When you are first considering working from home as an online teacher, it can be incredibly overwhelming knowing where to start or how to find your first online teaching job.


Google is fantastic as it has a wealth of information available when you enter online teaching jobs in the search engine. But, Google cannot tell you

  • Which company has excellent teacher support
  • Which company teachers enjoy working for
  • Whether a company is fully established and secure
  • If there are opportunities to progress and take on secondary positions
  • How many bookings teachers are receiving


What better way to find this information than speaking to the teachers already employed by online teaching companies.


Personally, I have found all of my online teaching jobs through Facebook groups. They are a great resource to speak to teachers

  • gain their personal experiences with a company before you apply
  • find out a companies requirements
  • the pros and cons
  • even use a teacher’s referral code for support during your application*.


*Please be aware that if you use a teacher’s referral code when applying for an online teaching job, it is not a requirement that the teacher provides you with support through your application. If you would like support through your application, it is best to message a teacher first to confirm, BEFORE using their referral code.


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There are potentially 100s of Facebook groups specifically set up to support online teachers and help others interested in starting a career teaching online. Type in the keywords within the search bar such as online teaching, teaching jobs, ESL, Teach English – and you will find relevant groups listed for you to join.


With that said, some groups are more beneficial and useful than others. Joining too many groups at once can be overwhelming. Many of these groups have numerous posts every day which will fill your newsfeed and can be difficult to keep up with.


Personally, I highly recommend joining one group at a time. Once you have joined a Facebook group, use the search bar on the left-hand side (or at the top if using your mobile). Search for keywords related to either what you are looking for or the qualifications you have. Here are a couple of searches that might benefit you

  • No degree
  • Non-native speaker
  • Flexible hours
  • Adults only
  • Standby pay


This way, it eliminates you having to scroll through the whole group with 100s of irrelevant comments and you can narrow down your search to companies relevant to what you are looking for, or what you have to offer a company.


Laptop on desk with pink themed items surrounding it.


Here are a few Facebook groups that I am a member of and have personally helped me find each of my previous and current online teaching jobs. I hope they can also help you with your search for your first online teaching job:


Hired Online ESL Teachers with Job Reviews

This group, though extremely large with over 20,000 members, is actually my favourite and most recommended group. It has an extensive number of job postings, plus being a large group, there are lots of helpful individuals willing to answer your questions as a beginner, looking for an online teaching job.


The group also is not just limited to job post after job post. They offer reviews of different companies, but also support to help you become a better teacher through live videos and top tips.



Online English Teachers

This group is great as it has organised tags which you can click on to find relevant posts e.g. online jobs, recruiters and classroom activities. Online English teachers have dedicated threads for recruiters to leave their referral link each month. The rest of the group’s posts are either blog posts to help you with your online teaching career or for teachers to support each other with their questions.



Online ESL teachers – Group support/job opportunities

Again, another great support group, specifically, I have found many questions are from people starting to consider teaching online and looking for their first online teaching job. If you are at the beginning stages with your online teaching career, this may be a great place to start.



Hired Online ESL Teachers with Job Reviews.

Again, though most of the group’s posts are made up of online teaching jobs, there are also members sharing their blog posts to help improve your teaching career.



Online Teachers Kingdom

Within this group, I have seen a few company job postings not listed in the other groups. Again, this group is not too large so you shouldn’t be bombarded with posts on your newsfeed.



ESL Educational Rockstar

Lily is the creator of this group and actually recruits for both Magic Ears and Itutor. At Itutor she is also an experienced interviewer and can help you through your application process.


Otherwise, this group offers a community to answer your questions and find other companies shared within the group that might not be noted elsewhere. ESL Educational Rockstar also has a large amount of material shared to help you with your lesson content, which you can find searching in the images section.



ESL Teachers Playground

This is a great relaxed group and I find it more of a teacher’s social room rather than a large group of only job postings. Tasha, the owner, is great as she provides a super friendly, relaxed environment where people can build online teacher relationships as well as ask questions in a non-judgemental group. Tasha is actually a recruiter for the online teaching company, Itutor. So if you are interested in working for them, I highly recommend contacting her.


Tasha posts lots about her everyday life, showcasing exactly what a teacher does and what opportunities teaching online provides her and her family. She is also extremely experienced having worked for numerous companies and, along with her own blog, can provide lots of helpful advice to someone looking for their first online teaching job.



DigiNo – Online Teacher Paradise

DigiNo is a specific group linked to the blog DigiNo, which focuses on supporting people wanting to teach online. The Facebook group is great as it is full of useful information, blog post links to help you find your ideal online teaching job and Jason, the creator of DigiNo, even provides Live Q&A sessions to help his members.



Online Teaching Jobs (ESL) | Digital Nomads – Teach English Online

This group is great if you are looking to travel whilst you teach or are non-native. There are lots of questions answered already about companies with available non-peak Beijing hours for teaching or who hire non-native English speakers.



Travel and Teach FAQ

Update July 2019: This group is no longer active and has been archived. I have still included it within this link because these two ladies are excellent online ESL teachers, each with their own blogs. They offer excellent content related to using Manycam, reward systems and games within your online classes.

I personally really love this friendly group. This is run by Dada teachers, Kat and Laura, who are both experienced teachers and have taught whilst travelling. They offer fantastic advice about how to travel and teach, as well as a wealth of information specifically related to getting hired with Dada.


Though they both work for Dada, a lot of the resources they share and discuss can be used in most online teaching jobs. They provide a wealth of free materials which help improve your teaching and student’s experiences.


If you are not interested in applying with Dada, I still highly recommend this group as they have other teachers within the group who also share the company they work for and referral code.



Once you have searched through these groups and found a company which matches what you are looking for and you can also match their applicant requirements, I highly recommend then checking Facebook for a company-specific group. Many online teaching companies have a group set up to support applicants as well as groups just for their teachers. These groups can be great to join to ask your hiring process specific question.


There are other methods of finding your first online teaching job, such as Google searches, LinkedIn or even Instagram. However, I find using Facebook groups to be the most effective method. Not only is there a vast number of job postings daily for different companies within ESL groups, but they also can provide a genuine insight into the life of an online teacher and what it is like to work for a specific company.


When you have been accepted into any of the Facebook groups above, it can literally take you 10 minutes from using the groups search function for an online teaching job you require to then applying either using a teacher’s referral link or directly to the company (as long as you already have your Resume set up and ready to send).


Bonus Resources Group: Mum and Dad Online English Teachers

I couldn’t write a blog post regarding Facebook groups without including my own online teacher’s support group!

Unlike the groups above, my Facebook group is specifically for parent-teachers working from home around their family. I focus on supporting and providing beneficial and actionable tips to help you become a better teacher, rather than a focus on job opportunities and earning a referral commission like the majority of groups.

Themes included within my group range from:

  • Top teaching tips
  • Free resources for online teachers
  • How to LIVE demo’s e.g. Manycam, Classdojo
  • Reward systems
  • Top tips for gaining your first online teaching job
  • Weekly Q and A session to answer your questions

I am so passionate about teaching online, the opportunities it provides and look to sharing the skills and knowledge I have gained to support other online teachers and teachers to be.

Make sure, if you’d like to receive personal guidance and support from a teacher trainer, to come and send a request to join My Facebook Group for Online Teachers!

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