Are you starting a blog in 2020? Or perhaps you already have a blog but want to up your game and start to monetize it?


Blogging is a brilliant way to earn an income from home and online, but getting started can be extremely overwhelming. That’s why I have put together this list of free blogging courses for new and growing bloggers.


Starting a blog seems simple enough on paper:

  • Choose and purchase your domain name
  • Pay a hosting provider
  • Set up your self-hosted WordPress blog
  • Start writing and designing.


But actually implementing these steps can become quite stressful and mind-boggling pretty darn quickly!


Questions crop up such as:

  • How do I know what domain name to choose?
  • Which hosting provider should I choose?
  • How do I add an SSL certificate to my blog?
  • What legal pages must I include?
  • How do I install a theme?


And these questions are just the initial questions when you first begin a blog, let alone questions along the road of what to write, where to promote your blog posts, and ways to monetize your blog.


Yes, blogging is a great way to earn an income working from home, BUT, it is a huge learning curve from the get-go.


That’s why, I personally recommend taking courses as soon as possible, when you decide you want to start a blog. Taking courses and reading Ebooks from others already a step ahead of you helps to speed up the learning process and setting up your blog the right way.


free blogging courses new bloggers


There are affiliate links used on this page. If you use any of the following links to make a purchase, I may earn a small commission at no additional cost to you. I do not make any recommendations for products which I have not personally had a positive experience using. Read my full affiliate disclosure here.


Not got time to read the full post? No problem! You can download this free Ebook including links to all the courses listed in this blog post.



The big wide web does contain a huge tonne of free information out there, but it can be hard to know who to learn from and where to find the most up to date answers to your questions.


I have taken a bucket load of courses and read a similar number of Ebooks and I am only two years into my blogging journey! Not because I am just an education geek (I thoroughly enjoy soaking up educational resources and implementing what I have learnt!) But because I wanted to understand from day 1, how to blog as a business, not just as a hobby.


These courses and Ebooks have included both paid and free resources from other bloggers and online entrepreneurs. Hence, I have already tried and tested many of the blogging courses included within the list below, or, other paid courses from the same blogger. 


So I know each of the following free blogging courses will offer you value and support you to start and grow a successful blog.


Once you have gained all you can from these free blogging courses, I highly recommend for you to check out other paid courses created by these fellow bloggers and entrepreneurs. If you have gained value from one of their free courses, I can tell you now, you will be blown away by their paid courses.


Unfortunately, bloggers cannot provide all of their information and knowledge for free – they are, after all, business owners too and need to make money from their blogs, often through supporting others.


Of course, do not pay for a course you cannot afford, I never recommend anyone to do that. Choose a course which focuses on an area you want to grow with your blog and business, and invest and implement one course at a time.


For example, if you have already set up your blog and have 5-10 posts already published, maybe you want to learn how to utilize Pinterest to gain traffic to your blog. After completing the free Pinterest courses, you could then look at purchasing a Pinterest course which teaches you:

  • How to create eye-catching and clickable pins
  • How to set up your business profile, including setting up rich pins and incorporating key-words
  • How to use Tailwind to help save time and schedule pins throughout the day, rather than manually pinning


free blogging courses.


How to Use this Free Blogging Courses List?


First and foremost, I have included a number of free blogging courses in this post. I do not want to give the wrong impression that you must:

  1. Complete every single course
  2. Have to start from the beginning.


The best way to use this list is to first consider what stage you are at with your own blog. 


Are you a beginner blogger looking into what niche to focus on or how to set up your blog?


Perhaps you already have a blog but want to understand SEO and Pinterest better to increase your blog traffic?


Or maybe you want some tips on setting up your email list?


Whatever your main focus or goal is, stick with one at a time. Then go through the relevant courses which will help you achieve your goal. Then move on to your next goal and related courses.


list of free blogging courses


Free Blogging Courses for New and Growing Bloggers

  1. Starting a Blog
  2. Legal Blogging
  3. Branding and Design
  4. Email Marketing
  5. Utilizing Pinterest
  6. Understanding SEO
  7. Blog Traffic
  8. Make Money Blogging


Starting a Blog


The Blog Plan  by Start a Mom Blog

This course is a great place to begin if you are looking to start a blog. Suzi takes you step by step helping you decide what type of blog to start, how to grow your blog, and how to make money from your blog. The course comes with a complete 12-month blog plan and schedule to help you stay on track and achieve success.



