Network Marketing is not something I dreamed of doing since I was a little girl. It was not a dream career, nor something I was studying and working towards. Similar to many network marketers, Network marketing just kind of fell at my feet when I needed it most.



I didn’t have any prior experience, other than those spam messages we have all had saying ‘You must buy this product’ or ‘Join my team!’ So, initially, I didn’t have a great picture in my head of the industry. All I knew were a couple of network marketing company names, heard of people doing parties and having pushy messages from random people sent to my inbox.


But, my opinion all changed when I met my sponsor. She wasn’t pushy, I didn’t even know what she did for the first few months of meeting her. What I did know, was that she was a genuinely kind person. When I gave birth to my daughter, she bought an outfit and baby care products for her. She spent time getting to know me and didn’t jump on me about what she did when she found out I was going on maternity leave.


It wasn’t until I had spoken to her about going back to university to study a PGCE to become a teacher and I loved helping others, that she then mentioned what she did. I was so intrigued due to the way she had approached me. She wasn’t like those spam messages I had received, my sponsor took the time to get to know me personally and then suggested a cuppa and chat once she knew I wanted to help others.


After our chat, your thinking I joined there and then, right? Not quite! I was still a huge sceptic, and a chat over tea and cake wasn’t going to change that. But instead, I really liked my friend and wanted to support her business so became a client.

Why I started a business in network marketing.

This is where it all changed. The products actually did what they were meant to and really made a difference to me health-wise. I tried the products for a whole year before joining, which actually enabled me to gradually switch over from the different high street brands in my home. It helped me be able to try different products over a period of time to know what I loved and didn’t like. People were actually commenting on my skin, my weight loss and my make up.



During this year of becoming a client and then starting my network marketing business, I did not receive any spam messages from my sponsor to join. I think that made a huge difference to my perception of network marketing. She would message about usual friend conversations, ask me how I was getting on with the products and inviting me to events when I asked business questions.


My sponsor really enlightened me and showed me a different side to network marketing I hadn’t experienced before. The fact that it wasn’t always people just trying to get rich quickly through anyone and everyone. But that many network marketers actually had a genuine desire to help people and make a difference in their lives.


After a year using the products, I’d just given birth to my second child straight after completing my PGCE. I couldn’t and more importantly didn’t want to, leave my two under 2 children and go to work full time. Experiencing them myself, I knew the products worked and I loved them enough to make genuine recommendations to people. This is when it was the right time for me to join.


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It can be difficult if you are in a position looking for work from home and perhaps you are considering joining a network marketing company. There are so many different company names out there and everyone has had their own experiences or heard of stories that may impact on your outlook. But, my aim for this personal post, was to try and show you that not everyone in network marketing is out to ‘make money off you’. Since joining my company, I have met 100s of the nicest people I have ever spoken with in my entire life. These people don’t all do whatever they can however they can to get to the top. They don’t compete for business but support one another. Most network marketers really do care and want to help other people experience what they have.


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So, if you are thinking of joining a network marketing company, listen to the opportunity with an open ear. Find out more about the company, the products and the business. It might not be for you now, it wasn’t initially for me. But you never know what life has waiting for you around the corner. It’s always good to have a plan B.


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Why I started a business in network marketing.