Have you just started a network marketing business or are you considering joining? These top tips to grow your network marketing business will help you get off to a fantastic start.


There is a wealth of information available online to help support individuals to build an incredibly successful network marketing business. But sometimes, it can be challenging finding your way through each resource from blog posts to Youtube videos, Facebook lives to listening to Podcasts.


I have spoken with a group of successful network marketers who have shared their top tips to help you grow a successful network marketing business.


Want to grow your network marketing business? Read this blog post which details top tips from successful network marketers who share ways for you to grow your network marketing business for success. #mlmbusiness #mlmtoptips #networkmarketingtips


Attraction Marketing

These two words are HUGE not just in network marketing, but in all industries where an individual or company has something to sell.


Attraction marketing is basically attracting your ideal client to you, usually through offering something of value to them for free. When done well, network marketers have found numerous new leads without having to find and make initial contact with these individuals.


Here are a few examples of how you could use attraction marketing to grow your network marketing business:


  • Nutrition based business – offer 10 family-friendly recipes which are quick and easy to make, but also healthy for the whole family to enjoy. Perfect if your ideal clients are Mums. You could make a product suggestion from your business, which helps increase vegetable intake which is suitable for the whole family to use


  • Makeup based business – If you have a Facebook group or Business page, you could include Makeup Monday Lives as part of your social media calendar. Lives could be targeted at women wanting to learn how to apply makeup correctly and each week could include a different theme/product focus – how to use/look. In the comments of the Facebook Live, you could include a link for people to click on if they want to see what makeup items you used within the Live.


  • Fitness based business – your ideal client might be someone who works long hours and struggles to fit in exercise to their busy schedule. Using Facebook Lives, you could demo a shorter, but effective work out perfect for busy individuals who only have 10, 20 or 30minutes to spare a day.


Personal DevelopmentOpen book with glasses on top, pink mug and white vase with flowers by the side.

Participating in personal development is paramount to the growth and expansion of your network marketing business.


Running a network marketing business sends you on a rollercoaster ride of high and low moments, even those at the top of their company have experienced these. So, how did those at the top not stop at the first sign of difficulty or the 100th time someone said no to their business opportunity? It is because they actively spend time developing themselves. If you spend some time around those at the top, you will notice they all have a few things in common:

  • Confidence in themselves and 100% believe in their business and products
  • Positive attitude and outlook on life
  • High self-esteem
  • Extremely knowledgable with a high skill set
  • Happy to share what they have learnt with others
  • Huge paycheck each and every month!


These things didn’t happen by chance. Through personal development and working hard on becoming the best version of themselves, they were then able to help even more people. Being confident in your self, your skills and your company comes across with the people you speak to and hence your business grows. If your business is growing, your paycheck is growing.


So you see, personal development and your income are pretty much directly correlated. The more personal development you do, the more opportunity you have to grow yourself and your business and the higher your paycheck becomes.


Now, I am not saying it is easy, personal development takes time and everyone goes on their own individual journey. You also can’t expect your paycheck to increase JUST through personal development, you do actually have to put in the time and effort into growing your business.


There are a number of ways you can participate in personal development. This can be through reading personal development books, listening to Podcasts or attending your team’s training calls, especially when they focus on a specific area such as self-esteem.



Never Give Up

For any business to grow, these three words are incredibly powerful:




You must remember that the only time your business fails, is when you stop working your business. We all have setbacks, days we feel unmotivated and times we wonder if it is all worth it. Especially in the network marketing industry. You get hit with rejection after rejection some days when you reach out to people about your business or products. In the beginning, you are working more hours, than your paycheck shows for and working your own business, it can be hard to motivate yourself to continue.


But, each day you continue to work on your business and yourself, you are growing. Each time you gain another ‘no’, you learn from it. People are watching your journey, they are seeing the incredible events you get to attend, how the products have changed yours and your client’s lives, the phenomenal training you receive and the opportunities you have yet to experience.


You are leading the way for those too afraid to step out of their comfort zone. Never give up, because you are showing them and yourself, that if you work hard for something and believe in it, you really can achieve everything you set out to accomplish.


Message board above desk with blue and white themed stationary.


With anything in life, consistency in running your business is really important, potentially the most important element of any business.

As an example, it’s a brand new year and your new year’s resolution is to attend the gym 3 days a week! You start off the first month going 3 times a week without fail. You can feel a change in your energy levels, you feel healthier and your body might be starting to show some small changes, maybe you lost a pound each week.


