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The Success Stories series is dedicated to providing you with an insight into how other mums from around the world have succeeded in juggling mum life whilst growing a successful business working from home. There are so many opportunities out there, but it’s often knowing where to start which can be the first hurdle. 


Annabelle Bayan is an excellent example of a successful work from home mum. With a background in business, consulting and project managing she now has her own business coaching other women wanting to start and grow a business. 


annabelle bayhan work from home mum



Hi Annabelle. Thank you for joining us today. Please start by telling our audience a bit about yourself:


My name is Annabelle Bayhan and I help women entrepreneurs start and grow businesses through Masterminds, Courses, & Coaching. My clients are women on a mission to make an income and an impact. I help them make more sales online through human-centred coaching and a strategy focused on profit and efficiency. My mission is to help more women make their positive impact by overcoming the roadblocks, beliefs, and misfit strategies keeping them from success. 



What inspired you to start working from home?


When I was in college I started learning about online, home-based business from Marie Forleo and Tim Ferris. It was always something I wanted to strive for but at the time it felt really difficult. It was still early in the industry and I was so new in my career. So, like many people, I started working in corporations and interning for online-based companies. I wanted to learn how it all worked and I enjoy being an experience sponge. I wanted to see the world from all angles. It was fun to explore the different types of work and I gained experience working and consulting online as a side-hustle whilst I was working in my corporate jobs. 


I always played both sides though. I think a part of me liked the safety-net of the corporate environment. It was always the source of my steady paycheck and I never really needed to stretch myself to excel there. It was easy to feel accomplished.


In 2016, after I gave birth to my son in I began to have an intense desire for more flexibility in my life. Before returning to work at 3-months postpartum, I asked my boss if I could work from home for a while longer. Her response was something like “we can’t have babies crying in the background during conference calls.” I quit my job that day and decided to put my energy into building an online, home-based business instead.


I never looked back, and actually, it’s hilarious in current circumstances. I think that there will be a restructuring of belief systems around home-based work and the belief that children should not be heard. This experience is making us all more empathetic and tolerant of the complexities of life in our work.



How has this impacted upon yours and your families lives?


As a home-based business owner, I now choose how much time and energy I put into work and how much time and energy I put into my duties at home. My life is more flexible overall, and I feel more in control of my outcomes. In my corporate job, I always felt like there was a cap on how much I could earn.


Now, I feel like I choose how much I earn and I can weigh the cost of my time. I’ve chosen to work less at this time of my life so that I can spend more time teaching my son while he’s young and wants me around. It’s a choice I can make because I can scale my business around my financial needs and I’m my own boss. 



What’s your number one tip for managing it all; working from home, family life, and household tasks?


Routines are your key to efficiency.


If you feel like you can’t fit in time for yourself or your business, it might be time to reign in your routine. Routines help train those around you as well. By helping your children, partner, and clients know when (in general) they can expect things from you, it helps them feel more grounded and satisfied with your work. It also helps you communicate the boundaries of your time and get more done overall. You’ll know what you need to say no to, and what you need to prioritize because the things you’re fitting into your schedule all have a purpose. 



What does an average day working from home look like for you?


In the morning, after I’ve done some planning and journaling, I’ll work on my business for a couple of hours before my son wakes up. Once he’s awake, I’m in mommy-mode until the afternoon when I reply to emails and do some marketing. In the evening, when my husband is available to care for my son, I take my private coaching and Mastermind calls. If I need to work more than that, I’ll work on the weekends taking coaching calls or marketing.



What’s your top tool or resource you can’t work from home without?


Somewhat fast internet. For a while, we didn’t have the best internet at home and it really limited what I could accomplish. Investing in my internet bandwidth when it was possible has made me much more efficient and excited to work.



Sometimes, it can be overwhelming to know where to start when you want to work from home, can you provide our audience with your top tip? 


If you want to learn to work from home and be your own boss I would suggest learning how to sell online. I love Jeff Walker’s book Product Launch Formula as a starting point.


Selling online is different from selling in person or selling in a corporation. To find clients you need to know what matters in the online world.


Another thing to teach yourself and become more comfortable with is online networking. This often means pushing past any fears one might have of being on camera or of talking to strangers. The online world requires being able to speak to people as if you were in a room networking. I wasn’t even great at in-person networking when I started, but eventually, I got over myself, learned more about interacting with people, and started seeing the online world for the human to human connection it could provide. The more I put myself out there, the easier it is to get clients and to be seen.


This paired with understanding a good launch strategy helped me get my first few sales, but also remains true throughout the growth of my business.



What are your ambitions for the future, current projects?


This year, we moved our local Women’s Mastermind online. I now have a vision of having mastermind chapters throughout the United States, of women helping each other grow their businesses. I’m currently working on growing our audience to reach more women. I’m also launching The Become a Boss Mom course in May to help Moms who want to start a business develop their business idea and first online offering. You can sign up for the Become a Boss Mom Course Waitlist here.



In the current climate, during the lockdown, it can be daunting to start something new. What advice could you give to a fellow mum who is considering doing what you do from home?


Don’t be afraid to start or to sell!


I’ve met plenty of coaches who have made more money now than ever. I see this time as a realignment for many people who may have wanted something different in their life but just needed the opportunity to slow down to make it happen, make the pivot. Coaching and many other online services are exactly what many people need right now. This work is vital at this moment in time so it’s a great time to get started.


Also, remember that it’s totally ok to ask for a sale right now. If someone isn’t in the place to make an investment, it’s ok, they can say no, but many people are ready to invest and actually have more money to invest than usual because many industries are shut down like entertainment venues and restaurants. 


I would also suggest starting lean. Be aware of how much you invest in your business to start it and choose the lower cost options right now so that you can keep your cash flow. You’d be surprised how much you can do in business with low-cost tools, so be strategic with the ones you pay for then you won’t feel like you’re digging yourself out of hole when you could be celebrating your first few sales. 


I’d also suggest learning from others at this time. There’s a wealth of knowledge and so much advice about great ways to show up in business during this time. I’ve actually been interviewing businesses owners about the things they are learning about business in lockdown. This is a great place to start to be inspired and hear ideas about how to navigate the new challenges and opportunities we’re facing. You can listen to the series for free here.


business coach annabelle bayhan



Annabelle Bayhan work from home mumBio:

Annabelle Bayhan is the founder of The Women and Business Mastermind and a Strategic Business Coach. She offers Masterminds, Coaching, and Courses to Women in Business. Annabelle coaches women looking to start, build, and grow their businesses. Annabelle supports women on a mission to make an income and an impact by helping them make more sales online through smart business strategy and human-centred coaching. Annabelle’s Mission is to help more women make their positive impact by overcoming the roadblocks, beliefs, and misfit strategies keeping them from success.


Annabelle Bayhan holds a Masters in Business from San Francisco State University and a Certificate in Design Thinking from MIT. Annabelle has been coaching since 2006 and is an advocate for home-based, online businesses. Over the last 14-years, Annabelle has helped businesses owners grow their businesses and has worked in small and corporate environments as a consultant and project manager in the technical and marketing industries. Annabelle has managed high-value marketing campaigns, user experience modification projects, and several online launches. Through this experience, she brings a wealth of knowledge to her coaching practice of real-world industry examples.

Connect with Annabelle here:


Instagram: @annabellebayhan



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