If you are looking for support with where to buy Arbonne then you’ve come to the right place!


I’m Catherine, not only the owner and founder of caiteelizabeth.com but also an Independent Consultant with Arbonne.


I’m super passionate about being able to help others get hold of these high-quality products. Whether this is through being a client or, becoming an Arbonne consultant and starting your own business.


Here, I share with you a little about Arbonne and take you through step by step how to buy Arbonne products. I’ve also included below a list of their best products and ongoing offers so you can get the most with your order.

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What is Arbonne?

Arbonne is a huge online company which has been growing for over 35 years. The company offers a vast range of vegan-certified products from skincare to makeup, hair care to nutrition. Arbonne’s goal is to help people lead a healthy life from the inside out.


Their products are insanely good from the ingredients used to the length of time each product lasts. My Re9 cleanser has lasted me 9 months since I last purchased it – and I use this product daily!


What I personally love most about Arbonne is the fact that their products don’t undergo any animal testing whatsoever, which I am hugely passionate about. 


Not to mention the fact they don’t include any toxic ingredients. Even though the head office is based in California, America. The company actually adheres to European guidelines for banned ingredients. 


Arbonne goes above and beyond this list of nearly 1400 EU banned ingredients, and bans over 2000 ingredients from being used in their products.



Are Arbonne Products Good?

This is a question I am often asked as to whether Arbonne’s products are actually as good as they say they are? 


And my answer – a BIG YES!


Now, I know you probably think I am a bit biased, being that I am an Independent Arbonne Consultant. But I didn’t start off that way. 


I actually started off just like you are probably are right now, as a consumer of the products, looking for a solution to a problem – not a side business.


My problem at the time was my hair and scalp. I was having serious issues with my scalp, gaining so much product build-up from shop-bought shampoo and conditioner. I even went to professional hairdressers and tried different scalp treatments to remove the build-up and irritation. But, to no success. Nothing worked.


Low and behold, a friend of mine introduced me to Arbonne back in 2016 and 3 years on, I haven’t used anything since.


I signed up as an Arbonne Preferred Client to gain discounts on the products and the 45-day money-back guarantee in case the hair care didn’t work.


But, to my surprise, after about 2 weeks of washing with Arbonne, my scalp was no longer irritated AND the build-up had gone.


It turns out that the products I had previously been using included an ingredient called sodium lauryl sulfate. This is actually a salt and dries out your scalp, hence the irritation I was experiencing.


This ingredient is within Arbonne’s banned ingredients list and so the hair range doesn’t include this.


My hair is longer, thicker and healthier than it has ever been, even with a lack of hairdresser visits for a quick trim (busy mum of two, entrepreneur, business builder, teacher……who has the time?!)

Arbonne Hair Products

With Arbonne True hair, I have gone from daily washing, product build-up and scalp irritation to no build-up, a healthy scalp AND only have to wash my hair every 5 days!


With a huge 45-day money-back guarantee, what are you waiting for? There is no harm in trying and seeing if these products really can help you find a solution to your needs.



How much does an Arbonne account cost?

The cost of an Arbonne account all depends on whether you want to sign up for an Independent Consultant or Preferred Client account, or even just a client account for that matter.


Now, a client account is in simple terms a no thrills account. This is ideal if you are someone who just wants to purchase one item. You buy the products at the standard retail price, so at no discount and you get no special offers or discounts. But, your account is free.


For the preferred client option, the account costs one payment of £25 annually if you choose to renew. But, you get access to all products at 20-40% discount for the whole year. You also gain access to so many different promotions and perks of being a preferred client from free shipping to free products!


As for Independent Consultants, your account is one payment of £30 annually, if you choose to renew. This provides you with an online business with your own website, access to products to sell, training and marketing materials. PLUS, a discount of 35-50% off all products and additional perks such as free gifts in your birthday months*, special products and early access to new items.


*with a qualifying order.



Arbonne Preferred Client Vs. Arbonne Independent Consultant

I honestly cannot tell you which option you should select, this has to be down to you and your preferences.


For me, I LOVE value for money and a good discount. So, I would always vote for opening an Independent Consultant account simply for the extra product discount.


But, I am a frequent buyer of Arbonne, I purchase nutrition products monthly and throughout the year purchase items that have run out such as skincare or hand wash.


If you aren’t going to be purchasing very regularly and just want to trial the products, then the best route for you would be as a preferred client. 