But then, month 2 gets here and within the first week, you have a big birthday party to go to. There’s going to be a huge meal out, some wine and obviously a huge big cake! So, you tell yourself there isn’t much point in going to the gym, so you only attend once that week. After that week and party, you might have put on a pound instead of lost. You are feeling de-motivated, sluggish from all the wine and sugary food, you tell yourself ‘what’s the point in going this week?’


The rest of the month goes pretty much the same, with different excuses each time. By the end of the month, you are back to where you started, the same weight as the beginning of the year, lower energy and undone all of your hard work and effort.


Running a business takes consistent effort. It doesn’t mean you have to work 12 hours, 7 days a week. But it does mean that you need to show up and be consistent in the amount of work and effort you put in.


In network marketing, it is great because we are all individually responsible for our own businesses. So we truly can fit it around our other life commitments. But, if you decide you would like to be earning an extra $100, $1000, $10,000 a month, you need to put in the time needed to achieve that necessary growth.


Sometimes this might mean finding that time from other areas of your life. For example, cutting back on the amount of TV you watch. Perhaps you can replace an hour of TV night with growing your network marketing business. If you’re a mum, you might be able to get up an hour earlier than your kids.


Be consistent with your business, the time and effort put in and watch as your business grows.



Active Candidate List

One of the tasks you will be given within your first couple of days of starting a network marketing business is to create your active candidate list. This task involves writing down every single person you know. This isn’t necessarily a list of everyone you will immediately reach out to about your new venture. It is purely a continually growing list which you can add to and update. This list helps you remember who you have spoken to about the business or products, who have had samples, who have purchased something from you and also, most importantly, keeping a record of anyone who said a firm, definite no and not to approach them again about the business.


Adding to your active candidate list daily is extremely important for the growth of your business. If you do not add to your candidate list, you will have the same friends and family members to speak to, find yourself going around in circles and having a) people becoming frustrated with you, blocking you or even unfriending you and b) you becoming frustrated as no one seems interested in your business or appears to want to support you.


But by getting into the routine of adding to your list each day, means that you are building relationships with new people all the time. Now, not every new person added to the list will want to join your business or buy your products, but they might be able to make recommendations or refer their friends and family to you. So remember, when you add just one person to your list, you’re not only adding them but the people within their network too.


Just remember, you are not adding people to your list to ‘get them’. Do not pester them to ‘join your team’ or ‘you must buy this product’. You are adding them to your list as another person to build a genuine relationship with. Take time to get to know them, listen to what they have to say. If something comes up in the conversation of a problem they are having and you can genuinely help them solve it, then, by all means, offer them the solution.


It is completely your choice how many people you want to add to your list. Here are some figures to help you see the opportunity for growth in your business by adding to your list in one year:

1 person per day – 365 new connections

2 people per day – 730 new connections

5 people per day – 1825 new connections

10 people per day – 3650 new connections


This is just the amount of new connections you could make in just one year! Imagine if you added 5 new people a day to your active candidate list, and say one of those 5 became a client and one joined your business, that’s 365 new clients and 365 new team members in just one year!


Can you see how important your active candidate list is? The opportunities to using your active candidate list to grow your business are limitless. It is completely your choice how many people you add to your list a day, you could add 25 a day if you really wanted to. But I highly recommend if you haven’t done so already, to start writing down your active candidate list and adding new names to it each day.


Purple cup of tea, lady using her mobile and writing notes in a notebook


Be Genuine

In each industry, there are individuals who unfortunately create a negative impression for the rest of us. Network marketing is no different. There are those who spam message people. There are individuals who lie about their earnings and the effort required to get there.


These people provide all the more reason for the rest of us to be completely genuine and honest about our network marketing business and products. If you approach someone, do it from a place of love and care, wanting to really help them in some way.


Make sure that you are completely transparent with your business and the way you share it with people. Network marketing won’t be for everybody and that’s ok. But it is important to not sugar coat things or exaggerate. We want to be honest and truthful that it is a business at the end of the day, which isn’t going to earn anyone any money if they don’t dedicate time and effort into growing it. It isn’t genuine to tell someone that they really can make $10,000 a month working 2 hours a week!


Being genuine will build your relationship and trust with people. When people start to trust you, that is when they will buy from you or consider joining your business.



Follow Up

‘The sale is in the follow up’


Ever heard this saying? Chances are, you have. And it is completely true. Follow up. Follow up. Follow up.


The average sale takes place after 9 follow-ups. Now, all 9 follow-ups might not happen over one week and we certainly don’t want to turn into the delightful spammy-Pammy. Follow-ups are carried out on an individual basis, depending on your initial outreach.


