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**Please note I no longer work with Whales English. I thoroughly enjoyed teaching with this company, the teacher community is extremely supportive. However, I gained everything I could professionally and needed to move on to the next step in my career teaching independently and creating my own lessons. If you wish to apply to Whales English, you can still do so via my referral links within this post. I will not earn a referral bonus for this and cannot track your application. Nor do I have immediate access to the most up-to-date interview process. If you would like more specific support to apply to this company, I highly recommend Tess Wilkinson from Teach with Tess.**

Are you looking to teach online for a reputable company?

Interested in working from home?


Want to receive a high rate of pay AND bonuses?


Fast and simple application process that takes just 7 days from start to finish

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Become an Online ESL Teacher with Whales English. Earning $18-30 per hour teaching 1-2 students per 50 minute class.

Who is Whales English?

Whales English (formerly known as Sprout English or Sprout4Future) is one of the highest ranking online ESL companies. The industry is booming and bigger than ever. New companies keep opening whilst others are closing their doors. Yet Whales English has been around for 5 years and continues to grow, both in terms of the numbers of teachers and, most importantly, students. They are the 5th highest grossing ESL company in China and don’t plan on slowing down anytime soon.


They offer stability, credibility and increased security with being more established and experienced compared to their competitors.

What Makes Whales English so Special?

With Whales English, you can expect to be treated as an individual, not a number on their payroll. As a teacher, you are a valued member of their extensive team. Your knowledge and experience are respected and you truly feel as though you are making a difference to your students.


Unlike other companies, Whales English has a remarkable teaching community, both via Skype and Facebook. You can be chatting with teachers in Mexico, Spain, Thailand and Australia all at the same time. Teaching with Whales English truly is a Worldwide opportunity.


The most important element of Whales English is the teacher support staff (TS/CS). Here at Whales English, you are given your very own support staff, who works alongside you based in China. They help you with no end of tasks from booking your schedule, managing your time off and dealing with parent feedback. What makes them so special is that sometimes it’s a case of waking up to a friendly ‘hello’ message or a simple ‘how are you feeling today?’ when you’ve been sick.

I’ve had Gillian for a long time and she’s been the most AMAZING CS. Always helping me improve my teaching and communicate with parents when needed. She was willing to help me reschedule classes when I needed a super last minute sick leave. We’ve formed a friendship chatting about different things and she’s just been the sweetest most helpful ever. ’ 

Abbi Gardner

Online ESL Teacher, Whales English

Want to Teach with Whales English

Teach and earn a higher than average rate with one of the leading online ESL companies within the industry. Apply directly right here.

My Experience as an Online Teacher

I have been working from home as an online English teacher for nearly 2 years now, specifically teaching with Whales English since January 2019. Within this short space of time I have:

  • Changed my status from a stay at home mum to a work from home mum
  • Been able to be present with my children whilst they grow up, taking them on day trips not stressing about finances or having anxiety calling in sick when they’re poorly
  • Regained my financial independence from my husband, no longer solely relying on his income with my part-time income nearly matching his full-time wage.
  • Been able to start paying off our debts and booking holidays
  • Begun our plans to travel the world with our family working completely online and part-time
  • Negotiated a pay rise after just 6 months with Whales English
  • Gained a secondary non-teaching position at Whales English as a Teacher Trainer.

I choose to teach around 16-20 hours per week to regular students, which means I see the same students for a 25-30-week block. This provides me with stability, a reliable income source and the chance to get to know my students and see their progress. 


Prior to teaching online, I studied my PGCE in Primary teaching with Mathematics. Due to being pregnant with my second child, I was unemployable upon completion. After giving birth to him and also having a, then 1 year old, at home too, there was no way I could justify returning to that lifestyle – working 50+ hour weeks and seeing my children for 2 hours a day. It turns out that after taking into consideration tax, National Insurance, Pension, Student Finance Repayments, my income would have matched what I earn now working 16 hour weeks. Not to mention the insane nursery bill I would have faced placing two children into nursery 10 hours a day, 5 days a week.


Within my online Teaching career, I have partaken in approximately 10 ESL application processes and chosen to work with 6 of these online companies. I am currently hired by 3 of them now, with Whales English being the company I choose to provide my most availability to.

How I Can Help You

When starting with Whales English, I joined during a traditionally quiet period – Chinese New Year. Usually, booking rates are very low and it can take months for teachers to build up a full schedule and relationship with their teacher support.


