Like many of you who may have a desire to work from home, Feroza took the decision to do so, so she could be there for her family more and find the freedom she wanted whilst still having a career. This can feel daunting to many, so today we are talking to Feroza about how she took the plunge, and how it has benefitted her and her family’s lives.


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Hi Feroza, thanks for joining us, Why don’t you start by telling us about yourself?


My name is Feroza Aitken, a mother and wife. I spent 10 years in various roles in the banking industry before I decided to take the leap to entrepreneurship. I opened a beauty shop and then moved on to the online space.



What inspired you to start working from home?


I have always wanted the freedom to live life on my terms but when my daughter came along I decided it was time to do this.



How has this impacted you and your family’s lives?


It feels like a burden has lifted, I wasn’t walking in my truth and purpose so I feel free and my family just enjoys that I’m more available for them. I’m not always rushing and that feels good for them and me.



Do you have any tips for managing it all – working from home, family life, household tasks?


Planning and developing a daily routine definitely keeps me sane and helps me manage some of the challenges.



What does an average day look like for you?


I get up using my internal clock and that is normally between 05:30 and 06:00 am. I check emails and messages on my phone, I then do some quiet time that involves ready the bible and praying. With the lockdown, my daughter gets up right after and I make us breakfast. I put in some laundry if I have to and tidy up around the house and I always cook supper in the morning.


I then homeschool my daughter and put her down for a nap, at this point I get stuck into work mode until she gets up and she has some screen time while I continue to work. Most days I try to finish around 5:00 pm and spend some time with her before my husband gets home when we have supper and family time.



Is there a top tool you cannot work without?


Canva, I use it all the time and can’t imagine doing my graphics without it.



If someone was considering doing what you do is there an ebook they should consider investing in?


I have recently completed a guide on how to turn your passion into online profit especially for mom’s who aspire to be online entrepreneurs. It’s a guide to help you get started and thrive. It’s available at



Could you share with us any of your ambitions for the future?


I’m working on getting more free resources to moms in business. I really want to see other mothers thrive and to embody the fact that we can do anything, motherhood doesn’t have to stop you.



In the current climate it can be daunting to start something new, during lockdown what advice would you offer a fellow mom who wants to do what you do?


The current climate is uncertain and can give rise to a lot of fear. I would recommend working on your mindset so you can get started on the right foundation. This was definitely a game changer and I don’t think many people realise how we hold ourselves back.


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Feroza, Mom EmpireBio:

Feroza Aitken is the founder and digital creator of MOM EMPIRE. She spent 10 years in various roles in the banking industry and in 2017 she decided to follow her entrepreneurial passion. She has a deep desire to see moms thrive without compromising. She is helping moms who aspire to be online entrepreneurs with the resources and tools they need to get started and thrive.






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