We have all heard people making six-figure incomes with MLM companies, enjoying the good life, and maintaining the perfect work-life balance.


These individuals didn’t just get lucky with their MLM business. They were dedicated and committed to growing their business like any other business. Not only that, but they ensured to spend time considering and choosing the right MLM Company, one that will be a profitable MLM company to work with.


profitable mlm companies


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Profitable MLM Companies You Should Be Working With

If you are new to MLM and only just considering starting a business, you might only be at the stage of considering whether MLM is the right type of business for you or not. 


Once you have considered this thoroughly, it is then important to dedicate time in choosing which MLM company to join.


I would suggest only considering companies with good standing. Look for companies that have been in business for over 3-5 years, have a good cash-flow, and provide you with support.


It is also important to consider their approach to selling and its business model. If they are only interested in people recruiting others, then run a mile! That’s a pyramid scheme which is illegal.


MLM companies should have a product or service to sell with recruiting being secondary to sales. For example, Usborne sells a range of educational books and activities for kids and young adults.


You earn a higher commission from selling books with your own online shop than you do recruit others. Hence making sales should be your priority.


Scalability comes into play when you do recruit and train others to sell books as well. This is because, even though your commission is lower from their sales than your own, you can earn from multiple people within your direct and indirect team.


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To help you make the right decision with which MLM company to choose, I have listed down some of the profitable MLM companies I’ve already researched and feel would be worth investing in.



Beauty and Skincare Niche

Beauty and skincare is perhaps THE most popular niche for MLM Companies. So, let’s start with listing down profitable MLM Companies in this niche.


Mary Kay Cosmetics

Mary Kay is a US-based cosmetic and beauty product company. It’s one of the most profitable MLM companies in the US. You can become a Mary Kay Consultant in the US, UK, Canada and 33 other countries.


Initial Investment: Mary Kay’s Starter Kit starts at $30. This would include personal training, your personalized website, free apps, and other training materials.


How It Works:  When you sell Mary Kay products, you can earn up to 50% commission on retail sales. Plus, when you build your team, you earn a commission on their sales plus bonuses and product rewards. However, recruiting members is optional.



Avon, being ranked the 2nd biggest Multi-level marketing company alongside the fifth-biggest beauty company globally, struck a revenue of about $5.7 billion in 2016.


Initial Investment: To become Avon’s representative, you have to buy their starter kit. This is priced at $25 and includes some of their best products.


How it works: With Avon, you can earn a commission between 20-50%. A minimum sale of $49 is required to earn a 20% commission. You can also earn 12% of your team’s sales when you bring in new members.



Amway is one of the biggest, and perhaps most profitable MLM Companies across the globe. It offers more than 450 high-end products from different niches such as homecare, nutrition, energy and sport, and lastly, the beauty niche. For all those direct selling newbies out there, Amway offers mentorship, learning resources, and skill-building support.


Amway is only open for people living in the US or Canada.


Initial Investment: Amway also requires an initial investment. This again will get you their starter kit that you can try out and check if the products suit you. With Amway, you have to pay $100 annual charges, but this is refundable within 60-180 days so if you decide it’s not for you, you can always get your money back.


How it works: With Amway, you earn by pocketing the difference between the company’s retail price and seller price. Plus, you get an 8% discount on products as a distributor.



Monat is another MLM company offering natural beauty and skincare products. For now, Monat is only open for the USA, UK, Canada, Poland and Ireland.


Initial Investment: To join Monat, you have to invest in their starter kit that’s priced at $99. This will include 35 samples of their products along with all training material and your personal website.


How it Works: By selling Monat products, you can earn a profit of 30%.


Forever living

This MLM company based in Arizona focuses on manufacturing drinks based on aloe vera and bee derived products. Most of these include cosmetics, personal care products, and dietary supplements. Its distribution network is spread over 160 distinctive countries across the globe, with more than 10,000,000 distributors.


Initial Investment: You can start your Forever Living business with an initial investment of $250. This will get you some of their products, plus access to free training materials.


How it works: As a Forever Living representative, you can make a commission of 30% with every sale made, plus a 5% cashback on your personal purchases.


Also, when you add team members, you can make a certain percentage on every sale they make.



One of the best ever known Multi-level marketing companies on our list. In the previous decade, doTerra has hugely profited from its natural health care trends. They focus on advertising wellness products like shampoo, deodorant, and essential oils.


You can join doTerra if you are in the US, Canada, UK and other European countries.


Initial investment: With just a $35 membership, avail a 25% wholesale price on purchasing products.


How it works: With doTerra, you can earn a commission between 5-25%, based on the sales you and your team members make.



