**UPDATES: Please read this post regarding changes to Dada and its impact on present and potential future teachers.


Dada is an established online ESL company, equipping teachers with full lesson plans and an interactive teaching platform. The company books students on your behalf, rather than parents choosing teachers. The students range between 3 – 17 years old and courses are suitable for those with no prior English experience through to more advanced students. Classes are on a 1-1 basis, enabling you to get to know your regular students very well. You are given flexibility within lessons to complete the course in a time frame suitable to the student. You can also add additional activities such as free talk and games to extend student’s learning further. Lessons with regular students (those you see every week) last for 30 minutes, whereas trial classes are either 14 minutes or 30 minutes. The available hours are in line with China’s peak hours of 1800 – 2110 Beijing Time Monday to Friday and 1000-1206, 1400-1606 and 1800-2110 on weekends.



To work with Dada, you must be a native English speaker from Canada, Australia, Ireland, New Zealand, America or the UK. You are also required to have a degree and they do prefer if you have some teaching experience, though this is not essential. They do request for you to schedule a minimum of two hours per day, two days per week. Dada requires for your internet speed to be a minimum of 2mb/s upload and 10mb/s download.



Pay is between the 10th-15th of every month and can be via your bank account or PayPal. Your hourly rate is based upon both your experience and performance within the demo class. Basic pay ranges between 90-130RMB, though this can be negotiated after 1years contract (sometimes 6 months). They also provide 100RMB towards the cover of your prop fees once you have begun teaching with them. On top of this, they offer bonuses for every trial student you convert and once you have taught 4 and 21 classes with the same regular student.


Apply here!





The above link will send you through to Dada’s website where you will be required to enter a few details and attach your resume and photos. You will then be asked to complete an interview via Skype, where you will discuss your experiences and qualifications. They will also check your internet speed and Dada requires a minimum speed of 2mb/s upload and 10mb/s download. Once the interview is completed, usually about 10 minutes, you are required to complete the platform training, which takes around 20-30minutes. This is really useful as it shows you exactly how to use the platform prior to teaching and completing your demo. Note: sometimes your interviewer will send you a link to complete your platform training immediately after your interview so ensure to allow time for this.



Like most ESL companies, you are then required to complete a demo, which is a 30-minute lesson with a real student. Dada will provide you details and access to the lesson you will be teaching, usually the day before in order to give you time to go through the content and prepare suitable props. It is helpful for you to have the right equipment such as a webcam, headphones and microphone, as well as ensuring to check your equipment prior to your demo class. It will help you further if you have a suitable background as well and wear a sky blue shirt, which is the colour Dada requires its teachers to wear. Being prepared for your demo only goes in your favour as this part of your application impacts upon the hourly rate you will be offered the most.


Mentor Session

Upon completion of your demo, sometimes they will book a mentor session for you. Generally, this is for individuals who are new to teaching as it is a 50-minute session with an experienced teacher to help guide and improve you further. Within the session, you will teach for 10 minutes a few slides to your mentor, who is pretending to be a student, to help put into practice the tips you have learnt.


After completing these stages, you will receive your contract via email to sign and are ready to begin teaching with Dada. Congratulations.

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Leave a comment if you have experience working with Dada or are thinking about working with them.

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