Starting a network marketing business is a fantastic opportunity for so many people. There are countless ways to grow your business, both online and through more traditional, face to face methods.


Many people when starting their network marketing business, aren’t sure where to begin with growing their business successfully. It takes time, as with any new venture, to learn a new skill and actually build up the confidence to share your products and business opportunity with others.


Your network marketing sponsor is there to help guide and support you throughout your growth, both professionally and personally. Plus, most network marketing companies have an array of documents and training events to help increase your skill sets and encourage you to take a leap of faith, trying something new which will move your business forward.


Are you looking to start or grow your network marketing business? Face to face methods work really well for providing a personal experience and great first impression for potential customers and team members. Check out this blog post for 7 ways you can grow your network marketing business using face to face methods. #networkmarketingtoptips #mlm #growyourmlmbusiness


Growing a network marketing business using traditional face to face methods is still one many network marketers partake in, even with the substantial growth of social media platforms. Using face to face methods to grow your network marketing business helps:

  • Build stronger relationships with prospects
  • Prospects to remember you through not only your name but the appearance and how you came across
  • Increase your confidence speaking to people you do not know about your business
  • Form friendships and encourages a healthier lifestyle by getting out of the house


So how can you actually grow your network marketing business face to face?


There are so many ways you can meet new people every day to add to your Active Candidate List and hence, grow your network marketing business. From walking your dog through to booking stalls, hosting parties to inviting neighbours to an open house event.


Here are 7 ways you can grow your network marketing business face to face:



Stalls are a fantastic way to add new people to your active candidate list. Plus, each individual that you speak with on the day, is able to see, smell and experience your products there and then.


You can easily research available stalls within your area through Google, or my personal preference, using Facebook Groups. They are really easy to find and most stalls have minimum costs involved. The majority of stalls I have held a table at where between £10-20 per event. These costs you can log as an expense for tax purposes (keep your receipt).


Stalls can be so much fun. There is a great buzz and atmosphere when you choose a great event. Not every stall will make you a sale but, you do have the opportunity at every stall to gain leads to follow up with.


There are numerous ways you can pique people’s interest in your stall, from your display, games, raffle or even a service you may offer in relation to your products. Here are a few examples:

  • Hand massage using massage oil or hand cream
  • Offering a Makeover
  • Using a diffuser to showcase your essential oils
  • A large basket filled with products for a raffle prize
  • Opportunity to win a pamper and prosecco evening for FREE when signing up to your email list
  • And Many MORE!




Networking Events in the Local Area

Taking the opportunity to attend networking events face to face, really helps build relationships with other professionals. Not only that, but people remember you more when they speak with you in person than online.


There are networking groups online such as on Facebook. However, these groups usually have 100s, if not 1000s of members. It can be really challenging to make connections with others and build genuine relationships.


At a networking event, it is more personal and a number of events provide the opportunity for professionals to introduce themselves and their business to the rest of the group. By attending these events, you are seriously increasing your chance for potential business leads and opportunities through:

Potential collaborations with other professionals – At the networking events, you will meet other business owners who might be able to offer something of value to your customers and visa versa. For example, if you offer beauty products and meet with a beautician, you have an incredible opportunity to build a relationship and showcase your products within their salon.

Increasing trust for your business and self – Through meeting people face to face, you are building trust for your brand and can demonstrate knowledge of your products and industry.

Building your reputation – Similar to the above, being genuine about wanting to build relationships rather than attending hoping to gain a sale, will really help your reputation. People can see your passion for your business easily when speaking face to face and will remember you.

Potential referrals – If you have taken the time to get to know someone at a networking event and built a positive relationship, you will be the person they think of to recommend their friends and family to.




Face to face parties can be so much fun. They are fantastic for a number of reasons from:

  • Building your active candidate list
  • Enabling a number of people at once to try your products
  • Sharing educational information relating to your products and business
  • Supporting individuals to become clients and business owners themselves
  • Gaining future party bookings


People love a good party, filled with laughter, games and the chance to have a girly night in with new products to try. You can make the event even more appealing, through creating themed parties such as Pamper nights, Makeup and Mojitos, Dinner date, etc.


