12 Ways to Make Money THIS Christmas with your Network Marketing Business.


Christmas is a brilliant time and a perfect opportunity to boost sales with your network marketing business. Most, if not all network marketing companies release a new product range specifically for Christmas.


Everyone is looking for suitable gifts for every member of the family, their friends and work colleagues. According to the Bank of England, the average household will spend around £500 on Christmas gifts. 


People are willing to spend their hard-earned cash, but what they lack is time. People are extremely busy with work commitments and everyday life, that they are looking for convenience and are willing to pay that little bit extra for the privilege. 


So how can you make the most of this spending season to grow your business and increase sales?

Increase MLM sales at Christmas


Here are 12 ways you can make sales and grow your network marketing business over the festive season:



Utilize Social Media

Social media is an incredible method to grow your MLM business. Millions of people are using each platform every day. Many are searching for gift ideas as well in the run-up to Christmas. 


Think about where your potential clients are spending most of their time. If your audience spends time on Instagram, ensure to share images of you using your Xmas products, include flat lays and don’t forget to utilize Instagram stories.


Instagram is a highly visual platform, so prioritise spending time to make your images visually appealing and include a call to action at the end of your posts. Don’t forget to include relevant hashtags so that people looking for the gifts you sell can find your posts through hashtag searches.


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Perhaps your audience spends most of their time on Facebook. Within Facebook, you can share your products in a number of ways:


  • Showcase your new Xmas products through Facebook lives on your business page
  • Offer a competition of giveaway to create interest and grow your reach
  • Update your stories regularly showing you using your products
  • Go live within your Facebook group and share how your products can solve problems for your audience


Remember, create intrigue and interest in the run-up to your Xmas products being launched as well. This way, your potential clients are already interested in and watching your page/group ready for when they launch. 


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Within your groups, ensure to offer a minimum of one weekly Xmas party. You can invite different people as hosts, who then receive a small gift for inviting their network of friends and family to the online event.


Online Facebook parties are perfect for those individuals who are incredibly busy and don’t have time for a face to face party. By attending a Facebook party, people can either attend live from the comfort of their own home or alternatively can watch the event back at their convenience.


Throughout the event, ensure to go live and give demonstrations of your Xmas products. You can also offer different Xmas bundles to make gift shopping even easier for your audience. Plus, reward those who do attend live through different giveaways or competitions. Not only does this provide them with the offer to win freebies or samples, but it also increases the engagement of your event.



Christmas Gift Guides

A really simple but effective idea to help you increase your Xmas product sales could be creating different gift guides to share with your audience.


Remember our comment earlier that each individual is buying for so many different people. They might be buying for their mum, dad, sister, work colleague, pregnant friend and son. So, just providing one long list of all the products you sell is 

  • Not solving a problem and finding a specific gift for a set person
  • But it’s also extremely overwhelming and they probably won’t dedicate the time looking through your long list


Xmas shopping can be a stressful time. People are busy, they want it to be as quick and easy as possible. So help your audience achieve this by creating set gift guides for specific people or set budgets.


Say for example you sell children’s books. You probably offer books for children of all ages and different price ranges. When considering creating a gift guide, you only want to think of one particular person. An example of this could be a mum looking for gifts for her newborn baby. This way, you can create a specific gift list of your top 10 books for babies. 


Then, when a new mum is looking for presents to buy their baby, they can come across your gift guide list and find relevant products rather than trawling through every single book you sell.


You don’t have to only offer one gift guide. Offer different gift guides but ensure to label them accurately. Here are a few examples you could offer:

  • Lists per budget e.g. perfect stocking fillers for kids under £10
  • Lists per product type e.g. Top 10 must-have make-up products this Xmas
  • Lists for particular individuals e.g. Best gifts for Mums to be, 10 books for under 5s, Best gifts for vegans.



Xmas Gift Bundles

Again people are super busy especially in the run-up to Christmas. Having different gift bundles put together and with different budget ranges in mind, you are saving people a huge amount of time.


Consider the different products you sell and the people who buy your products. What sort of budget are they looking at? Who are they buying presents for? What products can you put together to offer a fantastic gift bundle?


For example, if you sell essential oils, you might consider the scents which are most popular during the festive season. Scents including cinnamon, orange or nutmeg will be especially popular during Christmas. 


A couple of bundle ideas you could put together are:

  • Low budget: X2 essential oils which can be used alone or combined
  • Mid-range budget: x2 essential oils and diffuser
  • High-end budget: x4 essential oils, diffuser and mini-book with different benefits of each oil and ways to blend them together to get the most out of each oil.