Fitness Niche

If you are someone people come to for advice on living a fit and healthy life, then I suggest you explore profitable MLM companies from this niche:



Beach body advocates home exercising products for muscle building, fitness, and weight loss. Being a multi-level marketing company, its sales extend via e-commerce, sales consultants, and infomercials. A few of their products include 21 Day Fix, Insanity, Slim in 6, Double Time, Body Beast, etc. 


You can join Beachbody from the US, Canada, UK and France.


Initial Investment: Sign up with $39.95 to become a coach at Beachbody.


How it works: To be a part of Beach Body company, you can join the distributing network working as a coach. As a coach, you earn 20% commission on all the sales you make. There’s no minimum sales cap, which means you can start earning with your first sale.



Herbalife is an American based nutritional company, that offers products such as sports nutrition, weight management, personal care, and dietary supplements.


You can become a Herbalife consultant in the US, Canada, UK and many other countries.


Initial Investment: $94


How it works: With Herbalife, you will be buying discounted Herbalife products while selling them at a higher price. You can earn commission between 25-50%. If you buy a large consignment of their products, you get a higher discount.


You also earn every time your recruited member makes a sale.



An MLM company based in California which works for personal care and wellness. The product categories include sports, anti-ageing beauty collection, weight loss kits, and nutritional supplements.


You can become a Shaklee distributor in the US and Canada only.


Initial Investment: You need to purchase the Shaklee kit, in order to become their distributor. This kit can be purchased with an investment of 49.95 +1 $59 or you can start off with their welcome pack, which is approximately $49.95.


How it works: With Shaklee, you can earn a 15% discount on every product sold. Plus, members enjoy free shipping for products of 150$.



Health Niche

Health is one of the most saturated niches among MLM companies. That’s most likely because people buy health products through recommendations. So, if you are someone who uses wellness products regularly, here are some profitable MLM companies you should be looking into:



Arbonne is a holistic branding selling skincare, nutrition, bath and body, and beauty products.


Initial Investment: $49


How It Works: With Arbonne, you earn 35% commission on retail orders and 15% on preferred client orders. You aren’t required to recruit new members, but when you do you get a commission every time your recruited teammate makes a sale.

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An Arizona based company with a wide selling range of healthy products like protein shakes, beauty care, supplemental weight loss, performance enhancers, and essential oils.


Initial Investment: There’s no initial investment with Isagenix, you earn by buying their products and selling them at a retail price.


How it works: Isagenix lets you make a profit of 20% on every product you sell.



Serving as the biggest online wellness shopping site, Melaleuca is a North American based company with a customer base of more than 1 million shoppers each month. With more than 400 products like medicine, essential oils, nutritional supplements, and beauty it has managed to earn revenue of $2 million annually.


You can join Melaleuca from the US, Canada, UK, Australia and many other countries.


Initial investment: Become a preferred member with just $19 or enrol for a free of cost membership. 


How it works: You can join Melaleuca by becoming a referral marketer. This basically means you earn every time you introduce a new member to the team.


Nature’s Sunshine

Based in Utah, Nature’s sunshine is a U.S based company that advocates wellness and health products. Their portfolio includes more than 500 solutions to improve health. For more information on the product catalogue and we visited.


Nature’s Sunshine is open for the UK, US, Canada and many other countries in Central America and Europe.


Initial investment: You can become a member with just $40 and enjoy free workshops, webinars; discounts, and products. 


How it works: You can purchase Nature’s Sunshine’s products with a 33% discount that is the wholesale price. To make a great profit, these wholesale products can be sold at retail prices to the customers. Additionally, getting others to sign up with NSP will result in a 40% bonus.



Home Niche

How many times have you come across friends and family asking you about a review for a product you just bought for your home. From the most basic everyday item like Tupperware, to slow cookers, there are a lot of products you can recommend and sell to make money in this niche.



Tupperware is an American based plastic container manufacturing company, with a vast network of distributors and spread over 100 countries across the globe.


Initial investment: Their Basic Business Kit costs $60 and while the Business Kit is worth $109


How it works: Tupperware functions in terms of relationship-based selling – an opportunity for you to be a part of the company, as a consultant for selling products and enjoy commission-based earnings.


You get to do parties where you invite people to your home, or go to theirs and demonstrate the product and its benefits.



Thermonix is a part of a bigger MLM company, Vorwerk. Vorwerk excels in manufacturing household items such as filters, kitchen appliances, water purifiers, Vorwerk flooring, Kobold vacuum cleaners, and cosmetics products.


The company employs 12,000+ individuals, with more than 633,000 independent sales partners. Vorwerk Ventures aim to aid entrepreneurs by offering them to become their investment partners.


