Love Pinterest or addicted to it? What if I told you many people are working from home as a Pinterest Virtual Assistant, and earning a decent amount of money managing Pinterest for bloggers and other small businesses?


Yes, it’s totally happening.


At the end of 2019, Pinterest reported having 322 million active users worldwide. While one-third of these are in the US, Pinterest is a rapidly growing platform internationally. Most users come to Pinterest to make life decisions, such as planning a wedding, or birthday themes for their children. 


In fact, I’ve done that. I’m guilty of wandering through the Pinterest feed for hours, looking for inspiration (craft ideas, activities for my little one, birthday plans, bridal showers and the list is endless).


And many bloggers and even brands (mostly small businesses) have realized the power of Pinterest in directing the buying decision of these users. And that’s one main reason they have decided to populate Pinterest with their brand.


And fortunately for us, they don’t have the time to manage all their business tasks and maintaining a consistent presence on Pinterest as well. 


Hence the need for a Pinterest Virtual Assistant.


become a pinterest virtual assistant



The Demand for Pinterest Virtual Assistants

Most online business owners already have a lot on their plate

  • suppliers to handle,
  • customers to please,
  • distribution,
  • cost analysis,
  • budget control,
  • and so on.


Often, the last thing on their mind is managing Pinterest. But they realize they need Pinterest to help grow their audience, brand, and business.


Although Pinterest is considered more of a visual search engine rather than a wide social media platform, it is one of the main platforms that can drive good traffic to your business website. Essentially it’s free marketing. Businesses are crazy not to utilize this platform to grow their business.


But because Pinterest works a little differently than other social media platforms, it confuses small business owners. They don’t have the time to figure out the algorithms for yet another platform.


But, if they were to meet an expert Pinterest Virtual Assistant, don’t you think you’d be hired?!


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What is a Pinterest Virtual Assistant?

Just like any other social media VA, a Pinterest virtual assistant excels in Pinterest management. A Pinterest VA knows what strategy to adopt them launching, maintaining, and growing Pinterest for a blogger or a small business.


These VAs keep up to date with Pinterest’s rules, algorithms, and growth strategies on a regular basis to offer their clients the best growth strategy on Pinterest.


There are affiliate links used on this page. If you use any of the following links to make a purchase, I may earn a small commission at no additional cost to you. I do not make any recommendations for products which I have not personally had a positive experience using. Read my full affiliate disclosure here.


What Does a Pinterest Virtual Assistant Do?

If you are planning to become a Pinterest Virtual Assistant, these are some of the things you would be expected to know and do:


Setting up Pinterest Accounts

Setting up a Pinterest account for business’ is a little different from setting up your personal Pinterest account. Having a business account helps you keep track of the analytics and also with a business account, you can promote your pins.


To set up a business account, go to and register your business. Be sure to check the right categories.


You can also convert a personal Pinterest account to a business account. This is a better option if you already have a personal account because even your personal account is already getting traffic and it’s easier to start from say, 1k monthly views than 0 views.


Just ensure not to use your account for personal items. Make sure your account is relevant to your clients and anything you save for yourself is kept within a secret board. For example, if your account is based on helping your clients to eat clean and healthy, keep your cute dog images in a secret board as these images do not benefit your audience.


Create and Manage Boards

Once you have your Pinterest account set up, the next step is to create boards. For this, I recommend doing a little SEO research. Check Google’s keyword planner or even Pinterest to look at trends and frequently researched keywords in your relevant categories.


For instance, if your client is a Positive Parenting Coach, then do a search for Positive Parenting on Pinterest. This is what you will get:

Pinterest Boards


Look at the tabs below the search results. This is what people on Pinterest are searching for. Some good SEO boards you can create are:

  • Positive Parenting Quote
  • Discipline through Positive Parenting
  • Positive Parenting Toddlers
  • Calm Down Activities for Toddlers 
  • Positive Parenting Tips


While Pinterest allows you to create 500 boards, the top Pinterest users usually have around 50-60 boards. And this is what I would recommend. Start with 5-10 boards and once they are populated with around 20-50 pins, start creating more till you reach the 50-mark.


Also, if you plan on converting your client’s personal account to a business one, don’t delete any of the Pins or boards. Your client’s viewership will drastically decline (and they would blame you for that). Instead, convert those into secret boards or archive them. This way your client will still be able to see them, but their viewers won’t.


Bonus Tip: Create a secret board to record your own Pin inspirations.


