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How to use Instagram for Your Network Marketing Business

Instagram users engage with 4.2 billion posts on Instagram every day. And if you are actively using Instagram for network marketing, your post could easily be one of them.   For many, Instagram is still a new platform. But you’d be surprised to know that it’s...

7 Blogger Approved Ways You Can Make Money Blogging

Make Money Blogging   Would I be able to do that? This is one question new bloggers often ask. You are probably also thinking whether you will be able to monetize your blog with so my experienced bloggers already on the scene.    There are so many bloggers...

Facebook Strategies to Grow your Network Marketing Business

Almost everyone is on Facebook. My mom, my granddad, my kid's favourite play centre, even my dog groomer is running a successful business page using this platform. Do you know what that means? The prospects for your network marketing business are also online on...

What is Niche Blogging + Profitable Blog Niches of 2019

What's a niche blog and why you need a profitable blog niche for 2019? Gone are the days when you could just blog about anything and hit gold with your followers. Blogging has evolved so much in the last few years. For starters, it has become so popular. You feel...


Hey! I’m Catherine, the face behind this blog. I’m a mum of two, wife and dog mummy from the UK. I swapped out the traditional life of 9-5 in order to work from home around my family and be more present with my children.


I now wish to share my experiences with you and aim to inspire and support mums and dads just like me, looking for a way out of the fast lane and live in the moment with your kids.


You really CAN earn an income working from home. 

Feel free to send me an email and ask me any questions relating to Teaching online, Network Marketing or Blogging. If I’m not on here, you’ll usually find me playing hide and seek with my kids (and loosing!)

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7 Truths about Teaching Online

7 Truths about Teaching Online

Considering a change in career as an online teacher? Just started your first job teaching English online?   That’s great, but have you heard it all or only what your recruiter wants you to hear?   There is more to know about teaching online than just the...

SayABC: The Pros and Cons

SayABC: The Pros and Cons

SayABC is a fantastic online ESL company to teach with, particularly if you are new to teaching online. They are a highly popular company within the online teaching community, with a complaint being extremely rare when compared to their competitors.   There are...

Teach English Online: Getting Started

Teach English Online: Getting Started

There is a wealth of information available regarding teaching online, different job opportunities and companies. But for someone coming across this career for the first time and wondering if it is for them, it can be incredibly overwhelming. What equipment do you need...

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