Almost everyone is on Facebook. My mom, my granddad, my kid’s favourite play centre, even my dog groomer is running a successful business page using this platform.

Do you know what that means?

The prospects for your network marketing business are also online on Facebook RIGHT NOW. 

Facebook is one platform brands should not ignore if they want to connect with their audience. And you shouldn’t also. Here’s where my Facebook Strategies come into play to help you grow your network marketing business.

a List of 6 Facebook Strategies for Network Marketers to Follow to Help grow their Business


6 Facebook Strategies to Grow Your Network Marketing Business Online using Facebook

If you want to grow your network marketing business, these 6 Facebook Strategies will steer you in the right direction. 


Beating the Ever-Changing Algorithm 

Isn’t it frustrating when what works one month on Facebook might not necessarily give you the same result in the next month? That’s because Facebook is constantly changing their algorithms. It’s getting more challenging for businesses on Facebook to get good free exposure. 


To understand why Facebook is doing this, let’s back up a few years when Facebook just became popular. It was built with the purpose of helping friends connect with each other. 


As Facebook explored its financial potential, it began to encourage businesses to join the network. But soon, businesses were all over Facebook, and the original intention of what Facebook was designed for was becoming lost. To keep Facebook relevant and kind of spam free, the people behind Facebook changed their algorithms to give more preference to personal connections. And then the algorithms continued to change as Facebook tried to improve its user’s experience. 


And that’s your answer. In order to beat the ever-changing algorithm, you need to improve the average Facebook user’s experience. Some ways you can do that is: 


Relevant Useful Content 

Sorry for the cliché, but Content is King. It really is. Whenever you post something on Facebook, think of how it’s going to help your audience. Is the content informative? Is it entertaining? Does it solve a problem? It should be in either of these three categories. Any Facebook strategies you might be using are useless until your content is good. 


Engage with your Audience 

When I talk about engagement, I don’t mean using click-bait titles to get your readers to click on links. Whenever I click on a useless click-bait link, it leaves me frustrated. I lose a little bit of trust with the company. Your audience will too, so just don’t do it. 


Instead, get personal and engage with your audience. Talk to them. Reply to their comments. Ask them for suggestions. Share stories. Focus on really building that genuine connection and trust.

Get People Talking

Get people in your inner circles to talk about your brand. Ask your loyal customers for reviews. Make sure they are tagging you in the comments. 


Join relevant groups and offer some kind of assistance to your target audience. For instance, if you offer nutritional supplements, join a few mom groups. Whenever someone posts about their weight issues or their health problems, get involved. Don’t necessarily sell (or force) your company and products on them. But just be there so that people can see you. They see you as a person and not as a company.  


Another way to get people talking is by interacting and collaborating with influencers in your target audience’s circle. Ask these influencers to do a brand mention. 


Sometimes we need to hover in the background before coming out. Give value, and then give more. People need to see you are genuine and can trust you before they will buy from you. It doesn’t matter what you are selling. If they trust and respect your opinion, they will buy and they’ll share their experience within their circle of friends and family. 


Review Analytics

Don’t ignore this. None of these Facebook strategies for your network marketing business will work unless you review your page. Reviewing does not mean just copying the reach and engagement of your posts on an excel spreadsheet and save it for later. 


Go your Facebook analytics page every week. Check which posts performed better. Why did they perform well? Was it because you shared in on a particular Facebook group? Or because of investing in a Facebook ad? Or simply because it really connected with your audience. 


Figure out the reason and do it often. But don’t do everything on a loop. If you want to beat that algorithm, you need to continuously monitor performance and churn out content that seems to be doing well. Content your audience wants to see and is interested in.


Invest in Ads

Ads implemented correctly can really boost your reach on Facebook. But as mentioned, there is definitely a right way of using ads. We are going to talk about this later in the post, so keep reading. 


Using Facebook Stories For Network Marketing 

It’s interesting how businesses are still not catching up to the Facebook stories trend. Three reasons why I want you to start using Facebook stories as part of your Facebook strategies are: 

  • You are losing that advantage of getting exposure on a relatively less cluttered Facebook space. Not everyone is using Facebook stories. And this means your stories are more likely to be seen. 
  • It’s a trend that catching traction. 500 million Facebook users watch Facebook stories every day and this number is only going to increase in the coming months. 
  • It’s the first thing Facebook users see when they open up Facebook. Facebook stories appear right on the top so they are difficult to ignore. 
  • You can share them on both Instagram and Facebook simultaneously. This means viewership from two channels using the same content. 


Your next question would probably be, what should I share? 

Many users come to a blank when it comes to content ideas for their stories. Some popular ideas for Facebook stories are:


These seem to be doing really well recently. Simple Yes/No polls on Facebook related to your industry. For example, peach or strawberry. What’s your favourite flavour? Add in a picture of both fruits. 


Behind-the-camera Look

Facebook stories are a great way to connect with your audience by sharing something special that happened behind the camera. Or just show yourself working on a new project. 


An Exclusive

Launching a new flavour or packaging. Share the news on Facebook stories. 


Create your own Facebook Group

Think of a Facebook group as this space where you and your prospects can talk to each other directly. Both of you are on an almost equal level. Your potential and existing customers can also post on the group. This builds a sense of community within the group and helps to improve engagement.


