Working from home can feel like a minefield of unanswered questions and the unknown, so I started this series of success stories, to give you a realistic look at how others have done this and made a success of themselves. 


Joining me today is Marina, who specialises in day trading and helps others start their own day trading journey. 


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Hi, Marina. Tell our audience a bit about yourself:


Hi, I’m Marina ‘The Trader Chick’.  I have years of experience trading the financial markets, and I now specialize in helping others who are new to the industry today trade simply and confidently. It can be hard to know where to start, but I try to give my students the guidance to read the markets and make a success of their day trading journey from the start.

I started out on my own and used my own money which proved to be a mistake, so I want to help others make the right choices from the very beginning. Day trading has transformed my life and I would like to help others discover this also. It’s great as it can be done even if you only have a few hours a day, giving more time to spend with family, do new things, or whatever else you want!



What inspired you to start working from home?


I’ve been an entrepreneur for ages, but when my first son was born, I really wanted to work from home. And the fact that I was always around for both my sons, working at home, has been the greatest blessing of my life.


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How has this impacted upon yours and your family’s lives?


My kids see that I’m always there. I’ve never ever missed a single event. We get to travel whenever we want because I can work whenever I want. My kids see that you can do whatever you want, as long as you work hard. They don’t see the 9-5 rut, they see creativity and endless possibilities.



What’s your number one tip for managing it all: working from home, managing your time, family life, and household tasks?


If you only have pockets of time, have a very detailed to-do list, this way when you get to do the work, you’re not losing time wondering what you have to do. I won’t lie, I’ve also had a nanny and cleaning lady the whole time. Living in Guatemala is one of the best benefits. So I’ve never had to worry about that. 



What does an average day working from home look like for you?


I can work all day, or take off the day entirely and go hang out with my kids. Either at school with them, or if they are off, go for lunch together, do something together.



What’s your top tool or resource you can’t work from home without?


I basically only really need my laptop and mouse (having a mouse makes such a difference). 



Sometimes, it can be overwhelming to know where to start when you want to work from home, can you provide our audience with your top tip?


To-do lists are magic. They may sound cliche, but if you only have a small amount of time, knowing exactly what you have to do during that time, is key. You get right to the task, and it’s amazing how much you can get done when you’re laser-focused.


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If someone was considering doing what you do from home, is there a course or Ebook they should consider investing in to give them a start in the right direction?


I teach how to Day Trade for beginners, which you can check out here.


The course is great for beginners looking to get into day trading and helps by simplifying the process. Even if you are brand new to day trading, you can learn to day trade profitably and be able to read the market like a pro.


I have a free mini-course if you want an insight into day trading which you can sign up for here.



What are your ambitions for the future, current projects?


My goal right now is to set up all the systems and foundations for my business to be more automated. 



In the current climate, during the lockdown, it can be daunting to start something new. What advice would you give to a fellow mum who is considering doing what you do from home?


Day Trading is great because it doesn’t require a lot to start. You don’t need a lot of money, to begin with, and you can literally do 1-2 hours a day, even when you first begin the learning process. It’s being a solopreneur, without having to ever worry about hustling for clients or investing in space, or employees. Literally, what you put into it, you can get so much more out of it. 


Success Stories Marina Day Trading



Marina Trader ChickBio:

Marina is known as ‘The Trader Chick‘. She specialises in helping the true beginners to day trade with confidence and ease. If anyone has a desire to learn day trading and has no idea where to start, she can take them from newbie to pro (trader) fast. She does things very differently. Her students get the guidance to fully read the markets and start their day trading journey successfully.

Her goal is to show how life-transforming day trading is, even spiritual and to remove the stigma and fear that is wrapped around it.

In her quest to make it super accessible, fun and doable for everyone she has cultivated the best strategies after years trading the financial markets. She started out like so many trading on her own and using her own money as trial and error. That was the worst (most expensive) thing she could have done.

From her won experiences, she will show you the best way to go from newbie to pro (trader) fast while avoiding the mistakes she made. It can be done with only a few hours a day so that there is plenty of time to be with the family, or to travel, or whatever you want to do!

Connect with Marina here:

Facebook Group: Day Trading for Beginners

Youtube Channel



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