What’s a niche blog and why you need a profitable blog niche for 2020?

Gone are the days when you could just blog about anything and hit gold with your followers. Blogging has evolved so much in the last few years. For starters, it has become so popular. You feel like every other person you know has a blog or is starting one. For all of you starting a blog now, this means more competition. But then there is so much advice available for new bloggers now. You get to ride on the shoulders of the blog giants and see the blogging blueprint, right from the top.


In this post, I’m going to talk about everything you need to know about niche blogging, plus profitable blog niche ideas for 2020.

what is niche blogging

What’s a Niche Blog?

Niche blogging is basically choosing a niche or a specific topic to write your blog on. It’s also the people you wish to target. Some examples of niche blogs are:

  • Marketing Blogs
  • Pet Care Blogs
  • Photography Blogs
  • Parenting blogs


You could even narrow down your niche further. That’s what we call a micro-niche. So if you were to niche down the above blogs, here are some micro-niche blogs:

  • Word-of-mouth marketing for small businesses
  • Taking Care of your Husky
  • Indian Wedding Photography
  • Peaceful parenting


Choosing a niche for your blog gives you a sense of direction. It helps new bloggers cut through the clutter and choose what to write about. If you are planning to niche down my blog, you’ll come across tons of tutorials and training. I have subscribed to so many blog gurus myself. Even though I have to wade my way through all that information (some of which was pretty useless), a lot of things makes sense to me.


Why I Need a Blog Niche?

If you were to ask any expert blogger, they would tell you to start your blog journey with a niche in mind. That’s because when you blog with a niche, you enjoy some advantages over general bloggers:


Establishes Authority

When you chose a niche, you will probably choose a topic you know a lot about. If you chose to blog without a niche, you will just be writing on any topic that is trending or is interesting to you.


For example, if you are a photography enthusiast, and you opt to start a photography blog, you already know about the subject more than the average person. And as you start writing, you will get more information.  This will establish your credibility in just a few months. So when people in your circle or your email list want information regarding photography, they will come to you.


Easier to Monetize

Some people might argue that narrowing down your blog will also narrow down the number of affiliate programs you can join. But let me tell you this, niche blogging narrows down your customer. It means now the people coming to your blog are the people who understand you and trust you.


It’s the same with marketing. A brand that has no focused target market doesn’t have a clear plan on how to talk to its target market. It’s easier to reach and sell to people when you understand them. And you use their language and their tone.


Content Creation is Easier

You might believe that writing for a general blog would be easier. There are so many topics you can write on when you don’t narrow down yourself to one niche, right?



Imagine if your teacher told you to write an essay on anything you want. This might seem easier at first, but when you get down to brainstorming, it eats up all your time.

What do I write about?


With so many possible topics you can write about, you don’t know which one to choose. This often leads to a writer’s block. Or a blogger’s block, in our case.


Now imagine if she told you the title of the essay. Wouldn’t it be so much easier to get down writing it? With a topic at hand, your mind is able to focus. You will produce better and crisp content.


A niche basically creates boundaries for your blog. This way there are fewer chances of you wandering off in the garden of nowhere.


Good for SEO

Niche blogs rank higher with Google than blogs without a niche.


Let’s try this out.


Open your Google search and type ‘Best Xbox Games of 2020’. The search that pops up on the first page is going to be from blogs that specifically focus on gaming.


Google’s smart indexing is programmed to put niche blogs higher. If you want Google to give you preference, go with a niche.


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How do I Pick a Niche?

Ready to start working on your blog niche?


If your answer is a yes, the next thing you should be doing is finding your blogging niche. Some things I found useful when picking my niche were:


Marry Your Passion with your Skill

I don’t really remember where I read this but I this is a really useful strategy to help you pick a niche. I don’t recommend going niche shopping for your blog with just profitability in mind. You will always find ways to monetize your blog if you are passionate about it.


The keyword here is passion.