How to Start a Blog on WordPress  by Her Paper Route

Chelsea’s WordPress course is an excellent place to take away the tech overwhelm when starting a blog. She takes you through how to start a blog the right way from choosing your domain and hosting, installing plugins, and writing blog posts. 



How to Start a Money Making Blog  by Sweet and Simple Life

This 5-day challenge helps take you through choosing the right name and niche for your blog, how to set up WordPress and Google Analytics, writing SEO optimized content, and how to make money from the beginning.



Legal Blogging


3 Ways to Legally Protect Your Blog  by A Self Guru

This isn’t actually a free course but a blog post. However, I have included this as the legal side to your blog is no joke. It is vital that you set it up correctly from day 1 to cover you and your business. 


Amira, the owner and blogger of A Self Guru, is actually a business lawyer as her main career and is incredibly knowledgeable in this field. Please, ensure to read through her post as she covers key pages you need to include on your blog for legal reasons.


If you are like me and find the legal side a little overwhelming, I highly recommend taking a look at her legal bundle which covers the pages you need on your blog to not only protect your blog, but also comply with the law. 



Legal Course for Bloggers  by Blogging for New Bloggers

This course by Lucrezia Helps ensure you know how to protect your blog legally and also comply with the law and requirements.


branding and design courses


Branding & Design


Niche Authority Hacker  by Her Paper Route

Learn the importance of building a brand, how to build a brand, and how to set yourself up as an authority within your niche.



Graphic Design for Beginners  by Kimi Kinsey

This ladies knowledge of all things design is truly amazing. With the course aimed for beginners, Kimi takes you step by step through different elements of design such as typography, colour psychology, using images, and design programs. 


Your brand is more than just your business name and logo. It includes your written voice, your message, but also your colours, and fonts used. Think about it, when you see grey and pink together, you associate those colours with babies. If you see an earthy green and browns, health comes to mind. 


Hence, if you are really looking to start your blog on the right foot, I highly recommend taking this free course.



How to Design Your Own Blog  by Kotryna Bass

This free 7-day email course takes you through how to design your blog without it costing a fortune. Including choosing the right colour palette, creating social media graphics, making use of free WordPress themes, as well as creating visuals for your blog.



Graphic Design Training  by AppleCart Lane

Kristin is an incredible graphic designer and knows the ins and outs of creating eye-catching graphics. If you are looking for a way to create professional graphics that appeal to your audience, then this is the course to take.



Email Marketing


List Love  by Jennifer Maker

Email marketing is such a crucial element of anyone who wants to make money from their blog. Jennifer has proven this with her list, whereby when she launched her first product ONLY to her email list, she earns $15k a month! She knows what she’s talking about when it comes to growing your list and shares 3 info-packed videos within her free training.



Email Lists for Newbies  by Meera Koothand

This free email course offers you a great insight into what to send to your email subscribers, how to make money with your email list, and, most importantly, what not to do.


pinterest courses


Utilizing Pinterest


Pinterest Primer  by Moms Make Cents

This Pinterest course by McKinzie guides you from setting up your Pinterest profile and best pinning practices. What’s great about this course is that McKinzie also takes you through common Pinterest myths you may have heard and mistakes to avoid when using Pinterest to help you grow your blog.



Pinterest 5 day challenge  by Sweet and Simple Life

Cate is a Pinterest pro and takes you through step by step how to set up your Pinterest profile the right way for your blog. She also helps teach you to create pins, how to automate them, and drive traffic back to your blog.



Understanding SEO


5 Day Bootcamp  by Stupid Simple SEO  

Mike is amazing when it comes to SEO knowledge. He offers an in-depth paid-for course which is currently closed for enrollment. However, he also provides a mini free 5-day boot camp in SEO via email. I have taken his free course and it is jam-packed full of value and top tips and resources you can start implementing right away.



SEO Email Course  by The Flooring Girl 

Debbie is phenomenal when it comes to SEO. Her own site gains 500,000 views per month, YES you did read that right, per month! I have purchased and read through some of Debbie’s SEO Ebooks and they are pure gold, crammed full of knowledge, with tips and tricks you can apply to your blog right away. 