My first week, I had two bookings, my second week four bookings. By the end of my first month, I was fully booked and actually added additional hours from another company, to give to Whales. I have a fully booked schedule, a great relationship with my teacher support and gain consistent high feedback scores, positive responses from student’s parents about my classes.


Within just 6 months of teaching online with Whales English, I have

  • added hours due to high parent demands for me to teach their children
  • negotiated a pay rise
  • have students rebooking with myself for their second teaching course
  • gained a secondary non-teaching position as a teacher trainer.

I am highly experienced and passionate about what I do. Applying to Whales English via myself gives you huge leverage in comparison to applying independently. I will be your personal support and help guide you through your application to help put you at ease and ensure you receive a higher rate per hour offer.


Resume and initial email

I will check your resume to ensure it is clearly laid out, highlights your most relevant experiences and skills, and of course, includes everything Whales English require from their applicants.

As a new applicant, you probably have some initial questions you’d like to ask someone already working for the company. You are welcome to ask any questions you have to me via email during your application process.

Mock Class Preparation

Whales English is no different from any other online ESL company. Showcasing your skills as an online teacher is a hugely important part of the application process. Most of the rate of pay you will be offered will be based upon your mock class.

For the first 10 applicants, I am able to offer a personal 121 20 minute zoom call to discuss your mock class and help prepare you face to face.

For remaining applicants, I will provide a set of guidelines to help take you through what Whales English considers important qualities in its teachers.

Email Q + A

As mentioned above, you may have questions not only at the beginning of your application, but all the way throughout and beyond being hired. I am on hand to help provide as detailed answers as possible, which will be accurate and up to date as I am a Whales English teacher myself.

OnBoarding Help

Virtual high five at this stage! Excellent you got through the application process and have successfully been hired by Whales English. But, now what?

Here is where I come in. I can support you in showing you the in-house system, where to find your bookings, pay, contract and referral link. I can also help support you in finding out who your TS/CS is.

I am a teacher trainer within Whales English, so have first-hand experience of supporting teachers with how to teach the lesson materials, using the platform, time management and some teaching top tips.

Want Full Support During Your Application?

You can apply directly via this link to Whales English. Upon sending in your application, take a screenshot and email me to confirm and you will then be signed up to the support and freebies listed above.

Applicant Requirements

To be considered by Whales English, you need to meet their minimum requirements:

  • Hold a TEFL/TESOL certificate or intend to get one (no negotiation as this is a legal requirement from the Chinese government, not ESL companies themselves.
  • Be a native English speaker from the US, Canada, UK, Ireland, Australia or New Zealand. Your passport must reflect this. Sorry but non-natives are not considered.
  • Must hold a BA degree minimum
  • Able to provide at least 8 hours per week, with 4 of those on a Friday, Saturday or Sunday between 7-9pm BJT. Ensure you can commit to these hours as it is a fixed schedule.
  • Preferably already be experienced teaching online or face to face.


With regards to your technology you need to have

  • Laptop or desktop computer. You cannot teach from your phone or tablet
  • Webcam
  • Headset with a built-in microphone and able to minimise background noise
  • High-speed internet, best to use an Ethernet cable for a stable and reliable connection
  • Ideally a high-speed ram and processor. From 4gb RAM and I recommend an i5 or above processor.

What Do Whales English Offer Their Teachers?

As a teacher with Whales English you can expect to receive:

  • An offer of between $18-24 starting rate. Their website and Facebook adverts will state between $18-30. However, most teachers start on the lower end and work their way up.
  • Great monthly incentives which really help to increase your earning potential (weekend peak hours additional pay up to $5/hr and monthly bonus between $150-450)
  • A CS/TS who manages your bookings, communicates with parents and assists you with your schedule
  • Ongoing training and support during your teaching career with them
  • Take on additional career opportunities such as course development, content creator and teacher evaluator
  • Pre-made lessons and additional materials such as audio and video to use in class
  • Find and book students for you on behalf of parental choices
  • A Facebook and Skype Group for teachers to communicate with each other
  • Opportunity to negotiate a higher hourly rate after 1 year
  • More experienced teachers able to teach additional subjects such as Sociology, Science, Academic writing and more.
  • On time pay made via Payoneer or direct bank transfer
  • 50-minute lessons with no more than 3 students per class. Most classes are made up of 2 students.