You gain access to the full 45-day money-back guarantee to try different products, a great discount of 20-40% AND, if you do decide you want to start your own Arbonne business later on, you can upgrade your account for just £5.


So, ask yourself:

  • How often will you be purchasing Arbonne products?
  • Will you be sharing them with friends and family?
  • Are you looking for a way to make money from home?


Arbonne Independent Consultant Events


Where can I buy Arbonne?

In order to buy Arbonne products, you have to purchase them through an independent consultant’s company website (which is moiI in this case!). 


Arbonne do not have any paid advertising or sell their products anywhere else other than through their independent consultant’s websites.


When you are ready to buy Arbonne products, simply select your products and make your order here. Then, follow these steps below to help you set up your account:


  1. Ensure you have clicked through the above link as it will direct you to my Arbonne shop. If this has been successful, you will see my picture and name at the top underneath the text ‘Your Independent Consultant’.


If it hasn’t linked your account to me as your consultant, you can choose me to be your consultant during your checkout process, demonstrated later on.


2. When on the homepage, you can select whether you would like to be an independent consultant (with 35-50% discount on products) or preferred client (20-40% product discounts).

Where to buy Arbonne

3. Once chosen, click on the ‘Start Earning’ or ‘Start Saving’ green button. A pop up will show. Select which country and language is appropriate for you, aka, I live in the UK, so I would select United Kingdom/English:

Select Your Country

4. A message will now appear on your screen to confirm that you have added your registration to your shopping bag – either as an Independent Consultant or a Preferred Client:

Choose Independent Consultant Preferred Client Account

5. Start Shopping! Go through the tabs at the top of the page e.g. skincare, bath and body, makeup, etc. Click and select which products you want to add to your basket. When you have found the products you want, click the green ‘Add to Bag’ button underneath each product:

Select Your Products

Each time you click the ‘Add to Bag’ button, your shopping bag icon in the top right side of your screen will show the number of items in your bag.


6. Once you have finished shopping, click your shopping bag in the top right of your screen. This will show you and confirm what items you have selected. Make sure to also confirm that my name is under the Independent Consultant section, and you have a welcome kit either as an independent consultant yourself or as a preferred client.

Check Basket

Also note, that there are different discounts and special offers depending upon which you have selected. 


For New Independent Consultants:

If you have chosen to become an Independent Consultant, make sure you have the Welcome kit within your basket (this is added automatically. ALSO, please note that in November 2019, there was a promotion where the signup fee was waivered with a qualifying order. Hence it shows here as £0, but usually would be £30 to start your Arbonne business).


Scroll down to Discounts and Special Offers. Here you can upgrade your welcome kit, by adding different product packs which are significantly discounted to help you kickstart your business and share products with friends and family and at events. These are not compulsory, but are an opportunity for you to grab extra discounted products and start swapping your current products to using Arbonne.

Add Independent Consultant Offers

I personally recommend the Share Arbonne Pack as it comes with samples which you can offer to people when you begin sharing the products and opportunity. Simply click the amount you want and the add to bag button. It will look like this when it has been successfully added:

Confirm choice

If your Arbonne order comes to 250QV, you can also select a free gift! I personally always opt for nutrition products as I use these every day. Since it is free, I highly recommend you choose a product that you haven’t tried before as this will help you with your business when talking to potential clients and team members. For example, if you have only tried nutrition products, then select an item from the skincare range.

Add free gift

Click on the dot next to your choice of free gift and then click ‘Add to bag’. It will look like this when completed:

Confirm free gift

For New Preferred Clients:

If you have chosen to become a preferred client, your screen will look like this:

Preferred Client Account

Scroll down to the discounts and special offers section, where it should include a welcome letter and free product book:

Confirm Preferred Client Selected

If the products in your basket total to 250QV, you too can select a free gift. The same applies as above, ensure to click the dot next to the product of your choice and then click the ‘Add to bag’ button.

Select Free PC Gift


You will also receive a preferred client reward with your next qualifying order if this basket is 250QV.

Add free gift PC

7. Once you have selected and confirmed all of your order and offers, click ‘Proceed to Checkout’. This pop up will show and requires you to enter a valid email address:

Add email address

8. Then you will be asked to complete your Account details e.g. your name, password, contact details and if you would like to opt-in to receive offers via email:

Enter your details

9. Next, you need to go through the checkout process, adding in your shipping address and shipping method (this is just a box to confirm and tick).

