Becoming an Arbonne Consultant can be a great way to earn an income working from home. 


If you have come across this post, you are most likely researching and looking to find out 

  • a little more about Arbonne, 
  • how and why to become an Arbonne Consultant, and 
  • how you can successfully grow your business?


This post guides you through these answers and takes you step by step through how to sign up via their website to become an Arbonne Consultant.


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But first, let’s answer:


What is Arbonne?


Arbonne is a 40-year strong online company, specialising in supporting individuals to live a sustainable healthy lifestyle. They offer a variety of products from nutrition to skincare, makeup to hair care, with ranges to suit different generations e.g. baby care and anti-ageing.


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This company holds extremely high ethics in terms of the ingredients they use within their products and how they produce them. Arbonne is vegan certified and PETA recognised as cruelty-free. They also go above and beyond the European standards of ingredients used. With Europe banning 1400 toxic ingredients from consumer products. Compared with Arbonne who ban using over 2000 ingredients such as parabens, petrolatum, and sodium lauryl sulphate.


Due to the high-quality ingredients and combination of green science and nature, if Arbonne were to be sold in high street stores, the prices of their products would have to increase. 


Arbonne is able to keep it’s ultra-premium products at a lower cost due to the business model they leverage. They save money via this model and hence can keep down costs and invest profits back into continuously improving its products.


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How does the business model work?


Have you heard of network marketing or multi-level marketing before? No, it isn’t a pyramid scheme or any other scam. 


It is a legitimate business model many companies take due to saving on costs such as advertisements, distributors, and store costs.


The model works through word of mouth from their Arbonne Consultants.


Each consultant has their own replicated, online store. For any sales that go through their online store, a consultant can make a percentage commission. This includes direct sales of products from their store as well as recruiting team members and team members product purchases.


A business grows using this word of mouth marketing method, when they have something consumable to offer, and of value that people want to purchase.


Arbonne offers both:

Consumable products such as shampoo and face wash. Whereby when people run out, they will purchase the product again.

Value: Arbonne offers healthy alternatives and ultra-premium products at a lower price range compared to high street store products. People are becoming more and more aware of the ingredients within their products and food. Many individuals are choosing healthier options and hence Arbonne offers a solution to that demand.



How do I Earn through Arbonne?


Arbonne offers a very clear and transparent compensation plan for its consultants. There are four levels or promotion within Arbonne and four ways you can earn.


First, let’s talk about the levels of promotion with Arbonne. Everyone begins their Arbonne business as an Arbonne Independent Consultant. Then, with each product sold via yours and your team members stores, you collate QV. QV is known as qualifying volume and is used instead of a monetary amount as Arbonne is in a number of countries and hence sells in different currencies. Using QV simplifies things.


You have to gain so much QV within two months to promote to the next level. The four levels are:

District Manager

Area Manager (your business can become will able at this point for up to 7 generations)

Regional Vice President (you can select a white Mercedes car of your choice to either purchase or loan with the £500 cash bonus Arbonne pays you each month. You also receive flowers on your birthday, chocolates on valentines and Tiffanies at Christmas)

National Vice President (your monthly car bonus increases to £600 and Arbonne offers you a paid-for annual trip every January).


These are the four ways you can earn as an Arbonne Consultant:

  1. Commission: every product sold within your shop earns you a percentage commission between 15-35%
  2. Overrides: you earn a smaller percentage on your team members sales. This percentage varies depending on where the individual is within your downline e.g. if you directly introduced them or if they joined one of your team members downlines
  3. Mercedes Cash Bonus: as listed above, when you reach the third and fourth level of promotion with Arbonne, you receive a cash bonus of £500/600 a month to choose your own white Mercedes car by either leasing or purchasing it
  4. Cash Bonuses: within each level, there are different cash bonuses on offer you can earn.



What exactly does an Arbonne Consultant do?


Once you have signed up and become an Arbonne consultant via another consultants website*, Arbonne will automatically set up your replicated online shop which you can start sharing with your friends and family for them to purchase items if they wish.


*Note: You cannot start an Arbonne business without signing up under another consultant aka joining another consultants team. Keep reading for more details on that later…


What I love about Arbonne’s site, is that you gain access to so much online training and marketing materials to help you learn immediately and begin taking action on growing your business:

  • Graphics to share via social media and pre-made Instagram stories templates to use
  • Before and After pictures for you to share
  • A CRM system where you can keep track of all of the people you have spoken to about Arbonne
  • Self-training area where you can access 100s of documents from the most recent offers to leaflets you can use at events, price lists to ideas of what to post on social media.


From here, it is pretty much up to you, with the support of your sponsor (the person who introduced you to Arbonne and you signed up under when starting your business), how you grow your business and what actions you do.


For example, some consultants really love in person parties. These events can be really fun and a great way to meet new people and extend your network. They are also brilliant for attendees to try your products there and then to see how good they are for themselves, rather than you just telling them.