How can you use this connection? 

To begin with, you should be using your group to help out your target audience. Don’t build the group around your NM business brand. So for example, you are selling sustainable products, create a group on living a sustainable life. 


In this group, focus more on helping out your tribe. Share tips and tutorials. Share useful links. Answer questions. Invite discussions. Promote a sense of community. Never spam the group. 


Keep the products in the periphery so customers know there is a product, but they feel reassured that you won’t turn into this person who just keeps talking about her products. Not classy. 


Get creative when it comes to promoting your products. Try testimonials. Or even challenges created around your products. 


Business Page Vs. Personal Profile

The first thing you should be doing when you launch your NM business on Facebook is to create your business page. Your personal profile won’t do. 


Your personal profile is personal. It’s a place where your friends and family share stories, pictures and videos with you. You probably don’t want your prospects going through all that.  Plus, using your personal profile as a business page violates Facebook’s Terms of Use. Facebook might delete your personal profile. This means you will have to start over again. 


Create your business page today if you haven’t done it already.


Because a business page is made for businesses, it has a lot of features tailored to promote your business. You can create ads on your business page, something you can’t do on your personal page. There’s no limit to the number of people who can access your business page. Plus, it looks way more professional than a personal page. If you want to make use of all Facebook Strategies for any kind of business, then you need a business page. 


Having said this, I would also say that you could and you should use your personal profile to promote your business page. Just keep it indirect. For instance, ask questions, post stories or testimonials. Spike interest.  


I have a friend who is a travel agent. She puts up beautiful pictures of all the places she travels to on her personal page. Most of her friends and family know she’s a travel agent. Seeing her pictures gets them interested to at least inquire about packages and rates. And most of all, it keeps her in their minds. So when someone from their personal circle asks for a travel agent, they know who to recommend. 




Importance of doing Facebook Live 

Sure, people read blogs. But not everyone likes to read them. Often people skim through them. Plus, with a blog, you are just talking at someone. There’s little connection. 

With a Facebook live, it’s different. You can actually talk to your prospects. Learn their problems and answer their queries. Plus, you can also later convert the Facebook live into a blog.  A Facebook Live can do a lot for your business. Doing a live isn’t easy. It can be scary. But it’s also a chance to really connect with your audience. When your viewers see you, you become a real person.


Some tips for conducting a great Facebook live for your Network Marketing business are:

  • Tell your viewers ahead of time. 
  • Plan your Facebook live with a draft of what you are going to say. You should always have a topic. 
  • Don’t just start. Give your viewers time to get in. Meanwhile, introduce yourself. Ask your viewers to introduce themselves. 
  • Engage with your viewers. Ask them questions. Get them to ask you questions. Leave 5 minutes in the end for a Q&A session. 
  • Be yourself. People can see through fake quite easily. 
  • It doesn’t have to be perfect. Remember the time when BBC reporter, Robert Kelly was photobombed by his two children. That video went on to become viral. The slight imperfections basically make you look human. 
  • End with a call to action. All successful Facebook Strategies end with a message. What’s yours?
  • 5- 10 minutes prior to your Facebook live start time, interact on Facebook adding hearts or comments to people’s posts. Facebook’s algorithm is set, so that the more you interact, the more people it is going to showcase your live to, hence more views and exposure.


Try Facebook Ads 

Organic Growth on Facebook is kind of dead. So, unless you want to continue pushing your brand to your friends and family, you should consider investing in Facebook ads. 


I wouldn’t suggest jumping into Facebook ads when you begin applying these Facebook strategies for your network marketing business. Focus on setting up your Facebook page. For the first few months, exhaust your options of organic growth. Invite your friends and family who have shown an interest and WANT to join your group or business page. Connect with your prospects on different Facebook groups. 


Once you feel you’ve settled in, try out Facebook ads.  When it comes to Facebook Ads, many of us feel out of depth. Putting in money suddenly makes everything more serious. This is another reason you should be doing Facebook Ads. 


How To Approach Facebook Ads

Start with a strategy. Most Facebook Strategies recommended by network marketers revolve around attraction marketing to capture leads. This can be a good starting point. Remember, people come to Facebook to connect with their friends and family. They are not coming to buy anything. So the best way to convince them is to make the offer attractive. 


Show them how the product makes their life better with your boosted post. There should be a call to action for each post. What are you trying to achieve? Are you looking for more likes to your page? Or getting when to subscribe to your email list? You need this to test the success of your ads. 


A good idea is to create 2-3 different ads. Using the same budget, you can use a different image, custom audience, location, etc. This way you will be able to analyze which ads work better and why. 


Facebook Ad Followup 

Running the ad doesn’t mean you have done your work when it comes to adopting these Facebook strategies for your network marketing business. You need to review which ads perform better. Before running the ad, make sure you have installed your Facebook pixel code to your website to give you an accurate overview of the ad performance. Based on this overview, keep tweaking your ads. 


You should also be inviting people who like your post to like your page. Engage with people who commented on the post. 

Ready to put these tips into action?

Be sure to watch out for upcoming blog posts where I will be focusing on each of these Facebook Strategies in more detail. Subscribe to the newsletter to receive more top tips on how to successfully run your network marketing business. 


Grow your network marketing business following these facebook strategies

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