Enter Address

10. It does then ask you about ‘Your Host’. This applies if you have attended a specific event. You can search for and click this event for the order to be linked to it. This just enables the event of the host to receive a free gift if enough qualifying orders are placed through the event within a given timeframe. If you haven’t attended an event, just click no.

Check host Consultant

11. Your Consultant. For this, ensure that it shows my name ‘Catherine Wilkinson’ and my picture. If it doesn’t it will ask you to select a consultant. You CANNOT place an order through Arbonne without being linked to a consultant.

Search Consultant

12. Click the green button which says ‘Search for a consultant’. It will bring you to this pop-up box. Please enter my name Catherine Wilkinson and my ID number: 449137712 so that I can either support you with your business or help you with product orders. Once entered, click Search:

Enter Consultant details

13. It should then bring up my picture and by clicking the select button, your account will now be linked with me as your consultant. Then continue on with your order, whether you want to contribute to the Arbonne charitable foundation or not, then onto your credit card details to finalise your order.

Catherine Wilkinson Arbonne Consultant


Check correct consultant

14. Once you have entered your card details for payment, you can fully confirm your Arbonne order. You will also receive an email to Welcome you and confirm your order.


15. For delivery, you will receive an email confirming which day your products will be delivered on. Then, on the day, DPD (the courier) will email and text (if you provided a number) you with a 1-hour time slot of when your order will be delivered.


Make sure to sign up via the form below to grab a special personal offer from me each month*

*It is against Arbonne’s T and Cs for me to share my own personal promotions publicly as they are not company promotions but independent consultant offers. 



Best Arbonne Products


With Arbonne selling over 500+ individual products, not to mention their seasonal promotions and new product lines being released several times a year, it can be overwhelming knowing where to start or what to purchase.


To help you, I have compiled this list of Arbonne’s top-selling products, all of which, I have personally used and highly recommend. Every product Arbonne sells comes with a full 45-day money-back guarantee, which is great if you wanted to sample any of these products below:


Arbonne Fizz Sticks

These are my personal number 1 Arbonne product and my customer’s favorite too.


Arbonne fizz sticks are a healthy alternative to replace your coffee, energy drinks and fizzy drinks. They contain only 2g of sugar and 11-13cal per sachet, with a box containing 30 sachets.


The best part – they taste amazing!


The great thing about fizz sticks is that you can have them either hot or cold. For me personally, I love a hot drink particularly first thing on a morning. All I need to do is empty an individual sachet into a mug and (slowly) pour boiling water into the mug and Voila! My fizz stick is ready.


Fizz Stick Highlight:Fizz Sticks

  • 30 fizz sticks to one box
  • Core flavours are Pomegranate (my favourite, it’s very sweet when hot) or Citrus.
  • Previous special promotion releases included Blackberry, Apple, Blood Orange and Strawberry flavours.
  • 2g sugar per sachet
  • 11-13 calories per sachet
  • Ingredients contain green tea, guarana, ginseng, B vitamins and chromium combined to help boost energy, cognitive performance and fight fatigue.


1 box = SRP $55 | Preferred Client $44 | Independent Consultant $35.75


Buy your Fizz Sticks here.


Arbonne Rescue and Renew Detox Body Scrub

Now, I know this is a ‘body’ scrub, but I swear the first time I opened this tub I just wanted to eat it, it smelled that good (just to confirm I didn’t eat it!!!)


This body scrub is so weirdly wonderful. It starts off quite hard and almost crystalised as if you are rubbing sugar across your skin. But, as soon as you begin to add water to it, it becomes smooth and oily in texture for you to wash off after exfoliating.


After the first time I used this, my skin felt so soft and I followed it with Shea butter body wash to help rinse off any excess oil from the scrub. Then moisturised with the Shea butter body moisturiser.


Rescue and Renew Detox Body Scrub Highlight:Detox Body Scrub

  • Smells divine with key ingredients orange, lavender and grapefruit
  • Extremely effective at removing dead skin cells
  • Key ingredients of coriander seed oil and avocado oil to help your skin’s natural moisture barrier.
  • Lasts you forever, because you only need a small amount. Mine was a sample tub, I used it with pampering sessions and product parties. It lasted around 6 months, but for just myself, would have lasted me the whole year.


1 tub of scrub = SRP $50 | Preferred Client $40 | Independent Consultant $32.50


Grab your Detox Body Scrub here.


Arbonne Re9 Advanced Smoothing Facial Cleanser

The Re9 skincare range is Arbonne’s flagship range. With all the hype surrounding this product line, I can honestly say I did NOT try this range until over a year of initially purchasing my first Arbonne product.


