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Tips for Mums to Become Online Teachers

*This post was written as a guest post for Digino.   Online teaching is a huge industry with a growing demand for individuals to become online teachers. For mums, becoming an online teacher means they can work from home, fit their schedule around their family and...

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Dada: Changes and Hiring Freeze

Recently over the last couple of months, the online ESL company, Dada, has been taken over by new management. In turn, this had led to substantial changes within the company, especially impacting upon their teachers. On top of this, the Chinese government are...

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How to Apply and Teach ESL Online with UUabc

UUabc is a fantastic company to work for, especially if you are just getting started with teaching ESL online. I have personally worked with UUabc since November 2018. I did take a break between February and May as this was very quiet for bookings. However, I have...

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Dada vs UUabc

Dada and UUabc are two of the top-rated online teaching companies according to teachers. With so many online teaching companies, it can be a challenge to know which company suits your requirements and matches exactly what you are looking for. Many online teachers...

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Hey! I’m Catherine, the face behind this blog. I’m a mum of two, wife and dog mummy from the UK. I swapped out the traditional life of 9-5 in order to work from home around my family and be more present with my children.

I now wish to share my experiences with you and aim to inspire and support mums just like me, looking for a way out of the fast lane and live in the moment with your kids.

You really CAN earn an income working from home. 

Feel free to send me an email and ask me any questions relating to Teaching online or Network Marketing. If I’m not on here, you’ll usually find me playing hide and seek with my kids (and loosing!)

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