Other consultants prefer to dedicate more time to growing their social media channels and learning about how to use attraction marketing.


There are multiple ways an Arbonne Consultant can grow their Arbonne business. I share more ideas below, but what one consultant might enjoy, another doesn’t. Hence why this kind of business model is brilliant, because there are so many different ways you can take action to grow your business.


I have highlighted take action because those are extremely important words to note at this point as you read this post. Hundreds of people join MLM companies each and every day. The difference of what lies between those who are successful and those who aren’t is the action that they took to get the momentum started and to keep going. Not giving up on the first, second or 20th hurdle. But they kept going, trying different methods, and learning from each one to take action on the next.


If you are serious about growing a business and becoming an Arbonne Consultant, you need to think about whether or not you are willing to take action. If you sign up and sit on your replicated online shop, nothing will happen, I’m afraid. Businesses don’t run themselves, people do.


And that’s why it is also extremely important to dedicate time to research different consultants, what they can offer you in terms of support and if their experience lines up with how you want to grow your business. 


It’s no good signing up with a sponsor who has only ever grown their business via Facebook parties if you want to focus on in-person events.


Here are some top tips to consider when choosing someone to be your sponsor:

Are you wanting someone local to you or are you tech-savvy and happy to communicate through online methods?

What success have they had directly or their sponsor had so far in growing their business?

How much support are you looking for? For example, are you wanting someone to check in with you daily, weekly, or once a month etc, to see if you need help, or are you wanting to only receive contact from your sponsor if you message first?

Would you like someone who has experience growing their business in traditional methods e.g. face to face through stalls, parties, catalogue drops and pop-up shops? Or, would you like to work with someone who has grown their business online e.g. blogging, using social media or utilizing email marketing?


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Benefits of Being an Arbonne Consultant

As an Arbonne Consultant, on top of being able to start your own business without the high start-up costs of a traditional business, there are multiple benefits.


To start your business with Arbonne as an Arbonne Consultant costs just £30. With that you gain:

  • A fully replicated online shop which you can share with your customers and potential business partners
  • 35% discount on all products and a 50% discount on ASVPs (these are your special value packs such as the 30 days to Healthy Living Program)
  • Choice of free gift within your first month with a qualifying order
  • A free gift within your birthday month with a qualifying order
  • Flat rate shipping
  • Access to exclusive offers and discounts, and news of new products being launched
  • Signed up to a weekly email providing you with company updates
  • Business supplies and samples to help you grow your business
  • Training and marketing materials mentioned above
  • Customer support team just a phone call away
  • Warehouse storage, shipping, and delivery all taken care of on your behalf
  • Able to receive weekly pay on sales directly through your shop and monthly pay on your team members sales


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On top of these financial benefits to becoming an Arbonne Consultant, there are multiple additional benefits including but not limited to

  • team training
  • building a new community of friends
  • annual events and parties
  • improving your own health.


You can read more about the multiple benefits of being an Arbonne Consultant here.



What I can offer you for Joining my Team?


Every Arbonne Consultant has something different to offer their team members in terms of support and their own experiences.


As we’ve already touched upon, it’s really important that you spend time considering who you want to sign up under when you join Arbonne.


Through joining my team, I offer my team members a lot of ongoing support, not just in the first week of you starting your Arbonne business, but throughout your whole time with Arbonne.


For each team member who takes their business seriously and treats it as a business, I have a support plan in place which includes:

  • Personal 121 call introducing myself and getting to know you. An opportunity to discuss goals and create an action plan towards achieving them
  • Email series to help you get started and give you actionable steps
  • Weekly team call via Zoom covering different elements of growing a successful business from building your own brand to personal development


In terms of experience, I have tried a variety of methods to grow my own Arbonne business including finding and setting up my own table at a stall, 121 make-up consultants, face to face and online Facebook parties, healthy happy hours both in-person and online, one-to-one business meetings, and using social media.


Though I really enjoyed the personal connection and impact you give when meeting someone at a face to face event, I actually find it takes more time away from my family than giving me back time. 


Hence, I have focused on learning and implementing what I have learnt to grow online and using attraction marketing methods. For example, building my own brand and not solely representing Arbonne, writing blog posts and using Pinterest to promote my brand and build authority and use a microblogging platform to help increase my views and being ranked on page 1 of Google.


Creating your own brand helps you to stand out from other consultants, which is extremely important when every consultant has some level of an online presence. 


Building a brand, creating graphics, and, if you choose to blog, are all areas I have a lot of experience in and teach these elements to my team.


On top of this, joining my team also provides you with access to my upline. My own sponsor has promoted to the third level within Arbonne, as a Regional Vice President. She has a wealth of experience with growing her network face to face and using social media. 


Our extended team is an excellent resource for new consultants. A Facebook group has been set up specifically for consultants within our team, with different units to help you know where to start and begin with your Arbonne business from day 1. 


There are other groups you can gain access to as well to help you with clients interests or prospecting team members.