Create Pins

You don’t need to be a designer to design and create pins. Canva is our saviour. In Canva, you will find ready-made templates for Pinterest Graphics. All you have to do is change the colours and fonts to suit the brand you are representing.


Most bloggers create 3-5 Pin variation for one blog post. They change the text and pictures for a different set of audience. 


Also, some Pinterest virtual assistants only create and sell pins. You could be earning $3-10 for designing these pins.


Schedule Content

Ideally, you should be putting up 5-10 pins in a day on Pinterest. These can be a mix of your content and some reshared pins that relate well to your niche. Most bloggers share 20% of their own content pins and 80% of pins from other bloggers in the same niche.


You might be thinking that by posting pins of other bloggers, you are sending traffic to their blog. While this is true, pinning consistently 5-10 pins a day also puts up your pins on the top of the Pinterest feed for your category. Pinterest feed is not chronological like most other social media channels.


Rather, Pinterest rewards users who pin more often than others. So, if you are pinning 5-10 times a day, you will rank higher. But since your blog content is exhaustible, you can’t really post 5-10 pins of your own content every day. Even if you create multiple pins for one blog post, you won’t be able to create 5 pins a day. And so resharing is beneficial.


Tailwind and Pinterest Groups

On Pinterest, you can directly schedule your own content, but if you are going to schedule reshared content, you will have to use Tailwind. Tailwind is the gold standard when it comes to scheduling content on Pinterest.


Unfortunately, Tailwind is not free. You can get the first 100 pins for free to schedule and after that, the user has to pay $9.99/mo (paid yearly). If your client is serious about growing their business and web traffic through Pinterest, they would benefit from using Tailwind. However, sometimes clients are not happy to pay an additional sum over what they are already paying for a Pinterest Virtual Assistant.


If you aren’t charging hourly, you can easily add this monthly fee to your retainer fee and recalculate your final amount. Even if you are charging hourly, you can reconsider your rate to make up for the extra Tailwind cost.


But I would strongly suggest you keep Tailwind because Tailwind will make it very easy for you to schedule all the content. You probably will be handling more than one account as a Pinterest Virtual Assistant so keep it simpler from Day 1.


Research Trends & Manage Analytics

As a Pinterest Virtual Assistant, you also have the responsibility to research trends in your client’s industry and keep them updated on trends. Review their analytics on a weekly basis to review which pins are performing well and do an analysis of why.


Keep them updated on their Pinterest account and help them with suggestions for improvement.


How to Become a Pinterest Virtual Assistant?

Now that we have established the tasks of a Pinterest Virtual Assistant, let’s move on to the big question.


How to become a Pinterest VA?


Start with Research

As you dig into Pinterest research for setting up your Virtual Assistant business, you’ll land in a vast pool of blogs, Youtube videos and articles. Read, read and then read some more.


Soak up all the information and knowledge shared from others to help set you apart as an expert.


Take Courses

While researching, you might come across Pinterest online courses. These will teach you all the tips and tricks online. Also, when you take courses, you have something to show to your client. They know you are serious about your job.


Courses for Pinterest Virtual Assistants

If you browse the internet for Pinterest VA courses you’ll come across a huge amount of data, but you obviously won’t be sure which one to opt for? No one would want to waste their hard-earned money over an average learning course, so we have a few picked recommendations to save you for the hassle and invest in a productive platform. 


First things first, if you have not used Pinterest before from a business perspective, I recommend beginning with these FREE Pinterest courses. They will help introduce you to Pinterest and offer some top tips, to begin with:

Pinterest Primer

Boost Your Blog Traffic with Pinterest


Then, once you have completed these, check out the following courses. These offer a great detailed introduction to Pinterest, how to set up a business profile, increase your views and traffic.

Pinterest, Simplified 

The Pinterest Studio


These next two courses are for if you want to take a more in-depth look at Pinterest, get into the nitty-gritty, and be seen as a Pinterest expert by your clients, I highly recommend these courses:

Become a Pinterest VA Today

Pin to Profits


However, I would recommend the second, Pin to Profits. McKinzie packs a lot of information in her course. It’s like paying for a bundle of five courses at an economical price of just one.


This ideal powerful course will flood you with strategies, tips, tricks and knowledge to provide expert services as a Pinterest Virtual Assistant.  Modules like Affiliate marketing and List Building will help you monetize your business at a higher level.