The point of a party is to ensure guests feel relaxed, have fun and above all else remember you and your products in a positive light. This helps to increase potential sales AND referrals from attending guests in the future.




One to One Appointments

A face to face 121 meeting is literally arranging a time and place to meet someone in person over lunch or a coffee. It can be to introduce them to your business opportunity, the products or simply to get to know someone better who you added to your candidate list.


I am a huge fan of 121s because I can spend that whole appointment focused on that individual. It provides the opportunity to find out so much about them, from their likes, dislikes, what they do for work and what they’re ambitions and dreams are for the future.


A 121 really helps provide you with a good indication as to whether your business or products will help provide a solution to a potential problem they may have told you about.


Top Tip

When attending a 121 ensure you are prepared for all outcomes. Do not go into a 121 with the assumption someone will say yes or no to anything you offer. Make sure you have product samples, a business card and even information to take home about your company. 100% make sure that person does not leave without your next follow up meeting booked e.g. to pick up products, a phone call to discuss the products or another coffee date to share more about the business.



Speaking with People You Meet

For many people, speaking to strangers about your business can feel incredibly scary. I highly recommend taking a look at the book ‘Feel the fear and do it anyway’. This book really helps you to just go for it and take control.


The great news is that there are opportunities to speak to new people all the time, everywhere you go. Here are a few ideas where you might meet people:

  • Walking your dog speaking with other dog owners
  • At the checkout in the supermarket
  • The person sat next to you on the bus
  • Mums at the same baby group as you


Remember, when speaking with people not to jump in with your business, it is more about building a relationship with someone. It is only later on, after building a genuine relationship that if they share a problem with you that you feel you can offer a solution through your business, that you do so.



Open House

Offering an open house is a great way to invite numerous leads, family and friends to the same event. Not only does it save you time, offering an open house rather than 121s to all the people you invite. But it provides them with a fun afternoon/evening, experiencing your products in a friendly environment.


You can offer open houses to people you have never met as well, increasing your active candidate list. This can be done through door to door invite drop-offs in the area you live, adding leaflets to your local supermarket boards or placing an invite online within your local communities Facebook group (usually this requires permission from admin).




Door Drop

Another great way to create interest and new leads are to produce some material suitable for a door to door drops. Personally, I would not send a whole catalogue of your products as this can a)become quite expensive and b)overwhelm people and most will not make it back to you and will end up in the recycling.


You can easily create a small pack at low cost to include a sample, business information, contact information and simple instructions on how they can make an order. If you choose to, it can be a great idea to include a promotion only available to those receiving your sample pack such as 20% off your first order.


Make your pack no bigger than A5 size and ensure it is light, not bulky. Pack your business card, sample and print outs within an A5 cellophane wallet, which can be folded down and sealed neatly. It looks professional and appealing.


Ensuring they are lightweight means that you can carry more at once to hand out within the area you live in. Try to include a number of business cards/leaflets within each pack as this provides the opportunity for people to share your information with their extended network of family and friends.


Top Tip: If you can, carry out a bit of research beforehand to the area you live in. Is it mostly young families, the older generation, working women etc. This can then help you decide what to include in your pack. For example, for mums, you might include something to help with their energy levels or a sample of baby skincare products. For working women, you might include a protein shake and recipe leaflet for quick and easy shakes to make on a morning.


These are just 7 ways to grow your network marketing business face to face. Face to face methods can be lots of fun and allow you the opportunity to provide a really personal and memorable first impression.


People remember when someone has genuinely taken an interest in their lives or provided excellent customer service. Not only that, but they share that experience with their friends and family.


Have you ever been to a restaurant or hairdressers as two examples, experienced excellent customer service and then recommended them to your friends and family? This is exactly what can happen when people meet you for the first time, hear about your business or use your products.


I would love to hear from you about your favourite way to grow your network marketing business face to face.


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