As an example, you might have invited a friend to an in-person event, which introduces new people to your business. Following on from this, your prospect journey with them might include:

  • Attending the in-person event with them
  • Arranging a call to discuss their thoughts
  • Further zoom call to provide value, further details regarding the business and products, your ‘why’ story
  • Product trial dropped off
  • Follow-ups relating to the products and which were their favourite.
  • Adding to a Facebook Group, if you have one or email list
  • Discussion how they can gain the best discount on their favourite products
  • Further information via your Facebook group or email list showcasing your products or business
  • Booking a virtual Facebook party or face-to-face party with them and their friends
  • They see how much other people love the products and decide to join the business.


The majority of people won’t buy from you or join your business opportunity the first time you speak to them about it, some will, the majority won’t. It takes time to build trust with people and for them to see that your business or products actually work. They also need a reason to want to buy your products or want to join your business.


Remember, people can buy your products from anyone who is running a business with the same network marketing company. Stand out and give them a reason to want to buy from you and not someone else.



Show UpLady writing in a notebook with blueberries on the table and a purple wallet

This links on from the point about being consistent in the time and effort you choose to put into your business. In order for your network marketing business to grow, you need to show up.


This doesn’t mean that you need to go out every single day trying to recruit people to join your network marketing company. But what it does mean is that you need to consistently show up in the time you dedicate to building your business.


For example, if you choose to dedicate two hours a day, 5 days a week, then you need to show up during that time. This might involve

  • Actively posting on social media
  • Adding to your candidate list
  • Arranging zoom calls with potential business partners
  • Completing follow-ups
  • Sending out email updates to your email list


These are just a few examples of what you might do at that time. Through being consistent and actively showing up, you are giving your business huge opportunities for growth.



Educate Yourself

I don’t know about you, but I am constantly researching and reading online blogs, listening to podcasts, researching on my companies internal files and watching webinars or Facebook live training from experts within Network marketing.


I am telling you, there is a wealth of resources available to you which will help you become an expert in your field. Your company will have a substantial amount of documentation relating to your products or how to run your business. Not only that, but just research on Google some key areas you would like to learn more about and 1000s of blogs will be available for you to read, just like how you found this blog post.


Knowledge is wealth. When you are seen as an expert, people will start to follow you and listen to what you have to say. You can provide so much value from what you learn, and in turn, help others.


When you take the time to invest in your own education, you are able to learn new skills, ways to share your business and how to solve people’s problems. Learning about your own products means that you can recommend them easier with more thorough and accurate information. You become a trusted and valued source of knowledge, which people become attracted to and want to purchase from you.



It’s About THEM, Not You

Network marketing is built by people helping people. Not just helping to make money, but genuine care for changing someone else’s life for the better.


When you approach someone about your business or products, you need to ensure it is entirely focused on finding a solution to a problem they are experiencing, rather than trying to increase your paycheck or to reach the next promotional level in your business.


People want to know that you care about them and their problems. They don’t want to feel used to help you achieve your own selfish goals. You need to gain someone’s trust and you do this through being genuine, honest and whilst having a good listening ear.


It is 100% about the person in front of you, not you. Help find a solution to their problems and provide excellent customer service at all times. You never know, people remember when they have experienced excellent customer care, they also are more likely to remember when they have had a negative experience. So always go over and above someone’s expectations, they might even refer you to their family and friends in the future.


These are just a few top tips which, if followed, will have a serious positive impact on the growth of your network marketing business. Just to recap:


Ensure to educate yourself. Spend time learning about the industry and your products. Listen to training and podcasts from those who are deemed as experts within network marketing.


Provide genuine and honest information to your prospects. Don’t become the next spammy-pammy and hurt your business and contribute to the industry taking a hit. Show that you genuinely care about the person you are speaking with, make the conversation and your reason for approaching them about them, not you.


Don’t give up. Each time your business takes an unexpected turn or you experience a few too many no’s for one person in a day. Keep going, learn from each experience to grow and become an even better network marketer.


Be consistent with your activity and show up to your business. Consistent action will help you build new routines into your daily schedule.


Continue to grow your active candidate list and ensure to follow-up with those previously spoken with either about your business or products. Maintain those connections and build trust and friendships as you go.


Spend time investing in yourself. Participate in personal development through reading, listening to podcasts and attending training events. Your business can only grow as big as you do.


Implement attraction marketing into your business plan and social media calendar. Learn more through reading ways to use attraction marketing to grow your network marketing business.


Looking to start a network marketing business? Not sure how to get off to a great start? Check out these top tips from successful network marketers which will help you grow your business from day 1. #networkmarketing #growyourbusiness #mlmsuccess


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