Dada and UUabc are two of the top-rated online teaching companies according to teachers. With so many online teaching companies, it can be a challenge to know which company suits your requirements and matches exactly what you are looking for. Many online teachers teach as a secondary form of income alongside a full-time job and so may be looking for positions where a small minimum number of contracted hours are required, standby pay is offered and minimal to no feedback to write. This information is not always easily available and can be difficult to cross-reference against each company you are considering. Here are some of the key comparisons when considering Dada and UUabc:


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  • Native English – USA / UK / Canada / Australia / Ireland / New Zealand
  • Degree required
  • Teaching experience preferred
  • TEFL preferred
  • Minimum of 2 hours per day, 2 days per week required
  • Available hours are 1800-2110 (Beijing Time) Monday to Friday / 1000-1206, 1400-1606, 1800-2110 Saturday and Sunday
  • Internet speeds should be a minimum of 2mb/s upload and 10mb/s download



  • Native English – Australia / Canada / UK / Ireland / New Zealand / South Africa / USA
  • Degree or above required
  • TEFL preferred
  • Teaching experience required
  • A Minimum of  4 hours per week during peak hours required
  • Available hours are 1750 – 2115 (Beijing Time) Monday to Friday / 0930 – 2115 Saturday and Sunday
  • Internet speed to be at least 30MB


Interview Process


  • An interview including an internet and tech test
  • Training which includes an introduction to the classroom and teacher training. You are also required to complete a 10-minute demo lesson
  • Offer of contract



  • Interview via Skype, where they will also check internet speed and you have the correct equipment
  • The interview includes a short 5-10minute demo which you are required to prepare for (materials are not provided)
  • Offer will be made at the end of your interview if successful
  • Receive an email and book required training which lasts 2-3hours going through how to use the platform and their teaching expectations


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Letter board with hello Monday written



  • Base pay based on experience and demo class
  • The range starts between 90RMB – 130RMB (can negotiate if experienced)
  • Standby pay is half your hourly rate
  • Bonuses – trial conversions 50RMB per conversion. Teach 4 classes with the same student equates to 50RMB. Teach 21 classes with the same student and you receive a 100RMB bonus.



  • Base rate is between $18-30/hour
  • Standby pay $15/hour
  • Bonuses up to $3/hour




  • 1 on 1 lesson format
  • There is no time limit when to complete the slides/lesson, so you can really focus on each individual student’s needs and areas to improve
  • There are plenty of tools to use such as a drawing tool, text box, rewards and a Chinese/English translation button
  • Support from IT/CS during class time



  • 1 on 4 lesson format
  • You are required to complete all given slides within the lesson time
  • Very interactive lessons with tools and chatbox as above, plus the slides have games, songs and pop-ups embedded within them.

A school girl sat on the carpet putting ABC magnets on a whiteboard



  • When working in a 1-1 class format, your full attention is on one student, enabling you to get to know your regular students really well. You see them at the same time, every week and develop a friendly, professional relationship.
  • There is no time limit set by Dada to complete a number of slides per lesson. Dada gives you complete flexibility in how you structure your lessons as long as they are based around the lesson content and your students are learning
  • Due to the flexibility, you can adapt lessons accordingly to each of your students, adding in suitable educational games, practise conversational English and even incorporate activities such as show and tell, which the students love!
  • Though Dada is extremely efficient in booking your schedule, if you don’t happen to have a full schedule, they still pay you half your hourly rate



  • The platform is incredibly interactive with games, songs, activities and sounds already embedded and accessible to both you as the teacher and your students
  • The class format is a 1-4 ratio which is fantastic for the students to be able to role play and put into practice their speaking skills. It also makes teaching time go very quickly managing a class of four students and ensuring each student participates in all activities
  • You are required to complete the whole set of slides within one lesson, which helps you to stay focused on the lesson content and objectives for the students to achieve

Apply here directly if you are interested in working with Dada.


Apply here if you are interested in working with UUabc.


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