If you are passionate about a topic, you will love to write about it. There are so many bloggers who started off strong, but after the initial honeymoon period, they start to lose interest. In their defence, it’s not easy writing on the same topic 50 or 100 times. So, think smart and choose a topic you can talk about endlessly.


However, passion isn’t enough to help you grow your followers. You should have some kind of knowledge on the subject. What are you skilled at? Think of what you do in your daily life. What job do you have? What degree did you pursue? Even if you don’t have a job, or don’t have a degree, there’s still something you are good at. Think about it.


Once you have your passion and skill sorted out, the next thing to do is to marry them together. Find a way to work your passion in your skillset to create your blogging niche.


I’ll give you an example of a friend, Karen. Karen is a stay at home mom. She was drowning in a sea of toddler talk while sorting through unlimited laundry and going through Peppa Pig on a loop. She felt unmotivated and wanted to do something to take her mind off all his. With her skill as a mother and her passion to want to kill her boredom, she started to blog on ‘Motivation for Moms.’ In her blog, she wrote about boredom busters for moms. Genius!


Can I Write On This Topic For the Next One Year?

This is an exercise I often recommend to people just starting out their blog. It also helps you plan your blog. Once you have a blog topic in mind, sit down and create at least 50 topics to write on. With roughly 4 blog posts a month (weekly post), you will need to publish 50 posts in one year.


Will you be able to do that?


You don’t want to run out of ideas after the first few months of blogging.


For inspiration, go and check out what bloggers from the same niche are writing on. As you continue to write and explore your niche, you will come up with new topics. Jot those down and your second year will be sorted out too.

Who am I Blogging for?

Since you are working on a niche, you have to have a target market. Define your target market to yourself. List down their demographics, location, interests, and hobbies.


Knowing your audience will help you connect with them better. And there’s nothing better than a connected audience for a niche blog. Start by thinking about just one person as your target audience. It helps when you think of an actual person. Start writing for that person.


For instance, if you are planning to start a marketing blog, find a business owner. Let’s give her a name: Sarah. Go through Sarah’s business website or even her Facebook profile. Find out what problems she is having. Solve the problem through one of your posts. After pressing publish on your post, reach out to her with a link to the post.


You may have just written this post for Sarah, but when you connect with her, you will start a chain reaction. If this post solves Sarah’s problem, she will talk about this with her other entrepreneur friends. She might even share your post on her profile or business page. You just increased your target audience with one post.


Is It Helpful, Entertaining or Educational?

This is one step many recent bloggers are missing out on. When there’s just too much information out on the web, why would someone read your blog? If you answer is either of these three, ‘It’s helpful’, ‘It’s entertaining’ or ‘It’s educational’, then you are off to a great start. This will also help you create relevant content, Sarah will want to read.


How Do I Monetize My Blog?

Let’s cut to the chase. You probably aren’t putting in so much effort in your blog just for fun. A blog that doesn’t earn you money isn’t sustainable. There are many bloggers who have been able to quit their 9 to 5 and earn a six-figure income. It wasn’t just luck.


Ways to Monetize Your Blog

Monetizing a blog requires planning right from the beginning. There are many ways to monetize a blog:

  • Affiliate Marketing. Affiliates are the most common monetization technique for blogs. Affiliate marketing is simply earning money from making sales for other businesses. You recommend a product you liked on your blog, and when your readers buy the product using your link, you earn a commission. There are many affiliate programs out there. It’s not just Amazon. When you choose a niche, look for affiliates in your specific industry.
  • Display Ads. You can also add banners and ads to your website. When your viewers click on them, you earn a small commission. Start with Google Adsense. With a niche, you can also directly contact a local business in your area related to your niche. Sell advertising space to them.
  • Sell Products. You can create a Woo-commerce store on your blog and start selling products directly from your website.
  • Sell Services. What services would your target market be interested in? If you have a pet care blog, you can sell dog training services. Think of a service related to your blog.
  • Coaching and Live Events. If you are an expert in your niche, you can also use your blog to coach others. Say, for example, you are a writer, you can coach new writers or even young children.