I am glad I didn’t purchase it immediately, because it meant I tried and tested some of Arbonne’s other skincare ranges beforehand. But, I started using the Re9 cleanser….I haven’t used anything else since. It is THAT good.


Initially, the first two weeks of changing from using Arbonne’s Calm range for sensitive skin, I did experience a few breakouts on my face. This is completely expected when you change products and the Re9 range is a lot stronger in terms of the ingredients used e.g. Orange stem cells compared with Cucumber (Calm range). It can actually take up to 6 weeks for your skin to adjust to a new product.


After those two weeks had passed, my skin became so might clearer, I had no breakouts and my pores appear smaller as well. (Disclaimer: this is my own personal experience.)


Re9 Facial Cleanser Highlight:RE9 Cleanser

  • Creamy formula
  • Only need half a pump to a small full pump per wash so one bottle has lasted me 9 months
  • Key ingredients such as sustainable orange stem cells and brown algae extract support firmness, skin radiance, whilst improving the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.


1 bottle = SRP $44 | Preferred Client $35.20 | Independent Consultant $28.60


You can buy the Re9 Cleanser here.


Arbonne Rescue and Renew Detox Mask

I have tried so many different masks, including different Arbonne ones and this is by far the best.


It is so easy to apply and you can visually see the mask working within seconds of applying it to your face. 


Side note, you can also use it on your armpits, especially if you are going through a detox phrase from using high street deodorants to a more natural product.


This mask is my favourite because once you have applied it to your face, it starts to dry immediately. It draws out all of the impurities within your pores, which you can see whilst it’s working. 


It hardens to help with firmness, whilst moisturising your skin.


AND, whilst it draws out impurities and excess oil from your skin, it will start to turn a different colour.


After using this mask, my pores appear smaller, especially on my nose where I seem to suffer the most personally. Plus, my skin feels extra smooth. 


I tend to use this mask around once a week max, so it does last me a long time.


Rescue and Renew Detox Mask Highlight:Detox Face Mask

  • Creamy French Pink Clay formula to help draw out impurities from the skin whilst exfoliating
  • Rosemary oil to help hydrate skin
  • Turmeric Extract to promote radiant-looking skin.


1 tube = SRP $44 | Prefered Clients $35.20 | Independent Consultants $28.60


Buy your Face Mask here.


Arbonne ABC Baby Care Hair and Body Wash

Now, I want to share a little backstory here about this particular product and why it is one of my personal favourites.


When my daughter was born, I hadn’t even heard of Arbonne. I purchased the usual branded named products from supermarkets and used these in my daughter’s bath and washed her hair with these products.


My daughter suffered from severe cradle cap. It was so thick and covered her whole head. So we changed what we were using to a brand, still from the supermarket, but that was meant to be great for cradle cap and calm.


It didn’t help her cradle cap, but it didn’t seem to aggravate it either. So we continued to use it.


By the time I had my son, I had recently started my Arbonne business and had been a preferred client the year before. 


I was a complete Arbonne convert. Loved the products due to the personal impact they’d had for me and my family. 


So, when my son was born, I had purchased the whole ABC range and used these solely on my son. He has had no other products used on him other than Arbonne’s ABC baby care range.


My son, has had none, and I mean, not even one small circle of cradle cap.


Now, I know they are different babies and that’s another variable. BUT, I honestly believe that using Arbonne on my son, has meant he hasn’t had cradle cap. They don’t contain sodium lauryl sulfate or mineral oil like the products I used on my daughter. I truly believe, using those products on my daughter, led to her experiencing such extreme cradle cap – to the point she STILL had cradle cap when she was 3 years old. It took us that long to get rid of it.


Again, this is just my story, not scientifically proven or facts etc. But, I like to share them with you, my readers, so you can see WHY I love these products so much, how they have impacted upon my family and hence, why I want to share the products with others.


ABC Baby Care Hair and Body Wash Highlight:

  • Soap-free so as to not irritate skin and prevent moisture loss
  • Gentle and calming ingredients for babies sensitive skin e.g. chamomile, Aloe vera and Vitamin E.
  • Convenient in that it can be used in the bath, for body washing and as a gentle shampoo.


1 tube = SRP $21 | Preferred Client $16.80 | Independent Consultant $13.65


You can buy the ABC Hair and Body Wash here.


Arbonne Re9 Advanced Prepwork Gel Eye Masks

These gel eye masks made it into the top 10 because you can see results instantly when you’ve used them.


