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I really love the opportunity to work alongside others, whether this is to personally help you grow your own business and be able to solely work from home. Or whether you are looking to increase your audience reach and participate in guest posting. Here is a list of some of the present opportunities available:

Some of the links used below I may be affiliated with. This just means that if you apply through one of the companies I work with, I may earn a commission.


Become an Online ESL Teacher

Would you like to work as an online ESL teacher with one of the companies I teach alongside?


If so, please feel free to use one of my referral links below when applying. By using my referral link, I can keep track of your application and progress. Not only that, but I also offer personal coaching and support during your application and at the start of your online teaching career.


Through using my referral codes, I will provide you with:

  • Resume advise with recommendations of what to include and a template for a clear, concise layout
  • Email communication to help discuss any questions you have about teaching online or the company you have applied to
  • Zoom call to prepare you for your interview and demo class
  • Available to help you with onboarding questions as you get started with your new position


I have been teaching online for over a year now for multiple companies. Prior to this, I completed my PGCE in Primary Teaching and have numerous years supporting individuals from the age of 2-17 with their education. For each online position, I have always been offered a higher pay rate and receive extremely positive feedback from my students and their parents. Previous teachers I have coached and supported have been offered a higher hourly rate and also gain great feedback.


If you choose to use my referral codes, I may earn a small referral commission once you are hired and have started teaching a number of lessons. I am utterly grateful when anyone uses my codes for their application as it helps to pay towards this blog (through cake supplies and fizz sticks!).


Here are the companies I teach with, with direct links to applications and my referral codes:


Apply to Whales EnglishApply to teach ESL online with Whales English


Apply to PalFish

Referral Code: 36244466


Apply to SayABC

Referral Code: E4UHJ5

Apply and Teach to SayABC


If interested in applying to UUabc, they presently do not offer teacher referral codes. Hence, if you would like support and updates on each stage of your application, send an email with your resume to caite@caiteelizabeth.com

Apply and Teach with UUabc


Health and Wellbeing

Start Your Own Business

If you ever wondered if there was a way you could live YOUR life YOUR way and achieve your dreams? Have you heard of the terms passive or residual income and wonder how people achieve this working online?


Network marketing enables you to do both. I run a successful online health and wellbeing business alongside a company called Arbonne. If you are interested in achieving a passive income and living life how you choose to whilst making a positive impact upon others, then it might be time to seriously consider starting your own business.


I personally support, teach and mentor individuals who start their own Arbonne business as part of my team. From myself, you can expect to receive ongoing training and guidance to help not only your business grow, but also you to grow personally. Whether this is with more confidence, increased self-esteem or develop skills such as public speaking and training.


On top of this, you will be joining a positive and friendly extended team that I am a part of. The team is full of incredible individuals from all walks of life, who have come together through this amazing and life-changing opportunity. There is a fantastic range of resources to help you grow your business. We also hold weekly online training via zoom, which either focuses on a business or personal skill. Each month, we host a larger training event in person, where people from across the team come together and celebrate everyone’s successes for that month.


If this sounds like an opportunity you cannot afford to say no to, you can contact me directly to discuss it further by completing the contact form below. Alternatively, if you are ready to get running with your business, you can sign up directly via my personal shop.


Improve Your Health

It might be that you do not wish to start your own business and work towards achieving time freedom and a passive income, but may be looking to live a healthier happier lifestyle. I am able to offer consultations to help support and advice you on the best products for what you are looking to achieve. There is a full 45day money back guarantee with any purchase made. Or, you can shop directly via my personal online shop.




Guest Appearance

Guest Posting

I love providing the opportunity for others to guest post on my page. Guest posting is a fantastic way to increase your DA score and expand your audience to reach further, through sharing your knowledge and business.


Currently, I am accepting guest posts for the following topics:

  • Alternative online ESL companies I am not affiliated with
  • Top Tips in Network Marketing
  • Blogging tips and resources
  • Work from home tips e.g. keeping productive, managing your schedule, working from home around kids

If you would like to submit a guest post idea, please complete the contact form below including a brief about your guest post.


My guest posting Terms and Conditions are as follows:

  • Ensure your content is original and has not been published elsewhere
  • Blog posts should be between 1250-2500words
  • No affiliate links unless discussed and agreed in advance
  • SEO optimised
  • Include a short bio and photo of yourself with a link back to your blog or business page plus up to 2 social media links
  • Provide a mini introductory post on your website, linking back to your guest post on my blog. Here is an example of one I have written: 7 Useful Tips to Help You Achieve Your New Year Goals


Success Stories Series

Alternatively, you may wish to participate in our success stories series. This series focuses on a series of interviews with individuals who presently work from home. It’s an opportunity for you to share your success story to help inspire and support our audience who wish to replace their income through working from home. Complete the contact form below with your name, career and best email address for me to contact you.


For any other questions or suggestions, please do not hesitate to contact me.


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