Her free course is an excellent introduction to SEO. She takes you through 10 SEO related myths and mistakes made by bloggers to help you avoid repeating these yourself.



SEO Made Simple  by Her Paper Route

SEO made simple is a beginner’s guide to SEO and helps teach you introductory ways in which you can rank within Google. From understanding keywords, carrying out basic keyword research to completing an SEO audit of your site. This course offers a really good introduction to help you understand SEO.



Blog Traffic


Free Blog Traffic Guide  by Adventures in Blogging

Within this free PDF, Lena provides 3 fantastic tips to help you increase your blog traffic. Lena offers a paid course focusing on increasing traffic. Her own blog is extremely successful and she knows what she’s doing when it comes to bringing traffic to her blog. I highly recommend checking out her free tips.



Make Money Blogging


Like Cookies and Puppies: Free Irresistible Copywriting Training  by Write with Influence

If you are considering writing a course or Ebook to sell on your blog, it is worth taking Amy’s copywriting course. Within this 5-day video course, Amy helps to break down how to gain your audience’s attention, use the right language with your audience, and build trust.



Get Paid to Write  by Elna Cain

Elan Cain is renowned for her knowledge of freelance writing. She has been known to earn over $1k for a single blog post. 


Freelance writing is an excellent service to offer whilst growing your own blog. Elna offers so much value in this mini-course from turning your writing into an income, how to create writing samples, where to find freelance jobs to finding paid writing gigs quickly.



Affiliate Marketing 101  by Oh, She Blogs!

Lisa has a no thrills, straight forward approach with her 7-day email training on affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing is actually my favourite method for earning an income via blogging.


It isn’t a ‘get rich quick’ scheme, but done right can be a really positive way of supporting your audience with valuable posts whilst earning an income e.g. through genuine product reviews or recommendations.


Lisa takes you through what affiliate marketing is, associated terminology, affiliate networks for bloggers, how to add links to your blog posts, and more. This is an excellent place to get started if you are interested in using affiliate marketing to monetise your blog.


blogging courses for new bloggers free


Investing in Your Blog and Business


As mentioned earlier in this post, free courses and Ebooks are great for kickstarting your blog, but they have their limits. You are not going to find detailed support within free courses, hence the importance of investing in your blog and business.


If you are a new or growing blogger, I completely appreciate investing a lot of money into your blog before it has even made any money, could be quite challenging. I totally understand from first-hand experience.


My blogs currently do not produce a full-time income, yet I have been able to invest in a large number of courses and Ebooks to help my blogs improve. The reason for that is not because I have $1000 to spend on my blogs – I really don’t! But because I invested wisely. Instead of purchasing lots of individual courses and Ebooks, spending $100s if not $1000s, I invested in product bundles specifically for bloggers.


Two bundles I highly recommend are:



This is my favourite blogging bundle EVER created! I have purchased it the last two years since beginning my blogging journey. I can definitely say that the majority of what I have learnt has been through products included within this bundle.


The great thing about the Genius Bloggers Toolkit (GBTK) is that all of the products included are specifically with bloggers in mind. So each product has a specific focus which will help your blogging business grow.


Just last year, the 2019 GBTK included 18 different categories from building your blog to affiliate marketing, SEO to Design.


Not only that but the bundle doesn’t just include any and every course, the Ultimate Bundles team screen every product submitted and only choose the best of the best. This means that some really big named blogger’s products have been included for you to get your hands on for a smidge of the price.


As an example, in 2019, the Genius Bloggers Toolkit was priced at $97. For $97, you gained over 90 products valued at over $7000 in total!


Now 90 does seem like an overwhelmingly large number. I too had the question of how on earth will I find the time to get through 90+ products!


But the key to purchasing the Genius Bloggers Toolkit isn’t to try and race through every single course, ebook, product, and membership. It is to give you access to products which you otherwise might not have been able to afford or even considered purchasing. 


Some of my favourite products included were valued well over the $97 price tag of the GBTK.


Here is a list of products included in the 2019 GBTK which I used, read, or completed:


Katie Grazer : The Pinterest Studio $79

Learn how to set up your Pinterest profile for success and generate more traffic to your blog.