Sign up to Newsletters

Make sure you sign up for newsletters from bloggers and certain websites that can help add value to your preexisting knowledge. Pinterest, like other social media channels, also changes its algorithms. When you subscribe to Pinterest gurus, they will keep you updated on these changes.


Personally, I follow Kate Ahl of Simple Pin Media. She is quite popular for her free downloadable Pinterest Planner which includes a good knowledge of which pins to create and post each month.  


Facebook Groups for Pinterest Virtual Assistants

I am often questioned as to how to hunt down clients and keep up with the constant inflow of the latest tips and tricks regarding Pinterest. So, enhance the experience and stay updated with the latest techs.

Here are 22 Facebook group handles to help you grow. Not only will these help you connect to new clients but will give you an amazing opportunity to build connections with others in the group (and learn from them):

  1. Pinterest VA Hangouts
  2. Virtual Assistant Jobs
  3. Social Media Manager Collective
  4. Virtual Assistants Canada
  5. Your Virtual Assistant BFF
  6. VAtalk Virtual Assistant Community
  7. Virtual Assistant Empowerment Group
  8. Virtual Assistant Networking Group
  9. Virtual Assistant Connections
  10. VA Handbookers
  11. The Confident Ladies Club
  12. Living the Laptop Life
  13. Virtual Assistant Clinic
  14. Canadian Virtual Assistant
  15. Virtual Assistant Tribe Job Board
  16. Virtual Assistant Buy & Sell Content & Services
  17. Elite VA Buy/Sell Exclusive Content and Services
  18. VA for Hire and Pinterest-Friendly Content for Bloggers
  19. VA Content for Blogs, Businesses + More
  20. Virtual Assistant Tips, Tricks & Advice
  21. The Virtual Assistant Club
  22. Rockstar Bloggers and Virtual Assistants



Where to Find Clients?

The big W when it comes to any kind of VA business. Many people feel finding clients is the most difficult job.


It doesn’t have to be. If you have the information, and you are hanging in the right crowd then getting a client is a succession of your work. I would suggest the following places to get yourself clients:



It’s brimming with professionals and small businesses. Many of them don’t even realize how Pinterest can help them. I would suggest you start by offering actionable and good advice on your Pinterest page. Optimize your LinkedIn bio to include Pinterest manager. Research SEO keywords and insert them into your bio too.


Once you’ve done both, the next step is to start connecting. Start adding your ideal target people. Develop a connection with them. And once you have that connection, offer your services.


Facebook Groups

I’ve always talked about how Facebook Groups are the powerhouse of getting started as a Virtual Assistant. Check with the above groups. Many times seasoned bloggers or even Pinterest Virtual Assistants are looking to share their workload. Start with them and build your portfolio. That’s when you can go after the bigger clients.


Your Favourite Blogger

Check with your favourite blogger or small business. If you think it would help them to have a Pinterest account, reach out to them. And because you already follow this blogger, and have possibly commented and talked to them, you already have that connection with them.



Done some good VA work for a client? Reach out to them and introduce your Pinterest VA management business. Ask them if they have other friends or acquaintances who need Pinterest help. You can offer them a 10% discount for every business booked through them.



Yes, why not. Look at Pinterest users who aren’t very active or consistent with their Pinterest. Connect with them on a profile where they are active. Introduce yourself and how you can help them.



Pricing your Pinterest Virtual Assistant Services

I can guess you’ve been thinking about this since the time you considered becoming a Pinterest VA. How to price your Pinterest Virtual Assistant services?


I recommend going with retainer packages. These are less stressful for both the client and you. As a newbie, you might offer a lower rate, but as you grow your portfolio and have something to show in terms of Pinterest account growth, you can demand a higher rate.


When setting pricing for any business, I like to think of what I want to earn on a monthly basis and how many clients I can handle. So, for instance, if I want to earn $2000 in a month and I can handle 5 clients in a month, then I would charge $400 per client.


If you are considering setting an hourly rate, start with $15-20 and keep growing until you reach an amount you are most comfortable with.


If you want to become a Pinterest Virtual Assistant, follow these top tips outlined within this post. As a recap ensure to:

  • Understand what Pinterest is for,, how users use Pinterest, and how to support businesses to use it as part of their business marketing plan
  • Research and invest in courses to strengthen your Pinterest knowledge and demonstrate to clients you have the expertise to take over their business Pinterest profiles
  • Connect with others and offer free advice through commenting on posts to increase your authority and brand recognition.
  • Reach out to those genuine connections made to support your client growth and ask for referrals


how to become a pinterest virtual assistant.


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