and share that Anna offers incredible value within her membership.


Anna has been in network marketing for years and has succeeded in growing her business through non-spammy, honest, relationship-building techniques.


Anna shares everything she has learnt over the years with her members in organised trainings, courses, and posts.


With her membership you gain access to her courses, workshops, private Facebook group, q and a live sessions, and half-price one to one coaching calls.


Anna has covered numerous topics including:

  • how to follow up
  • online parties
  • gaining leads
  • branding
  • target audience
  • consistent sales.


Unlike many other successful network marketers, Anna’s membership focuses on actionable steps which anyone can replicate to grow their business whilst upholding integrity, honesty, and being genuine at all times.


Anna herself says

My mission behind The Success Lounge membership is helping network marketers and direct sellers achieve their goals and dreams, however big or small they are. I know what it’s like to lack confidence and feel you’re pestering your friends. I’ve been there. The membership helps build that confidence with down to earth, no fluff training to build a business you love.’


Anna’s membership is just £20 per month.


You can take a look at Anna’s Success Lounge membership here.


MLM Bloggers Hub: Together in Business, Caite Elizabeth


This is my own membership specifically with network marketers in mind who would like to grow their business with a blog.


There are so many reasons why network marketers should start a blog as part of their online business strategy, but, it can be overwhelming knowing where to begin and how to grow a blog successfully.


Within this membership, I focus on offering a community of like-minded network marketers with step-by-step training and support to be able to grow your business through blogging.


I myself have gained my MLM sales via blogging and microblogging and hence know first hand the possibilities. Not to mention with a blog you are able to expand your brand and monetize via other means not just your MLM sales.


This membership is perfect for you if you want to grow your reach organically, without spamming others, and with the pressure of maintaining social media profiles and groups.


In my membership, you will gain access to 

  • monthly workshops, 
  • weekly top tips and training, 
  • blog audits and reviews, 
  • networking and collaboration events, 
  • weekly feedback opportunities, 
  • Keyword research completed for you helping your content get to the first page of Google
  • and access to guest speakers training in complementary areas alongside your blogging workshops.


For me, the membership is about’

“Supporting network marketers and direct sellers to feel supported and a part of an incredible online community. To enable them to grow their business without the stress and strains of chasing algorithms and feeling as though they have to spam people’s inboxes to be seen. In this membership, I hold my members hands every step of the way, training, supporting, and providing feedback so they can increase their businesses visability and income online with a blog.”


If you are interested in joining a community of network marketing bloggers, you can join here:


Join The MLM Bloggers Hub Membership here


MLM bloggers hub membership


My membership is £30 per month or £300 for the year giving you two months free. PLUS, I have an affiliate program where you can gain 30% recurring income when you recommend someone and they sign up using your unique link. You can also provide your audience with a discount code to receive 10% off their first month’s subscription.



How to choose a membership for network marketers?


  1. Take a look at where you are in your business. Are you in the beginning stages of just starting out, setting up your profiles, and learning how to grow your network? Or have you got the basics sorted and would like to learn how to expand your contacts without spamming people by offering value and education?
  2. What skill sets are you looking to develop and focus your time and energy on? Do you want to develop your social media skills? Perhaps you’d like to learn how to network consistently? Or maybe you’d like to learn how to write blog content that lasts years after it’s been published?
  3. How do you learn best? Some memberships will focus only on courses or workbooks. It’s worth considering how you consume information best and ensuring the membership you sign up for offers that method of teaching.
  4. How much can you realistically invest in your business? Remember, you can claim membership costs against your self-assessment tax return. But you still need to ensure you can pay your bills before joining a membership. Often, once you start making sales, the membership pays for itself. 
  5. Ensure the owner and content creator for the membership you are considering is genuine. There are A LOT of scammers out there unfortunately and you have to be cautious when purchasing online. Do your research and find out a little bit about the creator of a membership. Are they with an MLM company themselves? Have they personal experience in the product they are selling or training they are offering?


network marketing memberships


After reading this post, hopefully, you can see the value a membership for network marketers can offer you and your business. 

Ensure to follow the top tips given in choosing the best membership for your MLM business.

If you have questions and want to find out more about the membership or services I offer fellow network marketers, be sure to check out my services and membership pages.


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