Teacher Testimonies

Still not sure? Check out what other teacher’s say about teaching with Whales English.

‘I love working for Whales because the company cares for us as teachers. They want us to succeed and give us the tools to do so. One of my favourite teaching moments was when I and both of my PreK students were dancing to Baby Shark in complete unison and just having a blast! I love my students and they make waking up early worth it!’ 

Gabby Petersen

Online ESL Teacher, Whales English

‘With Whales, it’s never a dull day. However bad my day may have been, my classes always cheer me up and make me smile. Today when we were talking about chicken (roast chicken when we were talking about chicken (roast chicken to eat) a little 4-year-old brought a gorgeous live yellow baby chick to show me and the other student.’ 

Nicky Laddle

Online ESL Teacher, Whales English

I Want to Apply, What’s Next?

That’s fantastic news that you would like to apply and teach English Online with Whales English. 


Whales have recently redesigned their application process and made it even simpler for ESL teachers to apply. The application has 4 stages:

Resume Screening – Mock Lesson – Contract Signing – Launch


You can begin your career with Whales English within just 7 days from sending in your Resume.


If you are really keen to get started with your application, you are welcome to use any of the links on this page to apply directly. My referral is included so you will automatically display on my referral dashboard. This is to that I can support and help track your application at each stage on your behalf.


Please then email me with your full name and Whales English in the subject line. For confidentiality purposes, I do not have access to referrals email addresses. Hence, if you would like support during your application, please ENSURE to remember to send me an email so that I have a contact for you.


Alternatively, if you would like support with writing your Resume or wish to discuss if you meet Whales English’ requirements BEFORE sending in your application, please contact me on the form below with the subject ‘Apply to Whales English’. I will endeavour to respond to your email within 24-48 hours.

1 + 11 =

What are you Waiting For?

Join a leading company within the ESL industry. Work from home and become an Online English Teacher with Whales English.

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Do I have to use your referral link to apply?

No, you can completely apply on your own or through someone else’s link. If you would like to apply independently, feel free to check out to apply directly.

If I apply through someone else or on my own, can I still have your support listed above?

I’m afraid my time is very limited due to being a work from home mum of two young kids. Hence, my free support package above is available only to applicants who apply via my referral code.

Do I have to get a TEFL/TESOL qualification?<br />

Yes, you need a TEFL or TESOL qualification if you are wanting to teach students from China. I have found the highest paying companies are based in China with Chinese students.


When applying to Whales English though, you do not need to already possess your certificate. You can apply and then gain your TEFL/TESOL during your application.


If you are looking for a really quick certificate, you can grab one from the US Groupon site for around $19. For people not experienced in teaching, particularly teaching ESL, I don’t recommend this option. It is extremely basic and doesn’t actually help you in teaching students to learn English as a Second Language. It is more of a tick in the box option.


If you are serious about your career teaching ESL online, I highly recommend this TEFL course with TEFLPros. It comes with extensive video content of over 50 hours. It is a fully accredited 120hr online TEFL course and you can even try a module for free to see if it is for you. It is a great choice for those serious about a long career teaching ESL student.

What will I be offered per hour?

I cannot say specifically as each offer is made on an individual basis. Your rate of pay offered will be determined by your qualifications, experiences, interview and demo lesson. Offers are usually made for new teachers between $18-22 per hour.

Do you only help applicants with Whales English?

No, I can also assist applicants looking to teach with Uuabc, Palfish and SayABC. However, I have personally found Whales English to have the best ‘full package’. What I mean by this is Whales English offers a great pay rate and bonuses, support to teachers, many bookings (this can vary teacher to teacher) and flexibility for teachers to include their own resources and material.


There are benefits for working with Uuabc, PalfFish and SayABC. If you’d like to know more, ensure to send me an email with the heading for your preferred company.

I'm South African, can I still apply?

You are definitely welcome to send in your application, there is no harm I  applying. However, I will be honest and it does seem challenging for South Africans to be successfully hired. It does appear unfair, but unfortunately, I am not in charge of who is or isn’t hired.

How quickly can I be hired with Whales English?

You can start your ESL career with Whales English as quick as 7 days from sending in your Resume.

They are a very supportive and efficient company. Throughout your application, they will send you materials and resources designed to help you through each stage.

Using my referral code and emailing me to confirm, I will also be there step by step to help guide you and offer top tips for what they are looking for within potential teachers.