There is also a weekly online training provided from a range of consultants within the team, who each share their methods and top tips for growing their business successfully.


Something that stands out from our team, is that everyone is so friendly and approachable. We like to have fun whilst growing our business, and support one another. We thoroughly enjoy cheering each other on and celebrating everyone’s successes. Likewise, we also share what hasn’t worked and brainstorm new ideas collectively.


Though it is your own business and your responsibility, you are never alone in business. You have a whole network of other consultants at a range of levels within Arbonne, all from different backgrounds and using a variety of methods to grow their own business.


Together, there is an unbelievable amount of knowledge and experience to learn from. And unlike other traditional corporate companies, Arbonne consultants are happy to share how they achieved each promotion and will be there the whole way cheering you on.



How to Become an Arbonne Consultant?

So, are you ready to take the first step to start and growing a successful business working from home?


Here, I am going to provide you with step by step instructions on how to sign up and become an Arbonne Consultant.


First and foremost, if you are looking to have me as your sponsor and gain my support, please ensure to only sign up using my website:

Otherwise, you won’t be linked to my site and hence my team, and then cannot access the exclusive support and training I offer to my team.


Go to my website here, and select that you wish you become an Independent Consultant

sign up to be an arbonne consultant



It will then ask you to select your country and language

Select Your Country


Once you have completed the first two steps, you will see a banner like the one below confirming you have added Independent Consultant registration to your basket

Choose Independent Consultant


You can then either:

    1. Go straight to checkout and complete your order of just your £30 Independent Consultant registration or
    2. Add a few products to your basket.


I personally recommend the latter, ensuring it is within your budget. The reason I suggest this is because it is no good starting a business to recommend products to people if you have never tried the products yourself. 


For people to see you as genuine, reliable and trustworthy, you NEED to try the products for yourself and be able to give your personal reviews. 


Only purchase within your budget, aka, don’t purchase a full ASVP if you cannot afford this. Stick to your budget and see it as an investment in your business.


Prior to starting my own business with Arbonne, I was actually a preferred client and had been using different Arbonne products for a whole year. Hence, I had my own experiences and reviews to share with people. I personally started with haircare, skincare and makeup, as these were items I already used daily. I simply replaced a few of my old high street branded products each month to Arbonne ones. 

Arbonne Products


So start with something you would use yourself. Try it and then share your honest review and experience with others.


When you reach the checkout, ensure to double-check that your Independent Consultant sign up is in the basket. This is also a good time to confirm whether or not you can see my image and name (Catherine Wilkinson) within the top part of the site. This will confirm if you are signing up as part of my direct team or not.

Check Basket


Scroll down to the section listed as Upgrade your Welcome pack. Here are some one time offers only available to new consultants within their first month with Arbonne. These packs are available at 50% off and can really help you to progress with your business (IF you take action with them as I mentioned earlier in this article).

Add Independent Consultant Offers


Again, please only purchase these according to your budget. If you are on a budget, a good one to start with is the Share Arbonne pack. It provides you with quite a few samples to help you spread the products through your current network.


Make sure to scroll down again and confirm whether your order qualifies for any special offers. With your first order as an Arbonne Consultant, you can select a free gift from a given list (up to the value of £75!) if your order is over 150QV. This will also provide you with free shipping on your first order.

Add free gift


Once you are happy with your order, click the proceed to checkout button and a pop up will be displayed. You need to enter your email address at this point before being allowed to go any further.

Add email address


Make sure to enter the correct email address as this is where your order confirmations will be sent to, and also your account ID when you log into your online Arbonne account.


You will then be prompted to fill in all other details as seen below. Then, you need to complete your shipping address and confirm the shipping amount.

Enter your details

Enter Address


The system might ask you whether you had a host for this event, for which you can select no event.

Check host Consultant


The next section is where you can confirm your independent consultant if it isn’t already displaying my picture and name (Catherine Wilkinson). Here you can search for a consultant. Ensure to enter my

    1. Full name: Catherine Wilkinson
    2. Account ID: 449137712

Enter Consultant details


It will then search for me. Once you see my image, click select. It should then display me as your consultant/Sponsor.

Catherine Wilkinson Arbonne Consultant

Check correct consultant


Finally, you can enter your bank details and whether you wish you contribute to the Arbonne Charity Foundation.


Once confirming your order for a final time, you will receive an email from Arbonne. You should receive an email in the next few days to inform you of a date for your delivery. DPD will then be in touch on the day to give you an hour slot on that specific day.


You will also receive an email welcoming you to the team with some initial resources to help you get started.


Congratulations! You just started your business with Arbonne as an Arbonne Consultant.


Once you have signed up to become an Arbonne consultant, I will receive an email from Arbonne. I will then send you a welcome email directly to schedule our first personal coaching call.


If you are still undecided as to whether Arbonne is the right business for you, make sure to download your Introduction to Arbonne Ebook, so you can come back to the information within this post and more.   


I’m really looking forward to meeting you, and cannot wait to help you grow a business from home.


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