Gift Wrapping Service

Gift wrapping is such as simple additional service to offer to your clients but can save them so much time. This service doesn’t have to cost you a lot and you can charge just a couple of pounds extra as an add on service making it appealing but also convenient for customers.


Make sure of course to ensure your gift wrapping is up to scratch, neat and professional looking. Remember, a lot of people share images of the gifts they receive on social media and so word can spread really quickly of the fantastic service you offer. Or, it could flatline your business if you haven’t taken the time nor care over wrapping presents.



Specials for Corporate

Many CEO’s and managers are looking for gifts to purchase for their employees at Xmas time. This is a huge sales opportunity but not one that will come to you, you have to do the leg work.


Make connections, approach large companies with your pre-prepared and professional gift guides specifically designed for professionals.


Gifts such as candles, hand cream, mugs, bags, stationery or even bottles of wine are great gift ideas for employees. If you sell any of these products with your network marketing company, you could be missing out on a huge opportunity.


Remember that CEO’s and managers are extremely busy, so do ensure to add in your gift wrapping and tagging services, along with personal delivery to local companies.



Christmas Stalls

Stalls are such a great way to get your products face to face in front of new people. Sharing the visual appeal of your beautifully packaged Xmas line, light scented candles to encourage people to stop at your stall from the Christmas scents and ensure to be jolly and full of Christmas spirit when communicating with prospective clients.


When it comes to stalls, you HAVE to be ACTIVE. It is no good just sitting in a chair behind your stall waiting for people to come to you. Be active, start conversations with people, have a friendly smile and be approachable.


Here are some tips for making sales with a Christmas stall:

  • Ensure your stall is scentually appealing. Incorporate beautiful sights and smells if relevant to the products you are selling
  • Provide them with an opportunity to ‘try’ your products. For example, have a hand cream available for people to test or some disposable lipstick wands to try the new Christmas shade. People are less likely to purchase your products if they have never heard of them and hence, don’t know if they are as good as you say
  • Don’t overwhelm people. Keep your stall simplistic with just the Xmas range, not every product your company has to offer
  • Ensure to include the gift guides you have created with your business cards also
  • Provide opportunities for people to take away samples with them, including your business card so they can reach out to you
  • Have a section of your stall with already wrapped gifts which people can purchase there and then. Often, when people visit Xmas stalls they are looking for small, budget-friendly gifts to purchase. So try to keep these around £5-15 per gift and already wrapped for your customers to buy on the spot
  • Everyone you meet at a stall is someone you can add to your active candidate list. Make sure you have a way of following up with everyone. Gain their contact details and be honest with your purpose and what you will use them for. You can encourage people to share their details by offering a giveaway or competition where people can win a bundle of your products. Alternatively, ask if they want to sign up to your email list, where they will be able to receive your promotional offers and gift guides via email.


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In House Christmas Party

A great way to make connections with people and demonstrate exactly what you have to offer with your Christmas products is to host an in-house Christmas party. You can invite friends, family and colleagues and encourage them to bring along a guest to help you extend your network. Not to mention the more people who attend the merrier.


At your Christmas party make sure to treat it like a Christmas party. Don’t just use it as a chance to share your Christmas products and encourage people to part with their money. Make sure you build connections with people, ensure they have a great time during the party and treat them as you would any guest.


A few ways you can treat your guests is to offer them a glass of prosecco when you welcome them, provide them with a mini gift (this doesn’t have to be expensive it could be a sample of your best selling product with a Christmas card), provide them with some nibbles and sweet treats, plus include some games to encourage people to feel more welcome and get to know each other.


The aim of a Christmas party is to have fun. You want your guests leaving feeling happy and uplifted. You want them to feel like you went above and beyond just for them. Within network marketing, word spreads fast. If they share with their friends and family how great your Christmas party was, you may find yourself gaining additional party bookings.




Sometimes, people aren’t sure what on earth to buy their friends and family or where to start. For individuals local to you, you can offer drop-ins in the run-up to Christmas from your home. 


During these drop-ins, you provide people with a chance to take a look at your products face to face, experience them for themselves and offer a similar service to personal shoppers.


It is a great way to help someone who is struggling to find an appropriate gift for someone and you can offer your advice and suggestions whilst showcasing your products.