Profitable Blog Niches of 2020

Haven’t been able to decide your blog niche? These profitable blog niches of 2020 might spark an idea:

blog niche 2020

Food Blogs

I could just watch Tasty videos and look at mouthwatering food images all day! Even though I am not too adventurous myself when it comes to cooking, I still love those food blogs. Plus, everyone’s got to eat. And with your collective conscious turning healthy, more and more people are now turning to home-cooked meals.


For inspiration, I love Gavin’s blog, AnotherFoodBlogger. His food always looks insanely delicious and if I ever fancy showing off my (very minimal) culinary skills to my husband, this is where I head for my recipes.


Financial Blogs

Financial blogs are popping up all over the place at the moment from money-saving tips to frugal living. As debts are increasing, people are looking for reliable financial knowledge and ways they can cut back. A personal favourite of mine is The Frugal Mom Guide by Amanda. She provides some fantastic advice from frugal living to saving tips. She even has a free 5-day money management course.



With no village to help new parents, moms and dads are turning to the internet to help them through the A-Z of parenting. From rashes to behaviours, sleeping patterns to best products. Parenting blogs are a great resource and outlet for mums and dads. Parenting today is not an easy task, and we need all the support and information we can get.


I am in love with Chris’ blog, Om Sweet Home. She doesn’t offer your standard posts within most parenting blogs. She combines yoga, mindfulness, healthy eating and parenting all in one. I feel this instant calm whenever I visit her blog and her Instagram is beautiful!


Health and Fitness

Health and fitness is another popular concept. I’m sure at some point you must have actively looked for health and fitness tips yourself. I can honestly say, health and fitness blogs have not been something I immediately researched – until this blog post!


I came across Betty Rocker, whose blog grabs your attention from the getgo. Just check out how she advertises her 30-day fitness challenge, asking you to subscribe to her, and then she’s talking to you on an almost daily basis. Now that’s successful blogging.


Blogging and Entrepreneurship

Many people are now quitting their full-time job to pursue their passions. With startup costs coming down and information readily available on the internet, there’s a whole new small business movement. 100s of people are finding their own reasons to start a blog. They are able to follow in other blogger’s footsteps, reading their advice and learning from others mistakes.


One of my favourite business bloggers is Cate from Sweet and Simple Life. I have been back and forth to her blog countless times, I’ve probably read every article she’s ever published by now! She offers limitless advice, great tips for bloggers and helps entrepreneurs to succeed from the getgo. If you want to build a successful blog, this is the place to be.


Cate also has an epic Facebook group – it is too good not to mention on here. It’s filled with tips, resources, other bloggers to connect within your niche, and it’s completely free.


Niche Blog Action Plan

Blogging is, let’s face it – awesome


There’s still a lot of potential in starting and running a successful blog. As the number of blogs is increasing, things are getting more specialized and so the need for a niche blog.


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Niche blogging is more focused. You just don’t throw bait anywhere. You throw it where you are likely to find the biggest and your favourite fish. This way you find your right audience and build your blog more efficiently from the start. Attracting the right audience provides you with more ideas on how to help them. When you are helping others with your content, it fills you with confidence and motivates you further.


Eventually, you will have figured out a way to really help your audience with their needs whether this be through products aka affiliate links, an Ebook or course. Leading to being able to monetise your blog.


Blogging isn’t a ‘get rich overnight’ scheme. You have to be in it for the long haul to benefit. But it is totally worth it.


Remember, be helpful, entertaining or educational. Stick to your chosen blog niche and provide solutions to your audience’s problems.


What are you waiting for?


This article has taken you through what a blog niche is, the benefits of choosing a blog niche and profitable niches in 2020.

If you’ve started a blog in a specific niche, let us know your niche and ideal audience in the comments.


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