Dale Pearson, Blogging Her Way: Amazon Affiliate Affluence $20

Read with this Ebook how to make money with Amazon Affiliates.


Chelsea Clarke, Her Paper Route: Blog Flipping MasterClass $127

How to start your blog and grow it so it becomes a profitable asset


Suzi Whitford, Start a Mom Blog: List by Number $68.40

How to use Mailerlite or Convertkit to grow your email list


Kimi Kinsey, Education: Designing with Typography $197

How to create graphics using typography helping you to attract the right customers and lead to sales.


And these are just a couple of the courses, ebooks, and products I have used since purchasing this bundle in October 2019.


If I tallied all of these products together, they total to $491.40. So purchasing the Genius Blogger’s Toolkit has already saved me $394.40.


Now, something to make a note of about the Genius Blogger’s Toolkit is that it isn’t available to you all year round. Usually, it comes on sale around September/October time for one week ONLY! Ultimate Bundles has been known to do a smaller re-release of the previous year’s bundle in April – but that all depends upon the demand each year.


So, if you want to keep an eye on when they are going to be releasing the GBKT for 2020, I would check out Ultimate Bundle’s site here. Even if it is just to have a nosy at some of the products included.


genius bloggers toolkit



This is a bundle of products focused on digital marketing with a range of courses, Ebooks, tools, and memberships included for just $39.


I purchased this bundle in 2019 for $39 which included 65 products in total. If I had purchased each product individually, it would have cost me $4835!


Though not all of the products were relevant to my business or needs, I still gained bucket loads of value. Using just one product from the list would have been worth the $39 investment.


For example, the first product I downloaded and read was the PinTest Playbook by Pot Pie Girl, who is renowned for her Pinterest knowledge. Her Ebook alone is worth $57. So if I had just purchased the BC Stack bundle to gain PotPieGirl’s PinTest Playbook, I already saved $18 on one product!


From the 2019 BC Stack bundle alone, here are some of my favourite courses I gained access to and have completed:


Sarah Titus, Million Dollar Shop: 13 Things that make the most money in Shopify $596.40

Learn about the top items you can create and sell to make money with a Shopify store from Sarah Titus who has made millions with her own Shopify store.


Suzi Whitford, Start a Mom Blog: Optins ABCs (no longer on sale)

How to create freebies to help you grow your email list


Jenn Leach, Her Blogging Ideas: The Art of the Microflip $236.40

How to make money by blog flipping in 30 days


Jada Aloisio, It’s a Southern Life Y’all: Design Like a Pro with Canva $47

How to create professional images using Canva


Brittany & Kelan, The Savvy Couple: Blogger’s Secrets $236.40

How to grow a profitable blog


Chelsea Clarke, Her Paper Route: Be Your Own Blog Boss $297

How to set up, grow, and monetize your blog. Now a complete bundle of 6 of Chelsea’s best selling courses.


Debbie Gartner, The Flooring Girl: Easy On-Page SEO $37

How to write blog posts which will rank on Google


Nicole Dean, CoachGlue: 60 Done for you Articles

60 pre-written articles you can use on your blog

bc stacks


Don’t forget to download your free Ebook of all the free courses listed above for you to refer back to.


If you are a new or growing blogger, this list of free blogging courses along with some top bundle suggestions should give you a great headstart in terms of creating a successful blogging business.


Some top tips to remember:

  1. Consider what your priority goal is before looking at any free or paid courses.
  2. Focus on the courses which are going to help you achieve your priority goal and make the most impact with your blog.
    • For example, if you are looking to start a blog and set it up, start with these courses.
  3. Implement what you have learnt right away. Do not delay putting into practice what you have learnt as you will forget and the time you spent completing the course would then have been a waste of your time.
  4. Once you have made progress and achieved your first goal, then move onto the next goal. Do not try to complete too much at once. You will quickly become overwhelmed and spread your time too thinly to achieve your goal well.
  5. After finishing the free courses, consider purchasing a course or Ebook where you can learn in more detail how to turn your blog into a profitable business. As mentioned above, if you don’t know where to start or who is a reputable person to purchase products from, I highly recommend grabbing product bundles such as Ultimate Bundles or BC Stack. 


Have you taken a free blogging course and found it extremely valuable? Add the course in the comments so others can find this course too.



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