Personal Shopper

Following on from the above point, you might like to advertise your services during the run-up to Christmas as a personal shopper. This is a fantastic service to offer for those who are incredibly busy and don’t have time to buy gifts themselves.


For this, you could simply ask people for their budgets and list of who they want to buy for and their interests.


Then, you can match the products you have to offer according to the information given to you. For example, for someone’s wife with a budget of £50-100 and an interest in make-up, you might put together a bundle of make-up products which complement each other, such as a foundation, bronzer, blush, mascara and lipstick, with shades to suit the individual.


If you weren’t able to offer suitable gifts from your own network marketing products, it might be a good idea to collaborate with other network marketers. For example, if you sell skincare and make-up, but someone on the list is a 2-year-old. You might collaborate with an Usborne consultant to offer a bundle of age-appropriate stories.




In line with the above, a brilliant way to get to know your local community is to host a shopping event. This can be done either online e.g. in a Facebook group or face to face at a venue such as your home or local village hall.


How this works is you contact all local independent consultants from a large range of companies such as Avon, Doterra, Usborne, Arbonne and Scentsy. Ensure to contact people who offer different products to your own so they all compliment each other and customers will gain a better shopping experience rather than 10 companies all selling a different skincare line.


Then, organise a date which you will all promote within your network for people to come along and shop for their Christmas gifts.


If online, create a new Facebook group just for this event and for all consultants to be able to add their friends, family and customers. Ensure to be very organised in advance to that each consultant has a set time slot during the live event to showcase and share their products with everyone in the group.


These events can work incredibly well because you aren’t just relying on your own network, but sharing each other’s networks within one event. Hence why it is important to not have competitors within the same event. Offering the same product line over and over again but with different companies is boring for your potential customers but also makes it challenging for anyone to make a sale because people don’t know which company to choose.


If face to face, agree on a venue and date where you will hold the face-to-face shopping event. Have all consultants agree to promote the event as much as possible within the local community, to encourage people to come along. Promotion is incredibly important before the event as there is no point putting it together if no one is going to come along.



Stocking Fillers

Stocking fillers are a way to sell your more budget-friendly products. Stocking fillers generally speaking aren’t too expensive, perhaps up to £20, and are smaller in size. They could be make-up items, stationery or small toys.


Make a list of all the lower priced products your company offers. Put together a guide or these and share images as well so people can see the size of the gifts they are purchasing and ensure they can fit into a stocking.



Advent Calendar

Advent calendars are super popular and they have branched out from the traditional chocolate calendar to books, Lego, toys and make-up.


Creating your own advent calendar for people to purchase can make a wonderful gift for someone. Depending upon your products, you might choose to include a range of product samples and then a full-sized product for the last day.


What you must remember is that special advent calendars are always visually appealing. They have individual boxes for people to open each day in December and so should be treated as a gift, including gift wrapping.


When creating your own advent calendar, keep in mind who you are creating it for and stick to a budget. It can be easy to offer your best products but that can lead to your advent calendar being too costly with no room for profit for you. Remember, you are still running a business at the end of the day and looking to make money on the items you sell. Knowing who you are creating your advent calendar for, will help you to set an accurate price and appealing products.


There is a market for everyone, you just have to dedicate some time doing your research and finding your niche. As an example, make-up advent calendars do extremely well, but price-wise can range dramatically. For example, Superdrug sells its vegan make-up advent calendar for £30, whereas MAC sells its calendar for £129!


Here are a couple of advent calendar ideas:

  1. Books: 24 Books with each book individually wrapped
  2. Make-up: a mixture of mini samples and full-sized products with a bundle of products at the end
  3. Essential oils: a mini oil for each day with a small card sharing its benefits and how to use, with a bundle of full-sized oils for the last day
  4. Candles/wax melts: provide one wax melt or scent stick each day, with a larger sized candle on day 25.


Increase MLM sales


Increasing your sales throughout the festive season can be done if you make a plan and put that plan into action. Christmas is an excellent time of year to really grow your network marketing business and share with others what it is you have to offer.


Ensure to remember that Christmas is meant to be a time for people to get together, a happy and fun season. Though many don’t have a lot of time to dedicate to gift shopping and look for convenience, it is still important to provide a personal and friendly shopping experience.


Use Christmas as a chance to build genuine relationships with others and help them with their gift buying needs.


Christmas is fun, and the great aspect of being a part of network marketing and running your own business is that you can incorporate that fun and joyful element whilst remaining professional.


Implement these 12 opportunities to grow your network marketing business and increase sales, whilst having fun and making new connections.


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