They are best used at the end of the day and are excellent at giving your eyes a good old ‘pick-me-up’. 


What I mean by this is that they help to lift the skin around your eyes, decrease the appearance of dark marks and fine lines. 


They are so cool and feel refreshing when you’ve had a long, tiring day to use before bed.


You simply place one under each eye for around 15 minutes then gently peel off. Take a picture of your own before and afters to see just how good these are.


Re9 Gel Eye Masks Highlight:RE9 Eye Masks

  • 60 gel masks per box
  • Sustainably harvested Kakadu plum to help boost moisture and improve fine lines
  • Niacinamide (a form of Vitamin B3) to support skin’s hydration and brightness


1 box of 60 eye masks = SRP $50 | Preferred Client $40 | Independent Consultant $32.50


Purchase your Gel Eye Masks here.


Arbonne Shea Butter Bath and Body

Arbonne’s whole Shea butter range is phenomenal. This range helps your skin feel extremely smooth and moisturised. Unlike so many body care or hand wash products, which dry out your skin. 


The Shea butter range seems to do the opposite and is extremely gentle for multiple uses during the day e.g. hand cream or hand wash.


Shea Butter Highlight:Shea Butter Handwash

  • It’s extremely gentle so suitable for all skin types.
  • Long-lasting, you never need a lot and so will last you for months
  • Key ingredient Vitamin E helps to condition skin, provide radiants and seal in moisture.


Prices vary depending upon each product. You can shop the Shea butter range here.


Arbonne Protein shake Powder

Arbonne’s nutrition is something that took me a while to even try. I have never been into supplements or nutrition-based products.


But, when I tried the 30 days to healthy living program, of course, the protein shake powder came with it.


What I love most about the protein shake is that not only does it taste great and doesn’t have a grainy texture, I can create so many different combinations with fruits, nut butter and nuts that I don’t get bored of using either the chocolate or vanilla flavour 30 days in a row.


Some of my personal favourite combinations are:



You can add either water or your favourite plant-based milk to your shakes. Add in a lot of liquid if you like it runnier consistency. Or, if you would like a smoothie bowl, add in less liquid so as to gain a thicker consistency.


I am personally not a huge fan of nuts, but if you are, different nut butter are great to include into your shakes.


Plus, I will often add in half an avocado for a creamy texture and ticking the box for healthy fats.


Protein Shake Powder Highlight:Protein Shake and Protein Smoothie Bowl

  • Two core flavours to choose from, either chocolate or vanilla.
  • There have been special flavours offered as well such as marble cake (US) and cinnamon roll.
  • Each bag contains 30 servings
  • Gluten-free, vegan and non-GMO
  • Derived from pea, cranberry and rice proteins
  • Contains 20g vegan protein, 24 different vitamins and minerals, plus amino acids helping to support muscles and daily health.


1 bag = SRP $77 | Preferred Client $61.60 | Independent Consultant $50.05


Shop for the protein shake powder here.


Arbonne Smoothed Over Lipstick

Anyone who knows me well knows how much of a HUGE lipstick fan I am. 


The downside with most lipstick brands is that it rubs off within 30 minutes of applying, smudges and feels greasy.


With Arbonne, I only reapply once during the day, even with drinking and eating. The colours are so bold and lasting. Plus, it moisturizing NOT greasy.


Personal favourite shades are Peony for a bright pink, Gladiola for a mighty red or Aster for deep shade.


Arbonne Lipstick Highlight:Arbonne Lipstick

  • 15 shades available plus lip liners and glosses
  • Key ingredients such as watermelon, apple and lentil help to provide long-lasting moisture
  • Leontopodium alpinum extract helps to soothe dry lips


1 lipstick = SRP $29 | Preferred Client $23.20 | Independent Consultant $18.85


Choose your lipstick shade here.


Arbonne Perfecting Liquid Foundation

The liquid foundation comes in 15 different shades so can be suitable for so many different skin tones. 


The best part of Arbonne’s foundation is that it includes SPF 15, which is extremely beneficial and important to ensure you look after your skin.


Just a small amount of this foundation provides you with full coverage and it lasts all day long.


Liquid Foundation Highlight:Liquid Foundation

  • SPF 15 protects against UVA/UVB rays
  • Key ingredients such as ribose to diminish the appearance of wrinkles


1 tube = SRP $44 | Preferred Client 35.20 | Independent Consultant $28.60


Select your Liquid foundation here.


Visit my Arbonne shop here to place your order!

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