Initial Investment: $130 business kit


How it works: Vorwerk’s most popular product is the Thermonix. This is basically an appliance that works as a smart kitchen. As a representative, you are required to sell these products by giving demonstrations on how the product works.


You can earn up to $220 per product or even $320 per machine, after 5+ sales each month.



Norwex is a US-based company, primarily selling microfiber cloth and other chemical-free household items. Their aim is to reduce the use of chemicals in our homes.


Initial Kit: Their initial kit can be bought for $9.99.


How it works: With Norwex, you earn 35% discount on any retail sales you do. You can do this by hosting programs at your homes. These programs are funded entirely by Norwex so you don’t have to invest in getting the products.


Utility Warehouse

Utility Warehouse is a company offering gas, electricity, mobile, internet and landline services in the UK. This company encourages its existing customers to get their friends and family to sign up to their services and earn cash with each new referral.


For now, Utility Warehouse is only open for residents of the UK.


Initial Investment: The initial investment to become a salesperson is £100 or £199 if you aren’t already a customer.


How it Works: With each new customer you bring to the business, you earn £20. Along with that, you also get further discounts on your utility bills.



USANA is popular for the manufacturing of dietary and nutritional supplements. Their products are sold via seen associates which are hired on a commission basis. With a revenue of $1 billion and 500,000 active associates, USANA caters to a customer base of 90,000. 


You can become a USANA representative in the US, Canada, UK and many other countries.


Initial investment: $20 – $50


How it works: With USANA, you can earn a commission of 12% on every sale you make. USANA also encourages you to add more people to your team, and you get weekly commissions when you add team members.



Telecommunication Niche

The world today is highly dependent on telecommunication. It’s one of the fastest-growing industries.


American Communication Network – ACN

The American Communication Network is popular for its telecommunication services. It has managed to generate revenue of $750 million back in 2016. The company offers services like broadband, high-speed Internet, wireless telephone, landline, and broadband, etc. ACN is only open for US residents for now.


Initial investment: Their Independent Business Owner Agreement offers an affiliate membership worth $499.


How it works: The American Communication Network works on affiliation based programs where earnings come from selling their products. With each service plan purchase, you get a personal compensation anywhere between 2 to 8%. The actual percentage depends upon your customer’s telecommunication usage.



Children Niche

Moms, like us, are always buying toys for our kids. Why not make a commission on buying and selling for some profitable MLM companies:


Discovery Toys

Discovery Toys is an edutainment brand that sells children’s learning toys. Right now, this MLM company is only available in the USA and Canada.


Initial Investment: $79 (and you get to pick toys worth $140 as product samples)


How It Works: You will be making a commission of 25% in sales. And as you grow, the commission rate can move up to 34%. A 7% bonus is also given for team sales. No sales cap. 


Usborne books

Usborne Books is a direct selling company that sells published children’s books and educational activities. You can sell Usborne books from the US, Canada, and European countries.


Initial Investment: An initial mini kit worth $75 or a complete kit worth $25 should be purchased, to become a consultant.


How it works: As a consultant, you can make up to 25% off from your regular sales call while 17% from book fair orders. For each new promotional level, raises and bonuses are in order.



Food Niche 


Pampered Chef

Pampered Chef is a company that offers more than 200 items related to food products, various recipes for salaries, and food products. With more than 400 permanent employees and 35,000+ direct tell us pampered Chef is a top known company for its products.


Initial investment: With just $29 you can serve as a consultant of Pampered Chef and begin your own business set up.


How it works: All products are available at a discount of 20% to 50% for Pampered Chef consultants. As their partner, you enjoy free supplies and products along with discounts, commissions, and extra rewards.



Finance Niche 

The average person has not received a lot of education within schools to their financial growth and sustenance. That’s why this can be a profitable niche if you are someone who’s good with your finances.



With a unique niche of selling financial and insurance services, Primerica emerges with a turnover of $1.7 billion back in 2017. Being a US-based marketing company, Primerica has employed over 2300 full-time working individuals 


Initial Investment: a $199 ($99 now) fee is required to become a representative and a further $25/mo for Primerica Online access.


How it works: With Primerica, you can make a commission of up to 95% by selling insurances.


profitable network marketing


There are many more profitable MLM companies that you can begin with. When investing in any company, I would recommend you talk to a real person and better yet, talk to someone you know and trust.


Ask about the companies within your circle of friends. Look for companies that don’t demand a lot from their representative e.g. minimum sales per month or x amount recruited. 


Another sign of profitable MLM Companies is that they offer loads of free resources and training to help make the selling job easier for their representatives.


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